Angry Fans Destroy Streets of NYC After Kanye Cancels Performance

kanye concert new york shutdown

Kanye West and Travis Scott decided to give an impromptu performance at NYC’s Webster Hall on Monday morning.

Even though Kanye announced the 2 a.m. performance on his Twitter, he didn’t think over 4,000 people would show up and line the streets of NYC. So he canceled the show.

Well, his fans weren’t happy about him bailing out on them, so they turned the streets into a party, but some unlucky vehicles got vandalized in the process.

Peep the video.


  1. Wow, he is so arrogant, he should have been glad so many people showed an interest in him.

    What?…. Was he scared?

    • Quite off topic but….
      Sasha R, PLEASE cover the death of MMA fighter Kimbo Slice.
      I've been so ducked off behind my desk that I hadn't seen or heard anything until my son called & said I wouldn't believe the word is all over the Internet Kimbo Slice is gone. I especially want you to cover here BECAUSE…already the media has started up with him "being rushed to the hospital for undisclosed reasons" so we can anticipate some outlandish rhetoric & drama-rama…smh.

      I've seen so many of this cat's fights over the years. He came to a karate tournament my sob was in to see his friend's son fight. He picked my son up with one hand & hung him upside down!!! We've been watching him fight since my son was little. Then a while back he was doing ghetto backyard fights which at first sight made me think he'd lost his mind & was on drugs or simply needed money….he's got 6 kids.

      Many blessings & advanced thanks to you.
      (We see you & appreciate you holding things down in here!)?
      Please keep us posted on this….

      Man, Kimbo…hug The Champ, Prince, MJ, Whitney, Natalie Cole,
      Afeni Shakur, Miss Bobbi Kristina, Teena Marie, Vanity, David Bowie, Billie Paul, David Gest, Chyna & all those who left us a lonngggg time ago like the incomparable Phyllis Hyman & all those I can't think of right now but still love to this very moment. RIP?

  2. That's ridiculous that he would play people like this. It's not a joke for people to spend their time getting to an event( especially in NY). Traffic is horrible in that area!!!

  3. The city of New York should send his ass the bill for anything vandalized or destroyed.
    I don't get it…why didn't he just go ahead with his performance?
    He should have thought about security and traffic control ahead of time.
    Damn, we miss Prince….

    • And he should be arrested for inciting a riot. He knew what he was doing. There'll be another rant from him blaming others in 5,4,3…

  4. it's a,azing to me how people are so blind by these entertainers and they don't care about nothing but your money but you defend them to the death like prince

    • Excuse me Stephen. I'm actually surprised at you today.
      I know you weren't taking a jab a me and I'm not coming for you either but I do want to say…
      Over recent years especially Prince has been known to do impromptu to shows all over the world.
      It was nothing for him to show up at a certain record store, park or coffee house and play. Sometimes these impromptu shows were so poorly planned he'd end up spending money and not making it back. No matter if 10 people showed up or 10,000 he still played and made countless people happy sometimes without making a dime. You barely heard about these shows and if you did you damn sure didn't hear about people cutting up and destroying property….was my point.

      All of us are not "false idol worshiping." I know who my Lord and Savior is and it damn sure ain't Prince or Koonye. For some it's just appreciating the music. Not every song Prince made included sex, drugs and rebellion. Not all of us are into or concerned with what went on in his private life either. For some, it's truly about the music. He actually has some of the most beautiful ballads and instrumentals to grace one's ears. I speak from an experience I had of being able to see him play the guitar for nearly 2 hours straight without him ever singing a word…for FREE.

      • i agree on a certain but prince lied to us prince was a devil worshiper and cross dresser i don't hate prince but come on the guy was evil i just pointing it out

        • No, stephen…I just just didn't want you to think I was getting smart or trying to offend you. I wanted you to see what I meant by "Damn, we miss Prince." You would be so surprised to know there are a few people on this blog who know a great deal more about Prince, his music and his random acts of kindness but they'll never mention it here and that's so sad. Likewise, I see your point as well…you almost feel duped depending on what you believe about him but those of us who were completely focused on the music…there was nothing but an amazing unconditional love that can't be explained and needs no explanation.

          stephen, even when I don't comment to you I read most if not all your comments. I find your take on things interesting and funny as hell…
          You always give me something to think about whether I agree with you or not.

      • Co-Sign SoCal! At least Prince will give U a show! This idiot didn't do that and as bad he needs money, he should have done a show instead of backing out! And the way Kim made it seems like Koonye did performed for the people! She and Koonye need to go somewhere and sit down!

    • Kanye no longer fills arena. So yeah, he no longer does large crowds because people are done with him.

  5. He was high as a kite when he sent out the Twitter. He had no idea that people would take him so seriously and actually show up.

    Kanye= bipolar using cocaine and other drugs to modulate his moods=disaster in the making

  6. A bunch of black people in New York rioting over a gay rapper? The black race is in serious trouble. I don't think this sort of insane nonsense would happen in Africa. Where did we go wrong?

    • There are actual gay people in Africa. The nonsense in Africa is worse. Men fight wars by raping and killing women and children. They don't get arrested but gay people are a top priority for the police in many African countries. If you think gay people are a threat you are a fool. A black heterosexual man is more likely to kill and rape me than a gay one or even a white police officer

  7. I saw a bunch of white people rioting on the news. Black people don't support Koonye.

  8. His ego might have made him want to be popular like Prince and showboat with an impromptu concert. He is a father however so when does he spend time at home sleeping with his family?

  9. This man is not well. Some random street for some random concert. You don't do that. You get a venue and sell tickets. This man can't even fill a high school auditorium.

  10. The kind of fans who follow/support an artist say a lot about the artist himself.

  11. A free concert draws thousands, especially in NYC and Kanye knew this – remember last summer when the guy held impromptu concerts on the bridges and underground? He actually drew more people than Kimye.

    I totally agree, NY should bill and bring charges to Kimye because he caused undue harm to residents, vehicles and general unrest. Fool …

  12. Destroying the streets for somone that wouldn't even dare to come feed theirs. Destroying the streets for someone that could give a f*ck about theirs probably wouldn't even step foot on it. And he showed them that as clear as day and people keep makin these muthaf*ckas rich while they still starvin cant call this confused deciple and ask him for a dolla without his bodyguards tazin ya ass threw the phone but people will rob still and kill to go see a rich narcissists confused 1/2 of a prophet 1/3 of a deciple wit a dash of i am alpha omega ×jesus and lil tisci girlfriend on accident by night bikini wearing ass house nigga on swing shift….People need to wake up!

  13. I saw that glitch in the matrix the other day, I'm am disappointed but not surprised.

    That was so not cool.

  14. That was a PR stunt by a mentally ill narcissistic down low homosexual black male bed wench. He obviously was high as hell and had no intention of performing he loves the attention look who he is fake-married to.

    Expect more bullshit publicity stunt from this chump.

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