Rapper Rick Ross, Future & Soulja Boy Make Rappers W/ Fake Watches List!

Rick Ross Fake Watch

HSK Exclusive – A timepiece connoisseur is calling out what appears to be a fast-growing list of ‘Rappers With Fake Watches’. Don’t believe me.. Just ask former CO William ‘Rick Ross’ Roberts, who’s said to be looking to shut ‘FWB’ [aka FakeWatchBusta] down!

“I think I’m Big Meech, look at my timepiece/ It’s an Audemar, Hundred Racks at least.” ~Rapper Rick Ross

But don’t think for one second Mr. Maybach is the only one topping this pitiful Fugazi watch trend! Also joining him, Future and Soulja Boy in the Hall of Shame are: Jim Jones, Lil Scrappy, Riff Raff, Sundy Carter, Ciara — and even Puffy’s son — who all got FWB honorable mentions for rockin’ FAKE watches.

Peep it:



  1. This story is so lame. I guess you are trying to influence our culture to spend money they don’t have on crap like the watches you have shown above. Get a life.

  2. Lol. I wonder who outed these peoples fake watches. It’s funny most of them don’t have that type of revenue to be walking around with a $300,000 dollar watch so it was quite obvious it was fake.

  3. bling is plaid special ed said it in HIS thymes years ago gold was stoled from africa EVER SEEN MOVIE BLOOD DIAMONDS IT WAS CHECAPER TO SHINE during de la soul days and x-clan black africa medalion bring it back use make your own chain with red balck and green dammmm what happpen

  4. Whatever will soulja boy do when he needs to pawn his bezzele to pony up funds for another dime of crack and a can of Steel Reserve to wash it down?

    Prefer sensible fellas with the Tag Heuer limited editions with their lovely La Martina polos on casual days 🙂

  5. Diddy worth about 750 million now. I think he can afford to buy his son an A.P. , but that doesn’t make up for him being a down low faggot for the elite

  6. The entire rap game is fake. Ross is a former correctional officer, Sunday Carter is broke, souljah boy is a crack head…diddy is the only one who could afford it but why make your kid a moving target for stick up boys?

  7. i bet the watches aren’t fake, but the jewelers they use to put all those bullshit diamonds on, chop the watches up and do horrible jobs. Rolex diamonds cost crazy change, but i’ve had jewelers tell me the could flood the watch for what a real rolex bezel costs

  8. If you want to learn about the real Rick Ross, read the book Dark Alliance. That book will teach you who the real terrorists are. Hint, it isn’t Al-Qaeda.

  9. I think that FWB page is wack and so is this story…You’re giving shine to a nobody with no credibility!!! Honestly why would a grown man waste his time worrying about what rappers or other grown men are buying with THEIR MONEY? Let’s assume they are wearing fake watches and I say assume because the guy that is claiming they are fake watches doesn’t have no real credibility just cuz he say they are fake doesn’t mean they’re fake! But let’s assume the watches are fake OK NOW WHAT? NOTHING THATS WHAT and life goes on! And a lot of you need to do your homework on who really has money by reading forbes and using google…Now that doesn’t mean they won’t buy fakes but I say that cuz everyone assumes a lot of these rappers are broke and they’re really not!! You’re not telling the youth nothing by exposing someone for supposedly buying a fake watch cuz the youth is going to do whatever they want to do and like whatever artist they want to like!!! Real talk make a page about how to invest money…Now that’s showing the youth something!!!

    • I must disagree with you … fakewatchbusta is a legend … this guy not only knows watches he has a very impressive collection himself of vintage rolexes and tudors … the watches he busted are blatant fakes … and I can tell you this because I own some if these as well …. fakewatchbusta is the top bust page on instagram and he is on top of his game … maybe some of these artists were duped by shady jewelers … mybe they knew they were fake when purchased we will never know for sure … but the pieces he busts are without a doubt fake … if you were to follow him you would see that the official Audemars Piguet … Hublot and Richard Mille have commented on his posts and in some ocassions have threatened legal action against the jewelers he has surprised with their hand in the fake watch selling cookie jar … another great page is @the_rolex_enforcer

  10. Gotta weigh in here!

    Anyone who gives a shit about horology and watchmaking will not be into fakes or reps.

    People who only care about jewelry and ‘showing off’ will be happy with an iced out piece of crap replica from a disreputable jeweler.

    All the watches @fakewatchbusta has ‘exposed’ are 100% ‘non genuine watches’, not a real watch with aftermarket parts, a FULL ON FAKE!

    Whether they are real diamonds on there is another story. Whether they know or not, they are whack for getting it ‘free’ or ‘on the cheap’ without having any knowledge of horology.

    Officer Ricky, Soulja Boy, Future, Ciara, Jim Jones, Ice-T, Ice-T’s Son & Diddy’s Son….. stick to gold chains and leave the watches as a hobby for ‘real’ people you be bang snyde!

    End of rant.

    Go to sleep bitches……zzzzzz

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