Ray J Secretly Married w/ Child *Exclusive Audio Confession

The Raydiation Recordings: HSK Hit W/ ‘Cease & Desist’, Jacky Exposes Kim K’s Funky Cat & Ray J’s Secret Marriage With Kid!!!

HSK Exclusive — Ray J was obviously not lying when he spilled the rotten beans about Kim K’s crusty coochie…Just ask Reggie Bush.

Here’s the thing, that stank kat could be a va-jay-jay of venomous proportion! Know why? The funky fumes have apparently caused an off-the-richtor-scale rupture — leading two dawgs to start chasing their tails, trying to displace Jacky Jasper and HSK with an order to “cease and desist” from telling you all about it!

“Your actions are a blatant display of disrespect and can only serve to destroy the reputations and change that these men are working to accomplish.”

Furthermore, neither Jacky nor “someone from” HSK are responsible for telling you … Ray J did that. We are merely the delivery platform. Don’t you agree?

Back to the audio … the dude Ray J was leaking the info to, is now speaking out as a former Ray J mentor, who’s now trying to muscle HSK.

Here’s what Jacky has to say about it:

“This guy Max Billieon is on one! Can you believe this fool actually asked me to apologize to him and Ray J? Guess what? Just for that, I’m servin’ up even more. Did ya’ll know that Ray is married with a wife and kid!?”

TMZ & Ray J Fraud

Ray J told it first! Transcribed from the audio:

“Listen … I’m on some Hugh Hefner shyt, all these bitches know what’s up. I got some bread. I got a wife at home. All I wanna do is buss a nut.

Right, and something else.

And something else? Of course. I don’t wanna buss a nut in my wife. I seen my wife have a baby, a baby came out of her p*ssy. I don’t wanna that p*ssy no more. I seen a whole human being come out of that p*ssy … water, and all kind of shyt followed … all kind of weird shyt followed out of that p*ssy. I’m not eating that p*ssy not more. Of course I love my girl. That’s my pillowcase. I can’t wait to get home, watch TV, watch CNN, talk shyt with my wife … be raggedy and fart … just be her husband …

Yeah. I don’t want to get wild and freaky n shyt … where we turn on a porno and get loose … no, I’m not feeling you like that. You’re my wife!”

Is Ray J really going to marry Princess Love? I don’t think so. Know why? It’s just another Hollywood tale, concocted for publicity purposes.

On another note, be sure to check back in Friday for another HSK EXCLUSIVE Ray J shocker!

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    • What do you really expect from brandys lil brother?
      He's a wanna be singer with not too many albums under his belt !
      Stuck In His childish ways .
      Thinking of that Peter Pan song , I won't grow up….etc…

  1. Ray J. must have a dirty dick. Women don't walk around with smelly vaginas and/or vaginal issues under normal circumstances. All it takes is one encounter with the wrong guy/dick to cause problems.

    Ray was throwing BV pills at Teairra Mari and Vagisil or Monistat cream on LHHH. Now, there's audio of him saying something derogatory about Kim's vagina?!. I have no doubt she has STDs, likely herpes. I believe they're the reason why she had difficulty conceiving. I also believe they're the reason she doesn't show her children being delivered on KUWTK like Kourtney does.

    Ray needs to get it together.

  2. There's no way Kim had a vaginal birth with neither kid. She had c sections because of her infested cooch. Kim has been with a long list of men. She told Oprah she was on birth control at 13. She lost her virginity to TJ Jackson(Michael' s Jackson nephew) . Some woman sued Kris Humphries because of herpes that Kim gave him.Kim's a walking disease.

  3. Madonna-whore complex:

    Men who are still in the process of separating fully from the mother and integrating their anima sometimes suffer from what is known as the Madonna-whore complex. This complex makes men categorise women into stereotypes. Women are either seen as chaste and in need of protection or unchaste and in need of punishment.

    Seek help Raymond.

  4. So Ray J has a kid…interesting…and a wife…very interesting…I'm sure brandy knows he's aleeqsy married and she knows she have a kid too…she's fake too.

  5. Ray J has always been a wanna be and cornball to me!Am I shocked that's he's an immature ,disrespectful loser? NO..

    • Now THAT'S THE ONE I've heard long ago even in conversations in a corporate setting.

  6. This mofo needs to grow up. Why does he need to mention Kim all the time???? He better stop talking smack about her or he will end up being sued for millions just like Future is being sued by Ciara.

  7. I wonder if alot of guys (stupid yes , but still ) feel that way after a woman has a baby. I heard elvis presley said that after his wife had their child…Its the stupidest thing I ever heard true . just childish , immature and if I were to get into it I would go so far as to say they sound insecure ( a childs head is bigger than you tiny ass dick that you thought was a monster). But see how no one cares LOL yeah RJ … you needn't worry about your status …its still as tiny and insignificant as your dick size.

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