Waka Flocka & Tammy Rivera Call It Quits

waka flocka tammy rivera breakup

It looks like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka have called it quits once again.

Tammy posted a quote on her IG which reads, “Not everyone you lose is a loss. Unless it’s me then you f***ed up.”

When a follower comment on how Waka is “lucky” to have her, Tammy replied with “was lucky.”


The couple has been married since 2014, and they seem to split up like clockwork every year, so don’t expect this breakup to last long.


  1. she calling it quits because that incompetent niggah cant get her pregnant. per one of those passed episodes when they both went to get gyno or some clinic of that nature and they conveyed to that weedhead fool that his sperm count aint swimming. the heffa wants kids and he aint capable nor can't produce. next.

  2. she tired of smelling those funky ass dreads on his head. his ass needs a head-to-toe makeover exclusively. and he's probably broke and not ballin in the "dough" like she wants him to.

  3. why does every impure vagina think it's a prize ijs. your mind should be the prize. eeew look at his teeth he has money and does nothing that's sick.

    • aint them sapsuckas off-white dingy looking af? SMDH. but he supposedly rollin in dough though. triflin nasty looking niggah

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