Are the Ladies of The Real at Odds?

Word on the curb (UNCONFIRMED) is that the ladies of “The Real” are at odds behind the scenes over attitudes flaring with each other when celebrities are on.

The ladies are allegedly causing the issues are Adrienne and Jeannie Mai. It’s said that some of the ladies feel Jeannie Mai kisses ass and tries to be the favorite whenever celebrities are guest on the show. A audience member allegedly witnessed the fallout and claims producers had to do retakes due to anger between the ladies.

Loni Love is allegedly tired of Adrienne who they say is really feeling herself now that she is married. Loni and Adrienne are low-key throwing shade at one another on the show constantly and Tamera & Jeannie are no longer close as they once were. The reason for that is because Jeannie allegedly is having her own issues at home with her husband so she’s not really up for hearing anyone good stories about marriage. It’s also said the ladies are tired of Jeannie making every topic about race.


  1. They supposedly got rid of her for a hole lot of reasons.

    They just need to cancel this shit already and bring on the preachers with that ratchet ass preacher who is screwing a housewife & Tweet!

  2. Maaan this show looks like a bootleg version of the view, i’m starting to think Tamara is the only classy one on that show… out side of her they are all ratchet

  3. A bunch of fake-ass-hoes, period. Welcome to Hollywood bjtch everybody fake everbody out for self, hell its like that in the real world. How many fake ass annoying people u cant stand u gotta deal with at work, so it like yall hoes lucky you got this show in the first place, mainstream sees all of u as basic and ghetto so just be humble. Dont end up like Tamar.

    Adrienne, keeping it real u a home wrecking hoe that fuck married men that are pastors and u dont care. Nobody has to get loud or ratchet to ‘keep it real’ with your ass, bitch.

  4. If there is tension between these four women, it will be very good for the show. The heavy tension on The View caused that show’s ratings to skyrocket. There is no tension the the other all female tv show The Talk. Their ratings are low.

  5. The Real; four no talented D-list women who got extremely lucky to get hired on a national talk show. The only surprising thing about this show is that they didn’t hire a washed up white bitch to be a co-host.

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