Momma Dee Suffering Cocaine Relapse?

Momma Dee Cocaine Relapse

Concern for Momma Dee is said to be rising quickly … apparently, just as quickly as her reported “love for coco!” We’re told the original LHHATL cast member “was high out of her mind” at Atlanta’s Krave Lounge, Saturday night. The former madame and pusher is also said to be “buying blow daily.”

Here’s what the streets are saying:

“On Saturday night Mama Dee was high and sloppy at the Krave Lounge. People should be concerned, Momma Dee is falling apart.”

Here’s what Erica Dixon previously revealed about Momma Dee:

“I love her, I just don’t like anything about her. She’s a great grandmother to Imani when she’s on her medication. She really is on medication for like schizophrenia, suicide attempts, bipolar… It’s a couple of things.”


  1. Momma Dee needs help. Scrappy come get yo momma. Praying 4 u momma dee. Keep yo head up.

  2. Momma Dee that white lady is addictive–my sister (RIP) loved that white lady.. She eventually gave her up and went back to smoking the best weed.. I could have fun with her on weed, but that white lady is a killer.. Get some help please, it’s too damn addictive, it will ruin you.. IJS

  3. i liked Erica until i saw her trying to fight her then future mother in law…crack head or not that’s yo mother in law

  4. Wow! Scrappy’s meat stealing step daddy is home from prison now Momma Dukes back to doing the cane? Say it isn’t so!

  5. Baybe, Chile look like she ain’t the only one got that problem. Stevie got problems, Scrap Scrap got problems, Joseline got problems, Mimi got problems, and now Momma Dee. Smh….The nurse/ former pimp is man down! Can’t have that especially when it comes down to the hustle, Momma Dee is the one to talk to. LOL!

  6. (*long, deep, sigh)
    now kids let this be a lesson for you;
    there are two types of people/things
    in this life you would want to avoid at
    ALL COST: dream killers and time thieves.
    trust me, these people/things will attach
    to you like a flesh-eating disease and will not
    let up until you are a shell of your former self.

    leave it with the the simpletons they love flopping
    around in more fodder. you stay focused…

    really, its no prob.
    you’re welcomed.

    • Three kind of people, you missed one, the kind that sucks the light out of you..
      I’m meaning your soul and spirit.. The are the very worse type. Ummmmmm
      I would never ever let anyone stop my dreams, I know if I can dream it, I can do anything with hard work, determination and the will of God. Man can’t stop an old woman like me…ILMBO

    • However watching mindless time wasting shows like this do exactly what you described. They rob you of the time needed to make your dreams happen.

  7. Just goes to show that what seemingly appears “all good” on the outside isn’t at all what truly is on the inside. Fame and fortune doesn’t erase or conquer destructive ways.

  8. but why somebody said Scrappy looks like her diabetic Uncle though?!…LMAO! I swear ima slap the living sh*t outta yall asses!!!! smdh. and get it together Momma Dee ‘fo we hear about your ass in the obits. sad nevertheless.

  9. yeah…say that@Stacey. never liked Eric’s ultra-country, limited vocabulary, uneducated, simple-minded, whore-dressing ass myself. even though i dont watch this ghetto-ass show no more. been stopped watchin’ seasons ago.

  10. sorry I don’t feelbad for her.

    just another junkie that needs help hell nobody told her to do cocaine in the first place don’t know when she started.

    never felt sorry for junkies I will never try to help one ain’t no dopefiend gonna bring me down to her personal hell with him or her.

    scrappy needs to disown his mom and cut her off and forget he ever met her.

    she come around me with that dopefie nd chit im gonna givbe her 20 dollars and phukk her in the mouth, p*ssy and ass like the crackwhore she really is.

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