Big Sean Busted Cheating W/ Naya’s Former Glee Co-Star Lea Michele!

Big Sean Cheated: Lea Michelle

We may now know the reason behind the ‘Glee’ beef between Naya Rivera and Lea Michele… said to be the what led to Big Sean and Naya Rivera calling off their engagement. We’re talking about Glee actress Lea Michele!

“It is hurtful when your fiancé cheats on you. It is even more hurtful when it’s with someone you know.” ~Naya Rivera

Sources say… Naya “found hookup text messages between Big Sean and Lea Michele.” Insiders say that could be the proof that Lea Michele busted it wide open for Big Sean!!!

Here’s what a rep for Big Sean told the press:

“The recent rumors and accusations reported by so called or fake sources are simply untrue. Sean wishes Naya nothing but the best and it is still his hope that they can continue to work through their issues privately. We will not be commenting again on this matter.”


    • True, side note: I think Lea is grimy but has a great PR team. Your deceased boyfriend (Cory M.) is a drug addict and don’t act like you are naive and innocent about it? Now this? She is no innocent.

      • Cosign, Lea Michelle is total trash with a good front. she was prolly gettin’ dicked down by big sean before corey monteith died. they said corey felt inadequate on the show…

        Hmm… now it has a whole new meaning, doesn’t it.

        Lea Michelle is glad this came out. she lettin’ it be known she will suck a dick for a part.

      • If he did drugs don’t you think that she did drugs too.. Birds of a feather flock together..LOTS OF ACTORS AND ACTRESSES USE DRUGS.. THEIR junkies, PILLS, HEROIN,COCAINE, METH And ECSTASY.. GO Figure

      • Their relationship was fake. That was outed when he died.. Blind Gossip ran some posts on it. Lea is certified psycho.

        • Blind gossip is full of shit and anyone who believe their crap is stupid. There so called proof it was fake was that they sometimes had friends with them on vacation, wow how strange. Just like they have zero proof Sean cheated or that he cheated with Lea. It is ridiculous some site can just make crap out of the blue with no recourse.

      • She never pretneded she knew nothing about his drug problem. she helped him get hm in rehab when he relapsed. Learn some facts instead of making crap up.

  1. Its hard to believe that Big Sean would cheat on Naya Rivera. She’s a beautiful young lady. Lea Michelle on the other hand isnt all of that. I just hope Naya still has a job with Glee.

    • Guys sleep with not so attractive women bc they are easier and have nothing else going on but listen to a guys problems, ego stroke and make him meals.

  2. Another insecure blackman in hollyweird…What’s New! Naya can do better than Big Sean. His ego is still small like his height…Napoleon Complex!

  3. Big Sean dumb af if he did lea is ugly like I don’t get why ppl upgrade just to downgrade idk puzzy don’t got a face so I guessss.

  4. Somebody call the medics and tell them to bring oxygen and a crash cart. , Christa just killed me. I’m about to piss myself…..LMMFAO

  5. Wow you all are bunch of idiot. Blind gossip site is what is trash. And no just cause a person close to you has a drug problem doesn’t mean you do drug too. I hope you all are just naive and not really that dumb.

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