R. Kelly Hostage Joycelyn Savage Claims, “Dad Set Up Meeting” With Singer

Joycelyn Savage’s father knows exactly who got her involved with R. Kelly, and how she ended up living with the singer … because she claims her dad helped orchestrate the whole thing.

Sources close to Joycelyn say … the 21-year-old singer’s father, Timothy, was on board with his daughter going to live with Kelly almost 2 years ago. This, after Joycelyn and Kelly met at a concert.

Word on the curb is that, the plan was hatched by her Dad, R. Kelly and others, for Joycelyn to stay at Kelly’s house to help develop a singing career under his tutelage. Reportedly, Timothy was the one who dropped her off at a friend’s house to be driven to Kelly’s.

Timothy knew Joycelyn would stay with Kelly for some extended period — perhaps months — but had no idea it would be for years. As Joycelyn revealed … it’s been about 6 months since she’s seen her family in person — but she’s telling friends her dad knows her exact whereabouts.

She still refuses to reveal her location to anyone.



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  4. Exactly. You’re supposed to chaperone the kid if anything for business related meetings. That’s some real Elvis type ish right there.

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