Lil Kim: It’s a Girl!

Lil Kim's Baby Girl

Kimmy Blanco — who’s remained on the DL for more than two-months, since showing up at a NYC Fashion Week event with a surprise baby bump — has reemerged to let the sex of her unborn baby be known.

Over the weekend, OG Black Barbie announced her baby shower — slated for May 10th — is an all PINK errythang! Know why? Because it’s a girl!

Peep Kim’s Post:

“Happy Easter everyone !!!! What a perfect day to share this wonderful news with U. The fab @davidtutera is throwing my royal baby shower for my lil’ princess 5/10/14!!! Thank U for the awesome graphic @dustyaceti !!!! Muahhhh!!! #TeamLilKim. Love U all so much !!! Muahhhh !!!”

Lil Kim's All Pink Baby Shower

Lil Kim Baby Girl


    • I would’ve thought she would have had a jazzier invite, too.

      I know that baby screamed her azz off when she came outta the womb and saw Kim’s grill, like, “Who da fuq is THIS???” LOL

    • I’m happy for her, just surprised she can conceive after all the wear and tear on vajayjay.

  1. I guess that it was insinuated that it was a boy to throw people off.. but whatever..Congrats on the baby.

  2. Is there a black female celebrity who actually has class that could grace these pages? All these fuggin rats are making me itch.

  3. Ummm ok? Congrats. How old is Kim though? She gotta at least be early 40s. I guess better late than mever.

  4. Congrats to Lil Kim and Mr. Papers! Wish you all the best! Cant wait to see the lil princess!

  5. kim might as well have a baby she’s not selling records anymore time for her to sit her wild ass down.

  6. I hope she has a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. She f*cked (literally and figuratively) her body up something bad!

  7. Man im not trying to hear shit this elephant face rat until she say who the f*ck the daddy is

  8. Y’all people congratulating her but I feel sorry for this little girl she’s going to have. Kim has serious mental/body image issues. This child will come out looking like the old Kim and I wonder how she’s going to fare under a mother who tried to make herself look like a white woman (Pam Anderson supposedly).

  9. It’s not the invite its the save the date card. I’m sure the invite will be more glamorous. David Tutera is throwing it and he’s the queen of blingy over the top weddings and parties and a new dad himself. I’m sure it will all be fabulous.

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