Jaden Smith Signs On As Cross-Dressing Slave

Jaden Smith Cross Dressing Slave

Jaden Smith is getting ready to put on a dress and play a slave.. At The Same Damn Time! The 15-year-old has been announced as the lead character of “The Good Lord Bird”. Source say Jaden will play the role of Henry “Onion” Shackelford, a cross-dressing slave!

“The story is told with a satirical bent through the eyes of Onion, who wears a dress and is at first mistaken for a girl…”

Here’s the latest on the film, with Hollywood continuing its Black Men agenda:

“Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, follows the slave as he embarks on a mission to join the abolitionist movement fronted by John Brown. On his way to meet up with John Brown, Shackelford is mistaken for a woman. The film will also show Shackelford and Brown as they prepare to raid the Harper’s Ferry, which is one of the incidents to help kick off the Civil War.”

Let’s go!

Jaden Smith Sold to Hollywood


    • all the hollywood n8ggahs offering up their son’s bootyholes to prove their loyalty to their messiah odrama

    • Now you fools are beginning to see the influence of NOBAMA! He approves of Gay Behavior!

      • What does Will Smith’s son doing this movie have to do with Obama? I’m confused… We are talking about Jaden Smith not Obama..Stay focused.

  1. From that child growing up in that Hollywood environment, with a major player in the game Will Smith. God, help thst poor boy & his little sister.

  2. Wow, just wow!!! That boy is being groomed to become a Queen. And since his parents are allowing him to degrade himself with that role, who will protect him from the pedophiles who will find him even more appealing. And if gets an Oscar…..Lord help us.

    • His daddy played a gay dude early in his career too in six degrees of separation…. I think he was about 22 or 23. I don’t understand why Hollywood insists on making these movies… I mean, aren’t there any straight black men who weren’t slaves and were worthy enough to make a movie out of?

  3. Jacky, please tell me this is a belated April Fool’s
    Day gag.

  4. Hmmm…This particular type of movie…factoring in Jaden, Willow, and their parents *sigh* There’s a lot that can be said here…

  5. Damn shame, they stay wanting to put black men and now boys in dresses. Stop letting these people degrade you as strong men.

    • I would be so nervous if I had a young son growing into manhood in this day & age.

      • I’m shaking in my boots. We discuss everything, and dad and uncles help. Lord help.

        • It seems like the world is trying to feminize males at such a young age, before they themselves have had a chance to even decide what their sexuality identity is.

          Glad your son has you and a group of males to help guide him.

  6. …Well, considering who his parents are, how they get down, and what the three of them do for a living, no one should be surprised, especially since he’s a skirt-rocker like several other famous blacks.

    As for the role, being that he’s doing like many black sellouts before him who were desperate for white approval before him and showing that he wants to be submissive and controlled by them, it (The role) will probably open more doors for him in Hollyweird like what happened to his father back in the early ’90s after he played a gay man in a movie.

    • I hope you have a large group of young men under your influence.

      You, Non-Imp & the NBA (and a few others on here) sound like strong men who could train a village, perhaps in different ways, but could positively influence young men to be strong leaders.

      • Im not a man I just like saying no/yes homo and I admit that I superficial like a dude which I probably should work on along with sarcasm. I digress and but am flattered Ms Gemini 🙂

        This story is appalling. Sad that Hollywood is sticking to the slave and struggle program even a redeeming moment like John Browns rebellion is desecrated instead of a non-fictional account of a White American man who challenged the institution of slavery at his life’s expense, sans an underaged cross-dressing sidekick Little Onion. Im sure the combination demographic of ‘chitlin eating Jesus lovin Tyler Perry fans’ and ‘liberal white condo owning Macklemore listeners’ will push it to the Academy. Would be great if someone actually did a movie and based true account Bacons rebellion,a turning point in US history, which was a multiracial protest of laborers and former servants against wealthy barons. The rebellion was so severe that the powers that be(or that were) had to create laws regarding race to maintain wealth and prevent threat to their way of life. The end game is ownership and control. Race, religion, politics and gender distracts from the real issue of the concentrated and disproportioned wealth of a few based on exploitation of many.

