Celebs Film “23 Ways You Could Be Killed for Being Black in America”

celebrities 23 ways you can be killed for being black

Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rihanna and a few other celebs have come together to film a new video entitled, “23 Ways You Could Be Killed for Being Black in America.”

The film, shot in conjunction with Alicia Keys’ We Are Here Movement, documents 23 blacks who were killed by the police, simply for being black.

Recent police shooting victims Philando Castile and Alton Sterling are included.

Peep the video:

Are you glad more celebs are speaking out about the unjust killings of blacks by the police?


  1. It's a nice gesture, but at the same time, Rihanna has sex with white males and females. Chris Rock dehumanizes black people for cash. Alicia Keys is biracial.

    That said, are they contributing to the development of Africa? Helping to develop an AA subnation?

    • Rihanna is a funny little immigrant bird. She black…now? Somebody could have least sobered her up to try to make this look believable.

      • If I came to America I'd be an immigrant too. And black. What, are y'all the only black people now?

        • Black people in america are the worse position of anyone as they have the ability to change the world instead they spend theyre free time having sex all day, talking shit doing something 100% unproductive for society. Then have the nerve to turn around and act like theyve done anything. The only thing you niggers ever done is ride on the white mans balls and continually ask him for more and more knowing you wont get shit accept to lick his ass hole

        • Nah Sarah she she doesn't consider herself black honey. Keep up before you start trying to throw shade and I called it correct she's an immigrant bird. Deal!

          • She should have been black, but unfortunately, her mother got the mixture wrong. LOL

            Rihanna's grandparents on her father's side are a 100% black woman and a mixed/light man. Her father came out light.

            Rihanna's mother is 100% black.

            …but maybe her mother is hiding something…

            • If this is true, which I believe it is Rihanna would be considered a quad. She's claiming biracial though. I'm not surprised one bit..With all the drugs she's on I'm wouldn't put it past her one day to consider herself an animal…nasty little bitch act like one anyway ugh!

              • She's not a "quad." White genes aren't that strong. All her siblings came out like her. That makes no sense. They should be different skin tones. It's like her mother got knocked up by a white dude a bunch of times, and then married her father.

        • @Sarah – Black people have AMNESIA. No DERIVATIVE racial group occupied ANY land mass BEFORE Blacks. Many have forgotten or ignore the CRIMINAL HERITAGE of MUTATED STRAIGHT-HAIRED APE-BLOODED NEANDERTHAL GROUPS who executed homicide/rape/genocide to usurp territories from MAGNETIC COIL-HAIRED BLACKS—the ORIGINAL OWNER OCCUPANTS. We've been duped to believe and accept that WE [Blacks] are foreigners on lands where our DNA is the original CARBON signature.

          That anonymous recognizes that Rihanna is mixed race. Contorted modified-APE Neanderthal DNA is very visible in Rihanna physiology and is amplified in her thinking.

  2. Black lives matter is a theme worked up by a higher authority to create a race war and instigate tension between the races to enforce Martial Law. The celebrities are using their platform to push a issue that is staged for a greater agenda. # stay woke

      • Exactly! Black celebritiess can't move or speak without the white man's permission. #HouseSlaves

          • When will you learn these idiots dont do ANYTHING for anyone especially the white man. They do what they want for the MONEY which the white man happens to have most control over. The love of money is the root of all evil and will make people look as if theyre doing it for satan or the white man but just doing it for the love of money.. Key word love of money. Money itself is not evil but makes the world turn but the love for money people will kill their own brother

  3. The main objective should be take guns away from police. End result period thats how it is in england. Look it up you racist black bastards. Yu talk shit about white people all day and then dont think white people will hate? Hate spreads hate just love and then guns will be out of 'enforcement' hands and people will be able to survive living life how they please either by signing to a government and living collectively or living free and private…

    • Fuck you piggy's, why should anyone here have to give a f*ck about a pig or any other pinky for that matter?

      Take that ignorant shit you are talking over to the fux news blog. You will fit right in.

