Lucky Fan Grabs R. Kelly’s Junk During Concert!


    r kelly fan wiped downDuring a recent concert, R. Kelly got more than he bargained for from an extra touchy fan.

    R bent down into the crowd and allowed the woman to wipe the sweat off his face¬†with a handkerchief as he sang, “Keep rubbin’ me baby…”

    He then stood up, spread his legs, and let the lady rub all over his junk! After that, he tells the lady to “grab it!” And well…peep the video!

    #PressPlay #Wayment #RKelly ??

    A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on


      • Lmao! He got himself in that same predicament at the Civic Center back in March. He had to asked his bodyguards to help him get back on stage! One lady got a hold of him and everybody was laughing! He said he was coming back to Florence, SC cause we were cool as hell kind of people.

    1. Those stupid heffas should kno he don't want their old azz he likes lil girls 10 and under damn perv


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