        • OMG, N.I.! I am SO embarrassed by my faux pas! I hope I did not offend you.

          I feel like I just congratulated a fat woman on the impending birth of her child…LOL…which has happened to me before, thanks to my pooch.

          • Not at all Im normally mistaken for a caucasian male even with business correspondence. Its quite funny and helps me maneuver.

          • I’m rotflmbo Ms G because this whole thing resonates with me for personal reasons. I don’t know if you remember, but for the better part of the first year I posted here I was accused on the daily of being white. And then along came Non Importante shortly thereafter and she became the new “you must be white” target.
            I’ll always appreciate her for that. Oh and her witty repartee is pretty entertaining as well!
            Chick’s humor is drier than the Sahara in August.

            • I like her wit, too, gurl, she cracks me up.

              And christa, I have seen you be accused of being everything but a child of God.

      • @Ms. Gemini–Thanks again for your kind words. Speaking of which, I’m not in any leadership position and am still young myself (A student [Of life, I would say, as corny/cliche as that sounds lol]), but, truth be told, I have been wanting to contribute more to society lately.

        Posts like my previous one are borne of a lifetime interest in black American history/our longstanding oppression in Western Society, and what, if anything, can be done about it. Having mortality(!) on the mind (And not judging people on appearances as if I’m the paragon of good looks) will do that to a man. That being said, I’m going to do what I can to put my many thoughts into action. Thanks again.

  7. its disturbing watching will constantly kissing jaden in the moyth on tv and in front of bulldagging ass ellen.

    • I know I might get bashed on this topic, but I come from a family that does not condone kissing our children on the lips.

      I understand it can be a loving expression, but in my family we look at people like they could be potential “Chesters” in hiding cuz you wanna kiss children in the mouth.

      That being said, just because it makes me uncomfortable doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s right for others.

      If you’re a parent/child lip kisser, I apologize if I offended you, and I’m not calling you a “Chester”. But I think a “Chester” might see you somewhere & get a cheap thrill from it. Just my opinion. I grew up in a seriously, Southern Baptist, Republican household (no card playing, no drinking, no pants), so I’m still trying to shake some of my old thinking.

  8. As long as the Edomites are the in Power abominable acts like this will continue.This cycle is perpetual considering both Jaden’s parents partake in Extracurricular Activities.

    • like old massa hubbard would want them to.

      surprised will and jada has’nt annouced they are going to try and conceive the next moonchild.

      tom cruise was supposed to do that.

    • will gets no pass from me from kissing his son in the mouth like that.

      these millionaires are getting away with too much.

      you wanna be gay be gay but leave your kids out of it.

      can’yt wait to see what apocalyptic role will plays next.

    • what rapture still waiting on the 4 horsemen to appear or has that already happened.

      • No. And the horseman is allegorical. Although you may want to keep a close eye on events overseas. And keep your eyes peeled for the anti Christ. And no, no one knows when the rapture is going to take place.John the Baptist was going to give us the heads up and he was specifically told not to because Jesus returns like a thief in the night. Be ready.

        • SB, if you sincerely want to know, consult a bible and pray for clarity. But if you are being sarcastic and snide, go to hell. That’s where non believers wind up eventually anyway.

        • SB , your point was a non point, because the fact that no one knows the exact day, hour, minute this system wraps, is exactly what myself and others took pains to point out. That said, you can climb off your condescending high horse, because SB isn’t your government name either. What I call myself or not ,does not in any way obscure my point, so don’t t deliberately muddy waters. It’s annoying.
          And I didn’t get the r u Jesus thing? That was humorous?

    • I know oh so well about 2/3rds of our people perishing once the Messiah returns and I’ve tried to warn them Time After Time.But they won’t listen.I’m trying to be amongst the 1/3rd like Lott and his Daughter who were saved in the days of Sodom.Shalom

      • That 144,000 is according to bloodlines, I think? Can you be saved by works? I am unclear on that point.

