Blac Chyna Planning to Expose Kardashian Secrets if She Doesn’t Get What She Wants

    Word on the curb is that, claim Blac Chyna is preparing to use her inside info on all things Kardashian to help push her agenda forward.

    Here is what’s out there:

    Currently in the midst of a bitter split from Rob Kardashian, the former stripper is reportedly sitting on a whole raft of information that could blow the brand apart.

    “The whole family underestimated Chyna. They’re expecting her to go away, but she’s lining up all kinds of schemes that could have a terrible impact on the family, and their brand as a whole.”

    According to the insider, Rob blabbed to her about everything from the family’s surgery secrets through to their most toe-curling scandals. However, there’s the small matter of a $1million non-disclosure agreement that she signed when she first hooked up with Rob.

    It’s apparently not been enough to calm the family though, with heat’s source adding that they’re turning on each other in a state of blind panic.

    SOURCEThe Mirror
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    1. I doubt that shiiit, She knows not to fuck with the hands that feed her… Or else Mama Kris aka the Boss Lady about to make someone have a little “Accident” oops, She knows not to fuck that shiiit up!!! ALSO she signed an NDA which means if she ever talked they’de bring so much lawsuit on her asss she gonna need to sell her plastic surgery asss on the street corner to pay the Kardashians n shiiit!!

    2. Very hard to believe Blac Chyna would ever have the upper hand over Kris Jenner. Jenner has consistently turned scandals into millions. How exactly does one”expose” a family that has no shame? Chyna will just end up making them even richer.

    3. She’s about to have a accidental overdose or get in some type of car accident I see it now. She got a baby from Rob so she’s set for life what she needs to do is raise her children and get away from those demons but she’s to greedy to do all that. I honestly would hate to see her beautiful baby girl being raised by those witches. They wouldn’t treat her right at all. Chyna needs to stop being so stupid and think about her life before she not have one soon.

    4. I don’t understand why anyone would find her to be attractive. Her head is like a pumpkin, and then she has those holes in her cheeks. The definition of fug.

    5. I really don’t think there is possibly anything else left to tell that would surprise anyone about them or Chyna. There business is pretty much all out in the open and what we don’t see, we’re smart enough to figure out the rest. Lol ? ????

    6. This bitch is hella dumb, knowing how much money Kris Jenner has. Kris has MORE than enough to money to make her “disappear”, or have some type of “accident.” If she were smart, she’d exercise those options. OR she could use this to her and the Kardashians favor, and make money on the backend off the scandal.

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