Wayne & Wiz Are Cheap To Book!


Forget how much TMZ claims Tunechi would run you, to fill in as the DJ for your party. That goes for Wiz Khalifa too! Just ask Oscar. He’s the Orange County promoter who recently booked both Weezy and Wiz for a quarter of the cost $25K TMZ claimed!

“Rappers are cheap to book in clubs and we’re taking advantage of it.”

Just yesterday, Harvey & Co came with fudged numbers claiming a $60K cost for Lil Wayne to spin … while listing $25K as Wiz Khalifa’s asking price to hit the wheels of steel. According to Oscar those prices are preposterous! Know why? Lil Wayne accepted $15K and Wiz Khalifa took $5K to DJ at his club, Heat Ultra Lounge.

Check it:

“Wiz’s new name is DJ Daddy Cat. He was paid 5K to spin at OHM nightclub in Hollywood. Why would we pay Wiz 25K to spin at our club?
Heat Ultra Lounge holds twelve-hundred people, why would we pay Lil Wayne 60K to DJ at Heat?”

It’s a ruse, they give TMZ exclusive drops and Harvey inflates the perceived value of their services for any suckers out there who don’t know the truth.


  1. wayne and wiz must need some extra cash on the side.

    reminds me when bg was performing at local ghetto ass strip clubs for cash.

  2. that’s a lot of money though…most hustlers dont turn down particular chunks of change either lol

  3. Team HSK must be affiliated with or well respected on some level because virtually everyone on earth is deathly afraid to utter a word about TMZ/Harvey Levin good, bad, true or otherwise. I’m pleased to see that “Harvey’s assistance to certain celebs by inflating the supposed perceived value of their services is no longer an inside secret.” Hell, he
    single handedly continues to help those Kardashian/Jenner tricks make millions & a few others as well.

    • nah, he makes money off them and that sidebar on their show… all u have to see is Kim Kardashian….. and ur gonna wait till he talks about it. but he covers everything else first

  4. sick of these celebs, actors, and edm, and other push button dj’s disrespect the DJ culture.

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