  4. Whether yu register a gun or a car or a house think about it would you ever register your phone or computer? So why do yu belive going around telling a government you have a gun and getting permission do? It does nothing private property is private property so keep your mouth shut and dont register anything or it becomes collective property no longer private. The income tax is voluntary look it up everything has a solution but not when no ones is answering or asking the right questions just obeying and listening to thr collective.

      • Dude if you contract to income taxes your liable to taxes like wesley snipes or anyone else for that matter. However if yu never contracted to income taxes and now get harrassed like wesley snipes then you have a lawsuit on your hands and you will win hundreds of thousands for harrassment and forced association.

        You cant win something you dont know how it works. Admitting wrongs and making it right by figuring out the best possible solution is called repentance. Answers are not very far once you ask the correct questions.

        • Let us know when you re-enter earth' atmosphere mmmkay?

          And ladies and gentlemen, THAT'S how black people end up with IRS problems. They listen to idiots with these bizarre tax schemes.
          If you're going to cheat Uncle Sam, you do it with a good CPA and you play by the rules. The minute you buy into one of these "income tax is voluntary" fraud schemes, your ass is halfway to Federal prison.

          • This isnt any scheme at all a person is free in this day and age. Persons as yourself whom beleive there is no solution are the actual problem. f you beleive someone will come and harass you thats why yu file taxes because you dont want trouble? When in fact its opposite if you enroll to do something and never even read the rules then how are you in a better position?

            Life is like 10 people playing monopoly who have never read the rule book but insist they all know the rules, well fact is if all the 10 never read the book but agreed on the rules then that makes the rules true. However, if a person comes around and knows the rules then they will prove it too you and win.

            Your living how you want and thats fine, but dont spread false information when a person is actually coming with a solution. Living privately as the law entails is the truth and court is here to sue if someone Over steps their boundaries.

            Google income tax is voluntary its fact no one poonted a gun to you and forced you to file, if they did the solution is only to sue! Period

            • Taxpayer is a word the income tax act created it means someone who registered to file taxes. If you never registered to file taxes voluntarily ofcourse then you are not a taxpayer..

              People who buy certain objecrs from certain stores that are taxed has nothing to do with taxation of a person but of the businesss. The solution is if you dont wamt to pay taxes at those stores for those objects you simply get it from somewhere else.

              I am here to answer questions all day and I will show you any proce directly from government officials mouths and documents.. Not any youtube free man bs. But the real.

              • As I said, this is the sort of scheme which Wesley Snipes bought into. How's that work out for him?

                I pay my federal taxes so I don't expect to ever do times for tax evasion. That is the price of living in a country with as many services and benefits as we have. If I am fortunate enough to make the kind of money which requires my writing a fat check to the IRS every year, I pay my share and I suggest others do as well.

                Or you can join the Martins, Lauryn and Mary J.

  5. Not every law made is for a free person living on the planet. Laws are also made for state corporations these are called statutues.
    The reason people joined a government is the protection of private property so the strongest cannot win so even the smallest person can sue for any injustice.
    Laws have to be consitutional and cannot force a free person to do anything. The only time the consitution does not come into play is when a person contracts to do an act such as work for government and follow a statute and that statute states a person will waive there rights and allow law enforcement to search and tresspass legally.

    Consituion is supreme law, if abuse occurs you sue for rights violations . income tax act, highway trafffic act all statutes cannot be forced on free persons . if police coerce and force your association with the activities you sue them and the government agency they work.
    No one is above the law, not even the law or it would be considered unconsitutional and would not be passed

  6. Rihana of all people? DiCaprio's sex toy a bw lol.pls y'all kill me.Beyonce the I wish I was a Becky with a good hair singer.bw should stop repping blk issues they come across as some thotish paradoxes can't take Beyonce and rihana serious.they simply attention hoing and none else.

  7. I think blacks who have made it should go back to there hoods in march around wit black on blacks crimes first to try in put a stop to it .cuz its very mess up to me celebs doing it only wen a white cop killed a black but say nothing bout the black teens/men killing each other everyday in the hood wit so many celebs having a voice in kids looknup to them

  8. MAN whitey has done a number on us…..we STILL hate our own no matter how hard they try to do right. STFU and support already!!

