Joseline Hernandez: Stevie J is Gay!

joseline hernandez stevie j gay

Every time Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J start beefing, she wants to call him out for being gay smh.

So Joseline is going batsh*t crazy because Stevie says they were never legally married. Oh yeah, he also called her a h*e after she was caught hanging out with rapper Young Dro.

Well, Joseline is clapping back, and she’s ready to spill all of Stevie’s tea!

In a new Instagram post Joseline says Stevie likes “boys, transs, and all,” and she will take a lie detector test to prove it!

Are you surprised?


  1. Oh, well okay then…One thing we can all damn well believe.
    IF there is anyone who would know if Steve-O likes "boys and transs"…..
    It's Joseline…

    • So Cal,

      Kiki & I both caught that…that's why Kiki was busting out with ???
      but I have to tell you…DR1 told me long ago that I was wrong & Jose was born a girl. DR1 has seen pictures & knows her people. Usually when she confirms or denies anything it's just bond with me but THAT is the only thing I've ever been on the fence about in spite of DR1's confirmation.

      And ..yes, Jose-line damn sure would know!!!

      • She's a female. One thing when a male goes to female the one thing they don't lose is that bass in their voice. Joseline doesn't have no bass in her larynx. D. Smith has bass in his larynx but Joseline doesn't. Also, she has been posting alot of her baby pics and other pics while growing up. Now that's the main thing everyone should know about is that bass in the larynx.

        • DR1, this is the ONLY time I've ever been close to doubting you about anyfhing.You told me a long time "he is not a he but is fact a her" & I believe you….kinda-sorta!!!?

          • This is true advice Imma give U. Ask any trans that is transitioning from man to female, your bass from your larynx is always going to be there for man. It Nevers leave. Why? Because their testosterones in their body holds a certain hormonial balance. U can keep it or lose it or drop. But, in this case, all men can't lose their bass whatsoever. Look how many times Joseline has been mad and her voice Nevers drops? Most men voices drops when they are mad or upset. But Joseline's never does.


          Damn, blacks have no gaydar. He's a trans all day long, I know mtf trans, personally, they all agree, he's basically unclockable but still a MAN.

          He has NEVER EVER posted his birth certificate and anybody can claim a baby photo. Stop being naive my people, damn!!

  2. If Stevie is gay she like it plus she bisexual herself she can't talk about nobody rt hey both love me threesome's and if Jose a ho Ty hen Stevie like it th these two get turned on by each others freaky kicks bet they don't leave each other

  3. Yes, but the difference between Joseline and Stevie J is that she owns her deeds. Stevie lies about being gay. He is a hypocrite. She is not.

  4. This drag queen want to call someone out when we all know you had that operation so what the f*ck is this. That is bullshit. We all know about you and him too.

  5. maybe she's saying she knows he likes men because he married one. She could be tryna tell us something!?

  6. This is sad and the both of them are two of a kind.. She needs to STFU everyone in Hollyweird is playing both fields.. That's just a fact..

  7. Chile please…….Joseline fronting. If Stevie likes boys then she was right there in the bed with him while he was screwing said boy, man, tyranny etc. Catch that shade.

  8. I can't with these two. I can't understand a word she says. He's a clown and I think together they come across more interesting than separately. I always thought she was a he until I saw her brief sex tape of her masterbating..and confirmed she's in fact female.

  9. No disrespect DR1 but there are many men that can change their voice to not only sound like women but kids too..look at the guy that did the voice for Elmo? I have a make friend that's gay and his voice is higher than mine without trying.. Joseline so called baby pics could be that of a sister or cousin. I don't care what anyone says that's a dude. We live in the age of technology where anything can be manipulated just by taping a keyboard…

    • mz gomez u sound so dumb….some women believe or not are powerfully built…Do u ever watch female super heros well some women look like that…im one. bitches wish they look like me. Joseline is a very beautiful woooomannnn. not a man a woman. there videos of her showing her shit, shes showing her vagina and not a man made one either.

  10. I think Joseline is woman, though I can definitely see some trans-like qualities. The larynx logic some of you are discussing is totally flawed, but there are pics of Joseline as a kid on the internet:

    Some could probably argue it's just a boy that was always raised as a girl, but parents letting their kids choose their gender is something fairly new. Folks weren't doing that back in the 80's, probably especially unlikely in a socially conservative country like Puerto Rico.

  11. people are so stupid. thats obviously a woman. the thing that makes her questionable are her shoulders and bad make up. women that are powerfully built should only work out on cerain parts of their bodies. ive been bless with an athletic track and field body. the thing with joselyne is shes constantly working out . i think get a better trainer

    • No, its YOU that is ignorant. Show me a NATURAL BORN FEMALE with such a thick ass, manly neck. You cannot!!

  12. Ain't surprised by sj being gay he knows pdiddy.
    Birds of ah feather , so is French , rock ross his lover on the low , mase his flame from long time ago , an All the others we don't know about. Now about Jose being ah women , I don't know … could be ah man if I even gotta question that as ah man then I'm not Fucking wit it at all.

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