        • Hey BA do you have an email address that I can contact you because I have a few questions that I’d like to ask you (scriptual) nothing rude lol.

      • No, fool. Bible specifically says that’s not how its going to go down. The great flush out already happened and is childs play compared to what’s coming.

    • Keith you read my mind. Black folks are so lost it is not even funny. They live, think, and act just like whites.

      • “They live, think, and act just like whites.” Really? In what world do you live in? I don’t see gangs of White “youths” playing the knockout game.

      • Not if its a true christian because no one knows when, and the bible is pretty clear on that point. Yes its been 2000 years , that’s about how long a biblical dispensation takes. Personally I can see events unfolding before my eyes that were foretold thousands of years ago. That’s good enough for me

    • Not just African Americans you have many ‘Afro Carribbean blacks in the UK that are like it to. Thankfully I know who I am and don’t practice pagan holidays, nor do I follow the white mans church or his evil doctrines I refuse to be a slave to their system.

      • Hey BA according to teachings I am from the tribe of benjamin as my grandparents were from Jamaica. It’s nice to know that we are on the same page brother I got love for you black Americans ya’ll make me laugh 🙂

      • OK,cool Sis.You are a benjamite woman and I’m a so called African American from the Tribe of Judah.So,we make up the Southern Tribe of Israel. Stay in this truth sis because the kingdom of heaven awaits us with all nations including the Hamite and the whiteman as our footstools.I’m patiently awaiting the return of the Messiah.Much Luv.

    • SB is another mental midget….if he talked in Hebrew would you even understand it?

  9. who wants to watch a kid dressed up in drag being abused.

    will and jada must really want the money who wants to see their teen son in drag oh money talks here.

  10. 30 years of calling black women bitches and hoes in music have come home to roost for the black man. No other man on the planet has shown such disdain for their women as he has. Who are the bitches now my brothers??? Wake up and reverse this curse, protect and honor your sisters and stop denigrating them to the point they’ve even accepted you’ve you called them.

    • The African Armies can’t help you even if they wanted to, simply because they & the African leaders are what they call HOUSE NEGROES OR UNCLE TOMS just like you BLACKANASTASIA(female)…ITALIAN MOBSTER was known as ANASTASIO & you don’t know anything about the Bible stop lying to yourself…please don’t bother to reply because there would be no response..have a nice day.

      • Au contraire @ AHAMITE!!! The Italian mobster was indeed named Albert Anastasia.
        The only Anastasio I am aware of is Trey, the lead singer of the old jam band Phish.

      • AHAMITE is a mental midget. No stinky HAMITE has ever spoken up for us here. You use excuses for the HAMITE army but truth is they know we are not their people. Th United Nations council and such no one ever speaks on vicious shit we still facing. Don’t you know them HAMITE bastards have nicknames for us? And don’t think I don’t know the the bible you moron. I WILL RUN CIRCLES AROUND IN THAT REALM. I dare you to step here because I WILL hit you harder than the missiles coming to this savage country

      • And furthermore you wannabe HAMITE dummy…..check what Anastasia means….BA talking deep and it flies over a 2/3rd neighbor’s head. Keep mocking keep scoffing…..day will be here soon…and imbecilic buffoonery will be met with a quick death. Time for games have ended

      • I can’t take you savage dogs seriously you’re nothing but wannabes want to be American or Jamaican. Africans don’t care about us only want to steal our identities TFOH go back to Nigeria you devil worshipper. You Africans stink and your main source of religion is VOODOO so don’t quote the bible to us! God’s laws were only for Israel dummy.

          • Self hatred? I’m as real as can be thank you furthermore I don’t hate myself I just don’t buy into a white man’s text book about my history. Anyways I aint saying any more i’ll continue to be awakened whilst you’re still asleep, good evening.

      • shut the hell up u slave minded simpleton. u think all africans are hamites? what about the tribes of which ur people where stolen from. what thy died out? they are not part of the prophecy? lol u are definitely ignorant to the truth and its why ur african brothers want nothing to do with u. good luck with ur false teachings cus they will get u no where.

