Rob Kardashian Ordered to Pay Blac Chyna $20,000 Per Month, Domestic Violence Allegations Get Dropped!

Sounds like a #Shakedown

Rob Kardashian has been ordered to pay Blac Chyna $20,000 a month to support their baby, Dream. The majority of the money is going towards nannies.

Dig the drop:

@tmz_tv is saying Chyna left Dream at home this weekend while she went to party, therefore Rob wants to make sure there are enough nannies to protect the kid.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have settled their custody war, with Rob paying dearly to get her to drop her domestic violence allegations.

Sources familiar with the situation say, Rob and Chyna have agreed to joint custody of 10-month-old Dream with Rob getting slightly more than 50% custody.

According to TMZ Rob drew the line during negotiations at $10k a month for child support, but she wanted north of $50k. There was some horse-trading, and Rob agreed to double his offer and pay Chyna $20k a month, and she agreed in return to drop her domestic violence allegations.

In case you forgot, Chyna got a restraining order against Rob after claiming he allegedly beat her up and threatened to kill


    • Why this is what his sisters do to other men.. Well payback is a b*tch and he got by cheap..

    • It was them, the mother and the sisters who befriended BC and then lured Tyga into their fold and set him up with Kylie. They misjudged the situation. The thought he was a rich rapper aspiring for greatness. They misjudged and BC followed with revenge of her own. Now we see Karma doing her thing. Notice the mother and sisters are more careful now as they target established black simps like Griffin, at least that other rapper has money. They are checking the bank accounts more carefully to avoid another BC type blowout.

      • Hardly, if chewy marries that b-baller and they divorce…she may have to come off some coins if he gets hurt loses his contract and they find a way to have kids.

        And since k-him is worth more than kangaye same scenario…

        • @ Anonymous 23:00: NBA contracts are guaranteed. If anything, HE is the one who needs to protect his money from Khloe. Kanye was very much still the bomb when he married Kim. He was up, she was down net worth wise. They married and she sucked the soul out of him. Thru him, she was able to get more opportunities such as in the fashion world where NONE wanted her and access to A-listers, Wintour, big time fashion things. He got her in the door and by extension, he got her sister in big time. BTW, the little ingrate is saying she could have made it on her own without family help.

          I know how they use rich / black / men. Kanye is now down, big time. His net worth is trashed because the fool used his money foot all the bills and show the wife he was the big man in the family. Who do you think paid for homes and vacays. He did, because he’s the man right. Well, he was but no more. In the meanwhile the wife has expanded her empire and you can bet the house her money is protected via prenup because the mother is the one that writes them. The fact that Kim will have to pay her broke husband a substantial money is the ONLY reason they are still together.

          So now what to do to set up the other sisters. Kylie sucked the nothing out of Tyga (it’s wasn’t about money, but notoriety of being a minor and hanging out with a rapper). But now we know who this girl is and she is making millions and doesn’t need Tyga anymore.

          Khloe is unable to get pregnant otherwise she would have had secured herself a check from Lamar. This woman has been sexually active since 14 and may have done some damage, maybe STD’s and abortions. Now it’s dead inside.

          • Nothing is guaranteed, especially if there is a clause in the contract!

            And read what I wrote assclown, I said find a way..which means she does not have to birth shit.

            Look at sheri shepard paying for a child that does not even have her DNA!

  1. I hate blac Chyna for what she did. That beautiful baby was brought into this world off of revenge and that is not right at all but karma is gonna get her. I just hope both of her children end up getting well taken care of.

    • It was revenge alright. They befriended her and then made plans to hook up Kylie to Tyga. She felt made a fool of. So she got her revenge and at what cost. The kid is the one who is screwed.

  2. they paid this girl to have his baby – she agreed. They wanted to gift him with something to keep him happy, lift his spirits cause he is always depressed. They bought him a baby. imo
    But he was/is not emotionally sound enough to co-parent.

    • Correction, neither is emotionally stable to parent let alone co-parent. There will always be issues when the child is with the other parent. It will get worse as the little girl grows up and they will want to brand her. North already has her brand. They will try to use Dream for the same money making scheme. Rob will want that money, BC will want that money. It will only get worse as time rolls by.

  3. I don’t have all the Kardashian hate. How bad a mother must she be to leverage her child for money? The only thing that seemed to be in question is how much.

    like the other girl said hustling backwards.

    • She is no different than Kourtney. They leverage children. Whenever Scott makes a move away from the fold, she goes to the media and calls him a druggy and a womanizer and then runs to court and threatens with custody issues. He comes back to the coven and all is well. Every single time. BC is no different than ANY of these celebs/no talent/socialites that have children then use them for income via custody. They ALL hustle on that score, believe it.

  4. These people are a fucking mess…the only ones I feel bad for are the children… brought into this world..on a bed full of shit..beautiful kids too..*sucks teeth*

  5. Rob gets most custody? That sounds very suspicious. Aren’t the Kardashitons very friendly with Joe Francis and regularly take their kids to wherever it is south of the American border that he resides? Pray for Dream folks. Chyna soul/ed her own daughter.

    • Plenty of HO ASS men fall into that category, LOL!

      And in your case for your mom that is absolute FACT!

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