The Thrill Is Gone For B.B. King; Passes At 89 Years Old!

BB King Dead

B.B. King, the legendary blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist, died Thursday in Las Vegas. He was 89 years old.

Here’s what’s been reported:

“King died peacefully in his sleep at 9:40 p.m. local time at his home, where he had been in hospice care. Funeral arrangements are being made.”


  1. Team HSK,

    Thank you for covering the passing of BB King so expeditiously!
    I really wanted you all to cover the issue currently brewing between some of his children & his manager Lavern Toney but after further thought it may have been best not to in an effort to not display yet another black family of a successful artist feuding in the midst of their death….the James Brown family debacle clearly comes to mind in great detail…smh.

    The contribution BB King has made in music history should be all our focus & never forgotten.
    Again, thank you for covering it for us.

  2. He died peacefully in his sleep which is a comfort to know .He was diabetic and managed it pretty good even did a commercial about it.He was the best with his guitar Lucille lol I loved the fact that he was passionate about his music and he performed with the best of the best .Not everyone gets the opportunity to fullfill their passions and make a career out of what they love .He will be missed RIP king of the blues.

  3. This is a shame only a few post for a great singer and guitarist like him…ummmm
    Well Mr. B B King my parents would dance to your music, and the smile and love radiating from them.. As a child I love the Thrill is Gone, it’s on my playli In my car.. RIP my brother, thank you for giving generations your beautiful voice and playing.. Job well done my brother, ummmm you are one of a kind.. No one can do what you did with a guitar, you made her sing and you made my hips move as a child and they still move when I hear your music…go on home my brother, the Man upstairs, said its time to rest… Thank you Sir, your music could awaken a dead spirit…IJS

  4. His was a true rags to riches story. Grew up in a tiny shack in Mississippi to become a blues pioneer/ legend & icon. Lived to be 89 years old and lived a good life as well. He was indeed blessed.

    I bought you a brand new Ford
    You said I want a Cadillac
    I bought you a ten dollar dinner
    You said thanks for the snack
    I let you live in my penthouse
    You said it was just a shack
    I gave you seven children
    And now you wanna give ’em back

    How Blue Can You Get
    B.B KING 1964

  5. all the greatesy guitar players are dead, bb, Hendrix, johnny guitar Watson, albert king, muddy waters, eddie hazel, bobby Womack, Curtis Mayfield, jimmy nolen, catfish Collins, all the great guitar legends of blues and rock who influenced the white boys like ike turner and bo diddley two more guitar players who opened the door for rock and roll but was left in the closet.

  6. we know how the white controlled media think about black legends unless you crossedover like that pedofag Michael Jackson who it took death for whites to realize how great he was.

    bb influenced eric Clapton, jeff beck, keith Richards, jerry Garcia while they made millions off the blues sound stevie ray vaugnn included.

    all these white musicians was influenced by the blues sounds they coipied old blues tunes and even though they acknowledged the blkues legends bb, ike turner and the rest of thew black pioneers was forglotten about while whites made millions.

    whites still do this today, Eminem can become the biggest selling rapper while cussing, worshipping satan, and talk about killing his wife and mom all while his black counterparts were second string behind him.

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