        • Yeah false teaching that has come to pass….Isaiah 51:20 came to pass….as did all other curses

        • Ramirez want nada to do with us because they know we aren’t their people….you demands….wait to go you kitchen nigga…go beg massa for a biscuit

        • These auto tablets suck……HAMITES want nada to do with us….not ramirez

        • All Africans are from Ham so how could some be and others can’t?I dont give a damn about any of them.If youre not from the seed of Shem,that makes you a two time loser!Shut your dumb ass up.BTW,f*ck all Hamites.

    • LMAO, When is going to reverse the 11 curses of whatever; he ain’t reversed your once curse of stupidity yet.

      • Stfu. U sound drunk and your comment isn’t even grammatical. Try English , braniac, since its been established that none of us speak Hebrew or Greek.

    • Lol. I am a black woman. That was supposed to get me where I live, right? Lol. Try again.

  11. whats with blacks accepting their kids crossdressing.

    black elders accepting gay and lesbians even in church.

    morals are changing.

      • BA we agree Slofaggotbama is a crack at heart but he is not a HAMITE…..truth stranger than fiction. His real father was a Jake. Yep an Israelite by birth. Barack Sr never smashed on Anne Dunham. Come on ppl they hid Barry O identity for a reason

      • cause Obama kisses men himself oh yeah I forgot its a mafia thing.

        kissing men ain’t gay its Italian right.

      • Thanks, you caught that too SB..all his postings are always “they’re” for somebody that supposedly has English as his first language..though I still wish him & his kind the very best of the best in life despite his so called hatred for Africans, who by no means are Hamites..but just a figment of his imaginations.

  12. Willow has a masculine demeanor and jaden looks feminine. It’s so said, those kids were turned out by their own parents. Seems like that was will and jada’s sacrifice. Teach their children all those rituals.

    • Did you see on her facebook page where she posted a pic with Willow and Jada was talking about the blood moon with her crystals in the tent.

  13. Like Lupe fiasco said they might as well shoot guns to the heavens to make Jesus come down quicker its sad when nothing surprises u anymore I feel for these kids they have some f*cked up parents I just hope one day they can think for themselves and have a bit of a normal life

  14. Should have known some sick shit like this would happen after Twelve Years A Slave won best picture. By the way, it’s no coincidence Will Smith presented the best picture award at the Oscars!

  15. I want money as much as the next person, but I won’t sell my soul for it. The system is flooding us with pictures of money (like Floyd Mayweather and all of his cash) so that we drool and crave it. I want it the righteous way, not like these Hollywood people that follow Satan and his world. These poor kids of Will and Jada – just evil. They are immersed in it.

  16. There is nothing wrong or sexual with kissing your kid or any family member on the mouth with no tongue. There are plenty of homosexual males who never received a hug or a birthday gift from their fathers.

  17. Same shuckin’ and jivin’, different dummy. His parents lost their marbles years ago. So is anyone really surprised here? I mean, reall. Things like this make me feel KIND of good I don’t have kids. How tiresome it would be to teach them better!

  18. sadly guys, allegedly, from close insiders, willow has come out to her brother, and some friends. I hear she hasn’t told will and Jada yet.

  19. This will continue…….as sad as it is…this has to happen as the Most High’s prophets spoke on these things happening to our people. As bad as things are now they are about to get worse. You ain’t seen shot yet. Soon people will marry animals and children. Pandora ‘s if you will, has opened up…..and the top will never closed until……well until the Most High brings fire to the planet. My Israelite family….please wake up. Time is ticking. No see do t know exact time but the book told us the signs. It’s happening…..so what will you do?

    • Pandora opened the box centuries ago according to myth only hope stayed trapped inside.

      women somehow always caused the downfall of men ask eve but she might have never existed.

    • Exactly….brother these idiots don’t know that for last few years that a large spacecraft already on way here…..why you think the movie Predator and Independence Day was made? Someone knows things you don’t know about yourself!

      • You’re very funny man..believe it or not, there are no SPACECRAFT coming for you or anyone on this earth.

