Orlando Furious After Watching Draya Smash Puffy’s Nephew!

Draya Sex Tape

Some say Draya delivered a smashing performance, but Orlando Scandrick doesn’t find anything appealing about her being caught on tape smashing her ex.

That’s the latest word surfacing as Orlando’s last IG post remains, marking a week since the posting the apparent mourning message. We’re told that’s after Orlando viewed the X-rated footage, resulting in him becoming “furious knowing the public got to see some of it.”

Draya Dumped

“Orlando saw Draya in the clip and started having second thoughts about marrying her.”

HSK was first to serve stills from the sex tape of the smash session Draya shared with David Miranda … who is widely known as Puffy’s nephew. Now, Draya is said to be the one who called it quits, ending her two-years as an NFL wife . “She dumped Orlando,” spills a source. “Because she couldn’t take the bullshyt he kept on with anymore.”

The drop:

Draya’s sex tape destroyed her relationship with Orlando. The whole world saw Draya sucking her ex-boyfriends d*ck.

Orlando is not Kanye. He don’t want a girl with a sex tape.”

Draya’s uncensored sex tape clip can be seen here. Warning, VERY NSFW!

Draya Diddy Nephew


  1. No man in his right mind wants a woman with a sex tape. He knew what she was before they started dating.

  2. and somewhere puffy is dancing just dancing yes pffy is somewhere dancing in the night laughing his ass off.

    • Omfg LMMFAOING!!!!! U r so right about that. “I thought I told u that we won’t stop, thought I told u that we won’t stop!

  3. But he knew what she was when they got together. There has to be more to this story.

  4. why can’t decent Black Men marry respectable Black Women instead of these weak Women

    name me one fully Black Women doing a sex tape?? most of these Women who are doing sex tapes are half Black!

    Draya looks like elf, Orlando needs a sexy Black Women!!

    You know i’m talking the truth!!

  5. He knew darn well what he was getting hisself involved in a “BIRD”, she will sleep with your daddy Orlando.. I feel nothing for you, you damn fool.. I’m just LMAO
    When anyone show you who they are, believe that, not what you wishing for. Anywho you’re not so innocent your damn self.. Reap what the hell you sowed.. Bye bye Orlando, find a real woman who is loyal and knows her self worth., IJS

  6. how hard can it be to perform on a 1 inch diq..that’s clearly what he had. draya couldnt even hold it in her hand it was so small LOL

  7. I’m still trying understand WTH Draya actually is besides being considered an industry toss up/sack chaser but moreover…why did she feel the need to make a formal announcement regarding her relationship with Orlando being over? As if…anybody truly cares. He had to have known what he was getting involved in & if he’s in any way shocked or upset he’s a bigger fool than we all already thought.

    • I agree. “Who is she anyway?” (Neneh Cherry voice) I have heard some unpleasant things to be honest; she won’t take a pic with a dark skinned (black) girl just one of them.

  8. These hip hop r & b boys acting like they got it going on …. young boyz dont know THE DEFINITION OF OF WHORE /HO ..IS AN UNFAITHFUL , NASTY PERSON

  9. Draya is such a nobody. She truly things thanks these ballers are going to wife her trashy self and be proud. Wrong! Young women need to stop looking at her as example as a come up. She will always remain s whore for the entertainment industry and that is all. As for dude, he was dumb for even for taking the bait and letting her around his kids. Let a whore be a whore.

  10. so what draya is sexing somerbody let her be a ho don’t believe in these fake ass business arrangements called Hollywood marrikages.

    puffy made cassie sign a love contract that’s some new chit to me.

  11. That’s Orlando’s fault! You shouldn’t screw around with hoes! He is a dumbass just like Marcedes Lewis!

  12. I honestly don’t believe celebrities can have a real, fulfilling and normal relationship with normal people. I’m a great normal attractive woman (not by hollywierd standards lol), but I can’t see myself having a long term decent relationship with Idris Elba (Lord knows I would love to). It just seems impossible, image is everything, then you gotta deal with the hoes (men and women). You have to be super secure, because women are gonna be throwing themselves at him. It’s just not worth it to me IMO

  13. She is gross why would she allow herself to be recorded? Not gross for the act but gross that she allowed it what a misfit

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