Beyonce Documentary Produced By Beyonce Coming Soon…

A new Beyonce docu-film chronicling her 2nd pregnancy, Lemonade, politics & backlash to “Formation”, the Black Lives Matter movement & addressing infidelity rumors in her marriage is currently being shopped around. Some of the reported bidders are as one might imagine… and include HBO, Netflix and Hulu.

The documentary will be a grittier look at the last 2 years of Beyonce’s life including an emotional stop in Glasgow, Scotland and the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille.


  1. You cant sing like Whitney
    You cant dance like Ciara
    You cant dress like a model like Rihanna

    You are just a mediocre singer with a camel willing to pay any and everyone to promote you, and take away air time from the truly talented. You suck!

  2. All these documentaries of people who aint lived half a life are ridiculous. They ought to be putting together an Aretha documentary for real.

  3. Narcissistic hag. I wish she would do something to help someone, and stop being so self absorbed.

  4. Beyonce doesn’t appear to be very articulate or literate. Can she really produce anything other than bad breath?

  5. I love these comments! They are so on point, what else can stank breath do that she hasn’t stolen from someone else? So I guess she’s adding the controversy of Alton Sterling and Philando to sell her documentary. Bitch is still stealing, she don’t know if their family wants that? I wish somebody would tell her to sit her ass down somewhere and hang with her kids. Sick of her.

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