  9. It's not hard to tell a black man or woman how many ways there is to die. And still i say how the f*ck is this helping us…. No need to tell us that we know this already. They should've labeled it 23 ways to remove the government out of office and 23 ways to remove guns from the police part2.

  10. Off topic I am using a iPhone 6 can anyone tell me what I should do to prevent all these FN pop ups at this site I'm about ready to step off!

  11. 23 ways that the majority of these stars don't f*cking experience. Seriously, when is someone going to call this puppet show out live for what it is? They're just fueling the flames of a non-existent race war, to further push the elites agenda to try and implement martial law. Especially Rihanna, beyonce and at best alicia key- who's mixed and doesnt' even experience the type of racism that someone of chris rocks complexion would, same goes for beyonce . Rhianna as a island girl- most islanders/afro carribeans and especially africans don't even associate themselves with black people, and largely look down on american blacks. Second like an above poster noted-she sleeps around with various white men. As a fan/now former fan) of hers, it sucks to see that even Janelle Monae is helping to towing this line of bullshit. Sad to see that one of the few female singers with actual real talent selling out to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    • I'm african. We are black through and through. We acknowledge our blackness all day long and that is how I know you are a LIAR!

      • Stop right there. He didn't say Africans don't acknowledge THEIR black he said yawl don't associate yourselves with African Americans, for the most part, and you look down on us. He told no lies. I've experienced this with Africans and Island people myself. It's like they think their black is superior to our American black. I've even heard them (Africans ) say it's cause we're not "pure" black. That's funny cause as soon as one of yawl men get his education and some prestige the first thing they do is run they're "pure" black asses to a white woman and breed "unpure" children. What a joke!?

        • Many progressive African/Caribbean immigrants prefer not to associate with AA *sellouts* who have an ignorant view of African/black people and culture. They also tend to avoid people who have a "ghetto" (brainwashed and destructive) mentality. Many are also "country" people who don't have much exposure to the bizarre stuff that happens in the US. Once they see it, they want no parts of that shit.

          African/Caribbean immigrants with a sellout and/or "ghetto" mentality have no issue assimilating with traitors. LOL.

          Most immigrants are not sellouts, and they really want to get ahead, and care for family back home. They're on a mission, so they don't have time for BS.

          • ….but they get right over here and run to whitey who is the ORIGINATOR of bs? WOW!! Let me assure you that African Americans don't give a good damm if a foreigner doesn't want to associate or interact. We just sit and wait till they get that stupid look on their faces when they get that "nigga wake up call" from them same oppressers that in the end view anything not white JUST THE SAME..inferior. It would seem to me that we would come together since we share a common denominator but yawl too busy buying the bulls hit and trying to live the "American dream" when in fact you will never be considered equal..just like us. No worries though you will get the picture sooner or later and we STILL won't care but we will be saying we told yalll silly asses so. Oh yeah good luck when you get pulled over too..your gonna f*cking need it!

            • Like I said, African/Caribbean immigrants prefer not to associate with regressive, destructive, ignorant, anti-black AA. Only *those* types of AA view African/Caribbean immigrants as elitist. If they don't f*ck with you, it says more about *you* than them.

              • No it absolutely does not. It just says that they buy into the divide and conquer tactic which makes them not so smart after all. Just because immigrants think they are better it damm sure don't make it true and just because they don't associate with who they believe to be lesser don't make that person any lesser…its just what they've been fed trying to come up in America but they ALL soon get to see the truth. You talking that shift likes it's bible gtfoh!

        • Please! Most educated African men marry black women. Why would I want to unite with with black American men when I see how you treat your own women? Y'all are the only ones who gate black women to this extent! You don't even want to set foot in Africa but we're the ones who look down on you? #smh You don't see this but you're more like your white counterparts than you realize.

