Tyga’s Trans Girlfriend Releases More Text Messages: “You Ruined My life!”

tyga trans mia isabella

If Tyga thought the rumors about his trans love affair had died down, he was wrong. Mia Isabella, the transgender porn star who outed the rapper last year is back at it with some brand new text messages from the bi-curious (gay?) rapper.

The messages are pretty harmless, they just show the couple making plans to meet up and smash. But it’s Mia’s caption that has everyone talkin’.

tyga trans mia isabella

tyga trans mia isabella

tyga trans mia isabella

tyga trans mia isabella


So, basically, Tyga threatened to commit suicide to get Mia to shut up. Maybe if he wasn’t so broke, he could have paid her to go away.

Mia does make a point though, if Tyga were honest about his lifestyle, none of this would be making the news. The secret holds the power, Tyga. Set it free!


    • Okay no I'm angry !!!
      This Xman said its natural for straight men to wanna screw a trans ?!!!!
      This mutant is crazy!!!!!
      I've never ever (ever x10)thought about banging a Xman what kind of shit is that !?? Don't push your reverse psychology on straight men !
      The mutant wants money and attention something it's not even worth !
      Why change from a man to a women when your fruity ass didn't like women In the first place ?…just to be with men when you didn't like yourself as man wtf kind of psychology is that ? Mutations want to hide in public and tell the truth after they deceive the man ,then act like it is okay to be lied too! But all they really want is to be loved GTFOH ,!!! Actually heard one say shit ,men don't tell you if they have a girlfriend or married or how many baby's mothers they have when they first meet a woman !
      So I don't or shouldn't have too say shit until I get it !!!
      WTF !!! Then let the man decide after coz that's what's best ,and besides I keep my gun handy just in case the man flip out (WTF)!!!!
      Now why are they allowed special privileges for being disgusting ass holes ?
      They all should come with some sort of warning label they can't hide !coz I feel a man should be allowed to kill or severely injure a mutant for f*ck trickery!! No time in jail or fines pending! They are out here to hurt BLACK MEN in general!
      I don't mind gays or lesbians but these f*ckers right these f*ckers right ah hell nah ! Off with they head ! Men in jail right now coz of this f*ckery !

      • You aint lyin. Sick and twisted. I think it was back in the 70s that this shit was listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders!! Ever since it's been removed, the agenda has been full force. And the problem with the black community that creates the Achilles heel, is the over-sexualization and objectification. Many black males think the only thing they've got going for them is their dyck. Then you have the wolf like predator behavior over coochi. So I'm seeing that it was a perfect storm for these sickos to get an idea to go "under cover" as the object of over sexualized attention aka women and since a lot of dudes don't have morals, dignity or character – they are easy targets for (as you call them) X-men.

        • I moved from overseas to ATL and never been so scared to just say Hy to a woman !
          No joke it sickens me and the nightlife is the worst !
          Everywhere they lurk like insects or some vile disease!
          Blending in with nothing but black women WTF !!!!
          Sad part is they actually take better care of themselves hair grows from their head !
          They have good jobs or money Willing to take care of man like women used to !
          I don't mean like a mother but shit all great not good woman once did cook and clean ! Met a lady she told me I can cook but I don't clean WTF !!or vice verse just oddly lazy want a man to do it all and come home to a dirty house so now I know kardashian funky !
          Women now are taking a backseat to Xmen not what I invision growing up as a young man !
          Real women stand up and stop giving these Xmen a chance to destroy all things that make women f*cking AWSOME!!!

              • More like you are that trash ass dude that somewhere in his warped mind believes just because he has man in his screenname deserves a good woman…you do not deserve SHIT you EARN it…dumb bitch.

                Better yet you attract what you are…lol.

              • It's always the lonely ones whom believe everyone is unhappy as they are !
                I love traveling always have plus I've been with real gorgeous Women .
                From head to toe real !
                So when I come back to my country I should expect to see real gorgeous Women from head to toe !
                Your probably a weave wearing leave it in for 6-7 months hair hat !!
                Or a trans ,or thug all tattoos quick to talk as you uneducated say umm gangster right !
                Grow up while I was out the country living you were stuck in the projects ,projecting failure!
                Now run along I hear your masters calling…coz we know you don't have anything going on that's why you're nameless. Now I just took out the trash !
                Ps .. You're the trash !…

              • LMMOFOAO…Bitch you the one on here complaining about not finding anyone…so apply that long BS response to yourself…stupid azz MF.

          • I was the anonymous "convo-ing" with you BEFORE the trannies stepped in. Seems like they didn't like how you put trans's degenerate behavior on blast. Too, bad. I thought we were having a pretty good dialogue.

            • STFU bitch…everything said about this douche is for good reason…so until you know what the f*ck you speak of…keep it to the left.

              • Ohhh Tranny… It must be so fun to travel incognito over the web. Unlike in the real world you can lie about your gender but somehow you can't hide that IQ.

      • Lol…interesting points. I read the story out of sheer boredom, and your response was the best part.

  1. The trans needs to leave Tyga alone and get a life. Maybe he knows being gay is wrong and doesn't want to claim that kind of life. I pray that Tyga breaks free from those sick desires that will only lead him to sickness.

    The Tranny needs to get help and stop trying to ruin a young man's life just so he can get a headline or two in the media.

    Tyga has a son to live for. There is no such thing as being gay. There is however a such thing as having sinful desires. I pray that Tyga is able to break free.

    • Tyga is a vivid example of the evil aspects of the powers that be turning us as blackmen into walking stereotypes. Has all of the Mandingo talk really helped us move the bar? From what I see, hasn't done a damn thing for us…Real Talk! A bunch of sellouts and down-low gay dudes is all we can show for our family jewels…Unacceptable!

  2. This won't affect him one bit. Did anything illegal happen between these two, no. What does this person expect to happen from here on. Does this person think he will drop his current gig to walk into the sunset with her/him. This individual sounds like the are looking for shut up money than what was offered. Releasing the tape means no leverage. In such an event, the K family will love it anyway and find a way to make money from it. So, might as well move on because it's not working.

  3. Yikes so tyga was really suckin and riding pipe.

    Yes people like mya arent right upstairs but to each his own. When u wear fake titties and the whole 9 u got issues

  4. Hip-Hop is the perfect breeding ground for this, because, the mindset is promoted in the lyrics and visuals. Pants sagging low, and a bunch of blackmen in the pokey. None of this shocks me, saw it coming from a distance.

    • This has nothing to do with hip hop…it has more to do with people like this believing their actions have no consequences.

      Men have been dressing like women and acting androgynous for centuries…look at the history and down fall of greece and rome for examples…the more notable ones in music are david bowie, prince and boy george…I really had no idea what the f*ck boy george was when I was a child.

      This shit is far beyond anything having to do with hip hop.

      • Totally agree..been saying this for years now as it's become not so much "the norm" as they're trying make it so but more of an "exposed agenda to possess our society."

  5. Hey trans you shoulda let Tyga faggot ass off himself , sad. You let that trans lover and ass opener live !

  6. Yep
    A straight up pervert.
    Real sexual proclivities…little girls who dress up as women, and men who dress up as women.
    Rap is really a mess.

      • Ask, Lil B and Younga Thugga who like to wear lil girl skirts and like toddlers on instagram
        Not trying 2 b funny, but they got a point , rap is weird now in days

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