Benzino Exposed, Caught Having Sex With a Man?!


    benzino gay

    We knew Benzino was down for some strap-on fun, but now word on the streets is that he’s secretly gay!

    An old video featuring the rapper has resurfaced, and in the comments section, some cats spilled all the tea. Apparently, a guy walked in on Zino shoving his thang between another man’s azz! Before being paid off to keep quiet, he let the cat out the bag:

    benzino gay


    1. If your going to,start shit ! Bring not just any ol he say she say everyone involved sounded gay !
      People take hush money then waste it all and tell shit !
      That's gay !!!!!
      Whole chat room sounded suspect!
      Even if he did like men ,how many thugs don't ?….
      Roids and tattoos = the thug homosexual,ink stinks !!!

    2. I knew when Jacky posted that nude selfie of Benzino over a year ago that was some shit for Grindr.


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