Kenya Moore Was Drunk AF on Her Wedding Night!

kenya moore drunk wedding night video

Kenya Moore posted a TBT video from her wedding night, and it shows the Real Housewives of Atlanta star drunk AF!

Kenya rolled around in the sand in her wedding dress as she sang along to Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love.” She also repeatedly screamed, “Where’s my husband?!” But he was nowhere in sight:

Have we seen the marriage license yet???


  1. The headline is sort of fake and maybe her whole story is too. Who cares anymore. Scrap all these reality shows and just move on to more important matters in this universe!

  2. I think I heard him answer and say get up and come over here, and I agree her drunk ass looks happy to me. Whether she’s truly married or not remains to be seen. Just goes to show that some people will do anything for a coin….

  3. This is pure bull shit and apparently made for TV. How can you just coincidentally find the man of your dream all while you were supposedly with Matt in such a short period of time? That bitch Kenya Moore aint fooling anybody. There’s a such thing as karma because she’s that type of bitch who doesn’t respect other women.
    No one can love you if you don’t love you first. I doubt she even knows the meaning of love because it’s not in her. Her own mother couldn’t show her love. All I see is a evil Woman.

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