WTF?! 21 Savage Playing House With Amber Rose & Baby Bash


    21 savage amber rose sebastian

    Amber Rose and 21 Savage barely went public with their relationship, and the rapper has already met her son, too!

    The family of three were spotted out grocery shopping. Sources say they’ve been together “several weeks” and spend every day together.

    He has already met Amber’s entire family, including her mom. And she has met his mom and cousins, too.

    21 is said to have already “bonded” with 4-year-old Bash.


    Wiz, come get your son please.


    1. This is all Kanye’s fault. He played the role of Captain Save A Hoe, now Amber Rose is the main topic of black hollywood and the white owned urban websites.

      • oh eat a dick NBA

        She is beautiful, and her son is adorbz. I wish she would get back with Wiz tho.

      • Unfortunately more and more black people who become famous (Not neccessarily rich) don’t consider themselves black. Tiger Woods and OJ learned the hard way.

        • Yes. All of Tiger and OJ’s problems were because they didn’t think they were black,

          Cos too right?

          • OJ’s problems started when he divorced his black wife and married the coke head white bitch.

            • The point is all of those fuckers need to take responsibility for their OWN ACTIONS, MORON!

              Thinking you have arrived because white people kiss your ass and treat you like one of them does not exonerate you from bad, ignorant and just plain stupid behavior!

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