Cristiano Ronaldo Accused of Raping Woman in Vegas!

It is being revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo may have raped a woman and to keep it on the low, settled out of court with her to avoid negative press..

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An American woman goes to the police in Las Vegas. She claims she has been raped by an athlete: global football star Cristiano Ronaldo. What really happened has never been resolved because lawyers settled the case with a payment of $375,000 by the Real Madrid star.

She described all that in the letter that she wrote one year after the night in the Palm Place Hotel. When he wanted more, she said “no.” When he then grabbed her, as she alleges, and forced her onto the bed in the bedroom, she claims to have said “no” again. No means no.

In the letter to Ronaldo, Susan K. describes in detail what she claims the football player did to her. She claims that he anally raped her. She permitted officers who came to her place to drive her to the University Medical Center, where she underwent a “rape kit”.

Subsequently, the doctors examined the patient. They notedswelling and a “laceration” in her anal region. They gave Susan K. Zithromax and Rocephin, two antibiotics. Afterward, they sent her to Rape Crisis, a counseling center for victims of sexual assault.

And that he offered her swimwear. She claims that he followed her as she went to change, and that the two kissed. But K. writes that this wasn’t enough for Ronaldo. She writes that she wanted to go back to the others. She continues that he took her and put her on the bed. That she used both hands as she attempted to protect herself. “I screamed NO NO NO NO NO NOOOO over and over I begged you to stop. I was never so scared in my life,” K. writes in the letter.

Ronaldo was once already accused of rape by a woman in 2005. At the time, police questioned the then 20-year-old striker for Manchester United. He denied the allegations and charges were never filed.

The law enforcement in Las Vegas has no record of the sexual assault allegation.

What are your thoughts on this tragic story?


  1. bet the same shit happened to him when he was younger in those football clubs and now he gets off on doing it himself to others. its the feeling of control and power

  2. Ronaldo is gay so anal sex is what he enjoys. He has a bf that is a boxer its well documented his trips to see him, i think its a muslim dude or arab. Some gay men like to force sex and rape women, some of em like that if they will have sex with a woman they want anal and they want to fuck u like they would a man. Ronaldo dont want vaginal…they probably leaked this story to make it seem he want women…not.

    • Violence against women DOES NOT=being into women!!!

      Can we get a lobotomy check here plz…

      • Well thats why i refered to them as gay men, not bi, not straight, just gay. But many gay men have wives, gf, children. No where anywhere in my post above urs did i say violence against women = being into women. Im just saying some gay men who are into other men, do have sex with women, its just what it is.

        • Dude you cannot explain what you said away…

          You said they are outing a rape (which IS a violent act against women) to make it look like he is into women…so stop with the backtracking…smfh.

  3. My German is rusty so no go on the Siegel link. Anyways, when did this happen. “When he wanted more.” Something tells me they had sex and at some point she said no. With a current net worth of $400 millions she settled for $375,000. Were they both looking bad in this? Maybe she was hooking which is illegal in Vegas (but not on other parts of Nevada) and he told her he would just say they had a misunderstanding in the ‘sex rape scenario.’ I’m sure his lawyers pulled something to make her settle for less. Anyway, too much info missing here.

    • Who cares what the story is.

      If more than one woman has said he has done this the shit is WRONG! Women need to stop going to private areas with men they don’t really know & even the ones they do (famous or not) and if at any point a women says no or stop a real man should respect that and do that.

      • in knowing the full story, it gives you better insight if he is a predator and how he chooses his victims. Not excusing his behavior at all. Supposedly if a woman says no at any point, then the man needs to stop. He obviously didn’t. Just saying that looking at this particular situation, he used things to his advantage and got away with it. She shouldn’t have settled for that amount. Frankly I don’t get it with rumors he’s gay and all that and has a fellow.

        • The fact that two women have come forward is enough to show a pattern. And Gawd only knows how many others who were too afraid to report anything or blamed themselves.

          The story will never be known except between the two…that is why rape is hard to prove because it is a he say she say crime.

  4. You mean to tell me all she wanted was money…F**k that, I want justice!! So sad how some women cry rape & just do it for money. Let a man violate me & he’s going under the jail. Especially if I have anything to do with it!!

    • Getting a rape conviction against a man who is not a registered sex offender is hard.

      It is even harder if that man is worth millions to his team and brands he endorses, don’t ever get the game twisted on thinking you can just walk in and win.

  5. There’s a blind item on another website that says he didn’t rape her. Apparently, she was in the room when he was having sex with a man. And she filmed it with her cell phone.

  6. Even if he is a switch hitter, a lot of women are golddiggers. Shit, women were still willing to sleep with Magic Johnson after he admitted to being infected with HIV. There’s no shortage of women willing to sleep with wealthy, famous men. No matter their reputation. Even Chris beat em down Brown has a flock of women at his beck and call.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing is a staged publicity stunt to make him seem straight.

    Kind of like the Drake-pregnant stripper thing.

    • Again how is putting a rape, a violent act against a woman, story out there making someone straight?

      You people who keep saying this are sooo fucking stupid.

      Men who perpetrate violence against women, do NOT like women…idiots.

      • I take that back they don’t love themselves and take it out on those they feel they can.

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