Bravo TV Gives Kenya an Ultimatum

Sources are reporting that the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Bravo TV have issued Kenya Moore an ultimatum.

Kenya was determined to keep her new husband, Marc Daly, off of the program. But Bravo told her she either puts him in front of the cameras or she’s out!

The problem is Kenya’s hubby has a big problem with the way Black men are portrayed on the show. Making matters worse, Kenya is undergoing in vitro fertilization and the stress from work could make it hard for her to conceive. Right now Kenya is pushing back telling producers they signed her, not her husband, but production isn’t budging.


  1. Well then she needs to quit the show. If she is currently going through invitro and it’s stressful, why deal with anything else. She needs to get off the show, enjoy being married, and have her baby.

  2. Sounds like they dont wanna get exposed. Its part of the show hoe, let them expose u or ur fired.

  3. I would not want to work for an employer like them regardless of the money. The basically make these women perform like animals at times. It’s disturbing. Marriage and pregnancy is not supposed to be scheduled like a production feature.

  4. I’m beginning to think the marriage is real. If so, how can your employer fire you for getting married. There are huge workman and civil violations on here. It’s like firing someone for being single, etc. She should see the lawyers. Get some of that Bravo money or whatever then network since I don’t watch it.

  5. Dude is not trying to be clowned by Bravo and I can’t blame him.

    They could be branch of the KKK for how they portray those women.

  6. Can’t blame her husband and at least he’s not looking for fame/publicity. I say go through your invite, hopefully you conceive, have your baby, THEN come back to the show.

  7. Similar to WWE, reality tv shows are not only fake, they have scripts. If the actors or actresses don’t follow the script, they will be fired. Kenya Moore getting married went against Bravo’s scripts for Real Housewives Of Atlanta. If Kenya Moore gets fired, what is her back up plan for income?

    • The script cannot dictate what one does in real life. The network is on the wrong side of justice. Hopefully they will fire her and she can sue them for wrongful termination and under some civil rights law. Who are they to dictate who should stay single and who is not. Real Wives??? Guess what, she is now a real wife.

      • Yeah, but before the camera rolls, each one of them signs a contract that states that Bravo basically owns them and everything they do. This isn’t like some secretary or factory worker got pregnant and they fired her.
        They have no problem with her being a wife, they just want her to live up to her contract.
        I think she should quit if she really loves this dude. And I am impressed that she has admitted that she is using in vitro instead of pretending she has good eggs and fertility at her age like all the other female celebs.

  8. Kenya lies so much and she really at the end stage of getting pregnant.
    I don’t believe her Fire her, she can go off on anyone husband but no one can touch hers.
    Leave the show..

  9. i dont believe she is married or having in vitro. she came up with this lie as soon as it was announced Nene is returning

    • Agreed. Plus the dude looks shady and doesn’t he have problems with the law? I believe he doesn’t want to be on the show to have possible criminal endeavors exposed…

  10. These people don’t know how to make money any other way other then embarrassing themselves? Who cares what Bravo says, quit!! The heck with them, her happiness is more important. She stay on that show, that marriage ain’t gone last very long.

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