Bernice Burgos Comes Back for Tiny’s Throat! ?

Bernice Burgos has responded to Tiny and she is not backing down.

Earlier today, Tiny checked Bernice for being petty on snapchat. Bernice intentionally recorded herself singing to Tiny’s hit song “Just kickin it.” Tiny felt Bernice was being petty and went in on Bernice, telling Bernice T.I has just laid up with her last night and that he was lying to her.

Bernice responded to Tiny claiming Tiny is pressed!


  1. Oh lord ….Someone pull up Bernie’s Mug shot and Child Endangerment Charges..ASAP…Time to shut this hoe dow..She doing 2 damn Much!! #SHUT UP BERNICE…He not gonna stay w u..Remember Hoopz…Stop playing yourself.. Everybody is laughing at you..Stupid hoe!

  2. Burgos “struck a 14 year old female acquaintance”- hence he child endangerment charges. What type of fucked-up obvious ho/sex trafficking sort of thing is that possibly? This was in 2010- the fuck grown woman has a 14 year oldhomegirl? Speaks for itself.

  3. man, what happened to this site…. i was gone a couple years, came back… wow!!!!

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