Jamie Foxx Cast as Mike Tyson In Upcoming Biopic


    jamie foxx mike tyson

    Jamie Foxx will be playing Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic, and Tyson is excited to see the actor in action.

    “It’s on, as of right now. Jamie Foxx has signed on for it. Filming hasn’t started yet but it’s going to happen. A lot of people aren’t going to like the things I’ve done in my life.” – Mike Tyson

    The film will be directed by Martin Scorsese.

    Will you be watching?


    1. They already did a Biopic of Mike Tyson ……what is they gonna show him selling dick to men as a teenager becuz everything else the world already know

    2. How many more men is he going to portray and why?! Overpaid actors doing the same story over and over again for who?

    3. “ANOTHER MT doc? typical modern day entertainment industry,exploit the public(ie black ppl)
      with rehashed ideas/product to make a few dollars….smh

    4. Anonymous

      Stop being a bitch and don’t watch it if you’re not interested.

      You clown ass blk women automatically call a dude gay for any reason so that word is diluted.

      Jamie foxx is super talented. But broke bitches like you will sit there with your arms crossed judging him, no guessin on his personal life. Smh. Fat girl.

    5. No…

      And I hope it gets canned like that MLK Jr. biopic that was supposed to be directed by Oliver Stone who wanted to exploit his philandering.

      I am over white hweird using our lives as their entertainment…create a biopic on elvis with a 14year old priscilla or woody allen’s or polanski’s disgusting appetites for young girls. How about merv griffin forcing his homo behavior on those around him who wanted to get a’head’ (literally) like r. seacrest? You people did not really think he got where he is on talent, LOL!

      All that predatory behavior in hweird needs to be outed for the world to see.


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