          • Are you in Africa cause it sounds like it. It sounds like you just cheerleading from the sidelines about what your men do here. You don't have a clue. They assimilate then vacate the race. Set foot in Africa? Why would I when yawl coming over here in droves. If it's all good then why YAWL leaving? You tried it! Lol

              • My point EXACTLY! I live here. How do you think you know what your men do when they come here and you don't even live here and never been here? Contrary to what you may think, I've had a lot of experience with African people. The men LOVE my beautiful ass..so I an familiar. I think they are strong and regal..until they get "americanized".

            • I'm not coming to coming to America EVER. Most Africans aren't coming over to you. Only the ones in countries at war, the rest of us are staying put. I'm laughing at you because you think we live in abject poverty, starving kids etc because white people tell you that. Also most Africans who run from their countries come to South Africa for refuge, not America ??

              • I don't know what you're laughing at me for because I don't think that. Where are you getting this? I simply asked a question which you never answered . America has lots of Africans so yawl DO come here..I see them everyday. @ school..@work..@the doctors office..@the braid shops..etc

            • On educated African men: most of them are here in Africa not America so when I talk about educated African men I'm speaking about the majority who are here, not the minority that's living in America.

              • Okay Sarah because there was a disconnect in my understanding. I never was speaking on the ones that are still there and have probably never left. I'm speaking on the ones that come and live here. You would be surprised at how this country and all that's wrong with it will change people. Just know that a lot of them change when they "arrive" and that's what bothers African Americans.
                Quite frankly, I can understand anyone not wanting to associate with what they view as ghetto, unruly and unproductive (even though they are people too) but I see a lot of immigrants eventually lumping ALL African Americans into these categories and using that as an excuse because they've been brainwashed by the man.

              • It's not an excuse. It's reality. AA have spent generations stewing in white people's idiocy (not racism, but degenerate idiocy), and that creates a certain type of person. It's not exclusive to AA either. AA are almost totally warped by white people's sickness. That's why it's so important for AA to spend time in Africa. That's medicine for the caucasian disease in their mind and body.

                Many African/Caribbean immigrants also view race differently because they grew up being the majority, and in places where other races assimilate into black culture and don't try any bullshit. Many have absolutely no exposure to the bizarre conditions that AA accept or view as normal.

        • And you're very clear on how we Africans definitely "don't like you" but you bicker all day long about how white Americans MIGHT not hate you. You're like white people mentally with black skin. I can barely relate to you to be honest.

          • You got the wrong person! I know how yt folks feel about me and YOU TOO. I'm very clear on that but what isn't clear is why you guys get over here and act just like them towards us. That perplexes me especially since they don't like yawl neithier. Ain't nothing white about my mentality I'm just telling it like it is and most African Americans, if they were to be honest, would tell you something similar. I'm black and I'm damm proud because my black is indeed beautiful. Tbh so is yours…until you get here and get to tripping on US with THEM.

        • White Americans SHOOT you and you still prefer them to us. So this has nothing to do with us looking down on you.

          • Your tripping now..just saying anything or you got me completely confused with someone else. I prefer my own kind and I have no idea do where you're getting your assumptions. You do look down on us but ain't nobody tripping I'm just kicking facts. Believe me I sleep just fine.

            • That might be your own insecurity, or perhaps guilt, making you feel that way. Many AA are hostile towards foreign blacks because of that.

              The average black immigrant goes to America and views AA as "cousins." They expect allies. They admire AA culture. There are some who do view AA as lazy or whatever, but that opinion quickly disappears after a few days in the US.

            • Yeah, she did…there is at least one other anon on here talking smack…lol, now there are at least three, lol.

  12. Most black celebrities are modern day house slaves. Remember your black history; during slavery, the house slaves looked down upon the field slaves. The house slaves acted like they were better than the field slaves. This is exactly what black celebrities do to us. When it comes time to promote their projects, they act (Emphasis on the word act) like they are down with the black struggle. Have you ever wondered why you have never seen most of these black celebrities marching and protesting again white supremacy. have you ever wondered why so many black celebrities refuse to donate to the HBCU's?

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