        • OR SPACECRAFTS…remain blessed for we are all blessed to be humans and alive…

        • @SB:No when?I see someone needs a refresher course.SB stands for STUPID BIOTCH!!

        • Lol…no SB, we See YOU…cuz BA is a man and he curses people out all the time, lol.

        • Pon Pon?Its Pompoms like Anon said.You certainly misuse and misspell regularly for a fake intellect. @SB.:

        • Nope, not since the fifties and that usuallY refers to the big bushy ones. The small palm sized ones used now , meant to be clutched while dancing a routine are called “poms”. Our little pop warnerettes use them.

        • The fifties? Gtfoh. I was the captain of the pom Pon squad in the early eighties. You can’t just change the spelling on your own. Foh

    • No the problem is you jakes have been a sleep…..pull the sheets from over your eyes

          • Black Ana, Return of the dope game, and Empress T are all the same person. Black Ana has been responding to himself this whole time. I’ve been reading your comments and those that agree with you and it turns out that You are the same person! You are stupid and crazy.

            • Shut your dumb Blood drinking Ass up you fake supermodel.I wrapped you up Months ago.Now don’t speak again until I give you permission too before I Slay your Ass again.Keep The gorgeous Hebrew EmpressT and my brother DopeGame’s name out of your my you dirty Filthy Hamite.

            • All of the regulars here know the statement you just made is bullshit because they all know us,and I don’t hide behind different screen names.If I have something to say I’ll say Fuck You directly to your face you hamite Dog!How are those stitches after that female circumcision? Africans are on the same level as Animals.

  20. If true, this is very sad news. Also, Jaden is starting to look creepy himself, as in watch your children around this potential sexual predator. Some things about him look awkward and off, like his picture at top. He sends bad vibes.

    • looks like a future homo to me.

      but its what will and jada wants.

      2pac would have blasted her ass for this long ago this was probably why he didn’t want her dating will smith.

      will hung around quincy and benny medina who is a proud crossdresser.

      benny medina was screaming homosexual.

      will acted like a dl lover with alfonso ribero and jazzy jeff.

      • Hi Chris, I hear you. He may be bi sexual, but something about this lil boy gives me a bad vibe, I would not leave young children, especially young boys around him unsupervised. He has been programed to not know any better. IJS

  21. everybody talks about the god of isreal who only chose the isrealites or the isrealites chose themselves and used god or Jehovah or Yahweh as a scapegoat or excuse to take over the world.

  22. how many people did Jehovah kill.

    you couldn’t do nothing you sleep with any woman outsisde your tribe you had to be killed.

    you complain about being in a desert 40 years god will have you killed or the earth swallow up.

    yes Jehovah had no love for women and children they had to die too because they didn’t serve him only the virgins survived ans god told his people to do with them as they pleased.

    moses was a madman and taught Joshua well.

    yes jerico was destroyed except the prostitute rahab.

      • Not an excuse….the Most High had his prophets t s thousands of y e ars ago predict things that came to pass….and we shall rule planet….scoffers like you will be put to death







      • depends on what god you believe in there was a bunch of creator gods.

        Jehovah had just as many aliases and similarities as jesus and satan.

        • @Crazy Cris:There’s no letter J in the Hebrew so theirs no such thing as a Jehovah or Jesus.Both are pagan made up characters created to confuse the real people of god.The god of Israel is a jealous god and its clear that we shouldn’t praise other Pagan gods.




            • Those are imposter deities created by Satan to confuse the masses. Counterfeits. Fakes.

  23. @BlackAnastasia, im from south africa and i’ve got mad respect for you because you know your roots and uya imela into yakho (meaning you know story and you stick to it) which i respect greatly. I’ve been reading your posts a lot about israelites and so on, i just want to know from a knowledgeable person like you how do i go about tracing my biblical ancestry. Where do i even begin? And please dont call me all sorts of names because im african, because i know you dont like us very much from what i gather from your posts. Thanks.

    • Please don’t!!, you’re just another HAMITE..he has no love for Hamites, seriously doubt he would want to help you.

