Tiny Checks Bernice Burgos ? Brags How T.I. Smashed Her Last Night!

Tiny is fed up with Bernice Burgos & she just let Bernice have it on our IG account. Last night, Bernice recorded herself singing Tiny’s classic song “Just Kickin It,” a classic from Tiny’s 90s group Xscape. In the video, Bernice sings the song then suddenly forgets the words . People took it as shade and Tiny did too.

per Tiny:

Funny….@realberniceburgos that much Man U speaking of was laid up with his wife last night. So quit being petty cause clearly u getting lied to if you thinking anything different. Hope u didn’t take him serious! Now keep sanging my shit! U know u a slick fan anyway.


    • Tiny ass dumb as Dora too, she knows Tip been cheating for years.. I’m sorry but I’m not staying with no cheating ass husband.. I’m not catching no sexual diseases.. You know these lil boys don’t like to use protection.. To me they both side chicks, the only difference is Tiny will get paid child support and alimony, the whorer will have a wet ass..

      • Well they both dumb, cause they both been cheating for a long time.. not sure if its even consider cheating since they both are in an open marriage, so the split probably had to do with something else!!!!

  1. It looks like T.I. has a small dick. Why in the hell are these broads fighting over smedium dick..At least tiny will get some coins out the deal. Who is really proud about sharing dick our world is turning into a cesspool.

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