Blac Chyna’s Lover Puts Her on Blast

blac chyna ferrari

The man who Rob Kardashian accused of smashing Blac Chyna in the bed they conceived their daughter is now putting the former stripper blast!

Chyna just received an L from her side piece, a guy who goes by the name Ferrari. He posted pictures of the two of them cuddled up in bed. He also took shots at Rob for buying Chyna a bunch of jewelry even though she was cheating on him.

Who will be next to put Chyna on blast?


  1. This chick can’t catch a break. This woman needs to go underground for a while. Leave the men alone. Get off social media and try to preserve custody for her kid.

      • LOL Blac Chyna needs to spill the beans on all them whores about how they plotted to rip off and prostitute themselves to rich black men ONLY

  2. Getting played does not seem to faze her or rob, that is why they belong together…lol.

  3. Why does this guy think it’s ok to act like he is simpatico with the baby daddy? It’s still a blk & YT issue. What would have happened if the dude she was sharing a bed with was Yt? Would there be an even bigger uproar or groans from the K family then? Who really blew up the gram?

    • So True and now that Chyna is seeking damages I hope both of these simps go down!

  4. I’d love to hear what the mom was doing to nasty gay bruce all them years to keep him from coming out. I know it wasn’t the missionary position.

  5. Wooowww this guy is fine. On bossip, they have a thread with multiple pics of him. He looks good. I see why she’s fucking him. Too bad he has bad taste in women.

    • This c00n as nucca is a weak sauce pussy ass bitch running up behind this big titty white boy. What nobility is there in throwing his own sistah under the bus? It’s not a man against women thing – in the end it’s always going to be Esau against Jacob, White against Black in AmeriKKKa. Now Chyna is going to sue rob for his cyber stalking and cyber assault. I hope she wins big and I hope she then returns to court and gets custody so he can pay up some more. This c00n asshole will now be shaking in his boots because he has no morals running up behind that Kardashian both in bed and in childish antics. I hope Chyna get his ass too.

  6. Rob is butt hurt and the Kardashian fixers ain’t no joke. They are going to destroy her. I agree with whomever said she needs to go silent, stay off Social Media, cause I’m sure they are plotting & planning on how to SILENCE this woman, one way or the other.

    • …and market the HELL out of beautiful Dream. PMK can’t wait to get her hands on that gorgeous bundle of joy.

  7. Well im glad I didn’t see some dumb ass comparing blac chyna to the whole race of black women in which btw chyna is actually Spanish but anyways chyna about to end up in a psych ward like Kanye and come out not saying another word or posting. I honestly have no respect for her but she just needs to be careful you know them kartrashian witches got something brewing

  8. Hevon instagram videos running aroung lil a lil sissy with his shirt rolled uo..they say he gay for pay and broke a.f.. China u stupid u aint play ur cards the full hand dummie..butvu ghetto and u going back..u not getting that baby them or not that family has pull..did everyone see his bent wrist in the photo. .Good lord…lmaooo

  9. So chyna has to fear for her life because robs a punk how many times she left him in the past how many times she cheated on him now rob seeing the light rob had no real guidance his mom is s ho she fucked around on her husband I think rob sr was cuck and to see rob sr defend oj who fucjef his ex wife was funny Kim, khloe, kourtney, Kendall and Kylie are all bisexual freaks only difference is that kourtney prefers white guys but kourtney fucked two jacksons, I never saw khloe with a white guy and Bruce is a tranny simp no wonder robs a simp watched ng his mom punk Bruce out for years

    • The entire family is sexually confused with exception of Bruce’s children before Kris. I think those kids saw weird stuff and separated themselves from he clan. All the K girls have had sex before age 15 and Kim at 14. The mother never cared. She is a true pimp and destined to a not so nice place when she dies. Scott is stuck with them because of the kids. So is Kanye, otherwise they would have kicked them to the side.

  10. One of Titos sons was on fix my life crying like a bitch man these rich ass spoiled blacks

  11. This is a bit evil!! Karma is interesting to watch! God don’t like Ugly but the devil loves it. good luck with the door you just opened, because this will come back around.

  12. so everyone black on here hates white people because you think all white people are racist, , so you being just as racist like the white people you hate makes everything ok?
    That’s like saying all blacks are criminals, all Jews are cheap, all white people want to be in the KKK i mean thats the stupidest mentality and most illogical shit i’ve ever seen in my life.
    All that does is keep racism ALIVE and well as it is. And before everyone starts calling me cracker i’m half black half white and from my white side i’m 1st generation american.

    • Blacks can never be racist. Racism is constructed through power and means, something blacks do not have in this kuntry. It breeds off of divisiveness and the fear.

      Blacks can be prejudice, but until they are the ones in complete & total control…Racism is a system solely devised & perpetrated by your kakkra half.

      This world will never be at peace until the second coming, but what would be nice is if kakkras & hybrids like yourself learn something about how the world really works and not worry about a few people speaking their truth on a blog.

      We get you want to stand up for your white oppressor side and all, but know of what you speak, when you do.

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