G-Unit’s Young Buck Caught Creepin’ With Male Stylist!

young buck gay stylist

G-Unit’s Young Buck was just outed for sliding in the DMs of a male celebrity stylist!

Click the arrows on the IG picture to see the messages.


First Bobby V and now Buck SMH. Who got next?


  1. The game said he left g unit cause he was tired of taking 50s dick he said 50 will get mad if he couldn’t fuck you in the ass

    Ge and 50 acted like gay lovers feuding

  2. And just to think, Danger from For The Love of Ray J was right about Young Buck. And that was over 10 years ago.

  3. LL Cool J, Kanye West, Tevin Campbell, Bobby V., Chingy, Eddie Murphy, Shemar Moore, Young Buck all of these black male DL celebrities are being exposed. Ladies if you suspect that your husband or boyfriend is on the DL, he probably is. One more piece of advice, stay away from all black male celebrities.

    • I hope these DL celebrities keep being exposed. It’s exposing an issue in the black community that many would rather
      sweep under the rug and ignore. This has caused a lot issues of homophobia, or rather the correct term- “gay hating.” This on top of
      unhealthy levels and a push for hypermasculinity has damaged the community. I just can’t wait until these old “OG’s” end up getting exposed. Hopefully all this exposure will cause folks to really have a very long, hard discussion about some this issue in the community.
      Black folks and especially don’t realize is that their hatred of gays, is what’s causing all the DL behavior.

    • Can a HETEROSEXUAL male or female succeed in the entertainment business on the basis of their talent and not engage in non-heterosexual or undesirable sexual activities?

      • No…

        And stupid people like the truho show above who want to act like the shit that goes on in the industry, which trickles into the mainstream and inequitably long prison sentences where men turn fag and go on the dl when released is what is killing our people NOT homophobia.

  4. Homosexuality is the first cousin of pedophilia. If a man is gay (Especially if he fucks 18 year olds) he has thoughts of fucking/raping little kids. Fatty Arbuckle, Rob Lowe, Roman Polanski, Stephen Collins (Dad from 7th Heaven) and R Kelly are several examples.

    • Sex is a SPIRITUAL ACTIVITY because it generates FORCES that allow a new being to be created. As the intelligence of the populace has REGRESSED, sex has been corrupted and is now causing disease and death instead of LIFE–its original purpose.

      Let’s get to the ROOT of this pathology. Why is SEX, especially non-heterosexual sex, an element in the entertainment industry? WHOSE culture is being followed because it certainly isn’t an ABORIGINAL CULTURE.

      • The thing is…ALL native indigenous cultures had gay people among them and they were always high ranking members of the tribe and seen as closer to God. They were called ‘two spirited’ and were seen as healers, counselors, and caregivers. It was the white man and his bible who came along and taught this to be an abomination to native cultures

        • It is an abomination…who the fuck would think it is natural to shove a dick in an asshole?

          You do know gay sex generates the highest rates of disease in the sexually active pop, right?

          If it were natural your asshole would not bleed from penetration and these fags would not be wearing diapers at an early age…

    • None of those men you just named are gay, so I’m not seeing the logic in that whatsoever. And did I see someone write Tevin Campbell is DL? Since when and just who is his baby mama he’s supposedly running around on? That boy ain’t never been in no closet.

      • Obviously you don’t know who tevin Campbell is. He got arrested for giving a cop a blowjob or some shit like that like come on now wtf. Another thing just because a man has a baby does not mean he’s prone to not being gay ?

        • Right. Ask that boxer from Philly who Jacky exposed for doing gay porno. He has 12 kids by 10 mothers.

          And he finally came out of the closet and admitted that he wasn’t just “gay for pay.”

    • It’s actually 95% of them. For every female groupie they have, there’s a male one on the side.

  5. Damn. Are there any straight males in Hollywood/ music industry?

    I don’t understand why any woman would want to date a celebrity.

  6. He must be really tired of his baby mama’s leeching ass if buck needs companionship from ole dude.
    They might not be fucking; just somebody for buck to confide in.
    Gay men can be very easy to talk to and they won’t run they mouths unlike females lol.
    Or so i’ve heard

    • You heard wrong…and everyone has a price especially fags.

      They are screwing, no grown ass real man hangs with fags for no reason.

  7. I don’t understand why are the majority of people in Hollywood gay. But I guess it’s because they get tired of having the same thing and want to try something new it’s like they get bored but still you would think that majority of gay people in entertainment wouldn’t be as high as it is…

  8. Hollywood tradition to cross dress do drugs and participate in bisexual escapades

  9. Not surprised, his face use to be beat to the gods during his G Unit days.

  10. Also adding- And dude would be light skin too. LOL Darker skin men and their affinity for lighter skin women and… sometimes dudes.

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