      • Then its clear as daylight this person does not know what the f he is talking about, cos i just asked a simple question and he is just ignoring me. Ive been respecting nothing but a rambling fool.

  24. You guys are better?

    Spreading gay rumors about minor children who can’t protect themselves. The mere fact that you are concerned about the sexuality of children who are just hitting puberty is equally sick.

    • well when these kids go out and crossdress and wear tounge rings for the world to see what do you think gonna happen.

      if these people don’t wanna be called out as gay or les quit throwing hints.

      queen latifah hasn’t learned YET IS SHE STILL IN DENIAL.


      • John Travolta have been exposed on multiple occasions for having a Sweet Tooth so he can deny it all he wants.A man gave very vivid details about his and Travolta’s Sword fights.All of them are in denial including KingLatifah,Jada,Dwayne and Will.

        • @SB:Your obsession with me really needs to stop because I’m starting to get Jock itch.

      • These are children. Not legal adults. To spend hours talking about their sexuality is sick. Age 15 is when many people have yet to date seriously.

  25. I feel that Will and Jada sold out along time ago for the BIG MONEY$$$$$$$$$$$ and all that comes with Hollyweird, people should just stop supporting these FREAKS until they show some self love and love for the people they are supposedly supposed to be representing

  26. you could have all the money in the world and it will never take the place of proper guidance within the black family. it is so unfortunate to see so many brothers young and old succumb to these tactics for recognition within hollywood. you would think after all the niggas that wore dresses borthers would take a hint smdh.

  27. talks about spaceships and raptures, okay when is alien nation gonna arrive.

    we lived through the star wars which is another meaning for the war in heaven because both happened in galaxies far far away just like the so called clash of the titans happened.

    all these myths and movies based on myths and told over and over again.

    supermen who came from another world just like jesus who claimed his kingdom was not from this world.

    Olympians or jla you decide.

    batman or caped crusader or knights Templar you decide.

    more sci fi films will be masde with artists paying homage to occult characters and gods and demons from ancient mythology.

    they twisted the story of noah already.

    how many other so called bibvlical characters will be revamped.

  28. Please people do not come here to say what a shame it is for this kid to be used like this and then turn around and support the movie. Take a stand for what is right. This time do not follow White people to support this wicked shit. Will and Had a have sold their kids out and that is plain to see.

  29. So a “man” has to write any book for one to read…if the Bible is false…so too is every other spiritual text.
    The white man….genetically engineered….devil…took the Bible and twisted it and used it for his gain…
    There can be no good without evil…
    Satan copies everything Jesus does and twists it into the complete opposite…s’working on a whole lotta folk I see…

  30. SB and LB3 I thought we had seen the last of the thought police.

    So, do you guys get paid now? Is that why you’re back?

  31. I remember a few years back when he was on Letterman, right before they went to commercial he threw up the baphamet. His face looked so sad like he was coached to do it. He was about 9 or 10, it was heart breaking to see.


  33. Yaaaaay another slave movie! The last one played the violin and this one cross-dresses. Riveting!

    • LMAO. Right. I will not be watching. I haven’t watched a slave movie since they brought Alex Haley’s Queen to TV with Halle Berry years ago. A cross dressing slave? GTFOOH.

  34. Will Smith has in past played roles that some men wouldn’t play! The Smiths seem to be very liberal and open… I’m not surprised that Jaden would play this role and with his parents (rumored gender benders) blessings!I’m more interested in knowing about the movie..due to the reference that its based on a book and I assume real history?

  35. Plus isnt Jadem dating 1 of those Jenner/Kardashians girls?
    Kris K got Bruce Jenner sex changing and cross dressing.
    Maybe Jaden was influenced

  36. People keep saying this and that this boy is just g*y, I’hv been trying to dinail but it’s right in frant of our faces now.

  37. Do y’all remembered those little red or green bibles that has The New testament in them and the cover it says Psalms and Proverbs on the front! Imma order about two cases of these suckers and hit these fools upside their heads for being so damn stupid!

  38. You nailed it. that is exactly what this is, the sacrifice of their sexual essence. Jaden looks like a girl and Willow looks like a boy.

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