Beyonce’s Twins Birth Certificates Leaked

birth certificate beyonce

birth certificate

Sir and Rumi Carter’s birth certificates were just leaked. In the official docs, you can see everything, from the time and date of delivery to Beyonce’s real birth date. I guess this puts the rumors about her age to rest?

The doctor who delivered the twins is the same doc who delivered all of the Kardashian babies including Chyna’s daughter Dream.

Do you think this is an invasion of privacy or did the Carters leak the info to prove Bey actually gave birth this time?


  1. Anybody can make something and people will believe anything that’s popular so it may be true or not.

  2. Anyone who bought Gabrielle Union’s story that Beyonce was her age was stuck on stupid to begin with. It was never logical.

    But then again, there are actually some people who think Beyonce is Solange’s mother.
    Beyonce barely looks older than Solange now, so how she could be her mother, which would put her at 14-16 years older is hilarious.

    I was surprised to see that Rumi and Sir have no middle names. Weird because both Beyonce and Jay Z have middle names.

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