Robert Griffin III & Side Piece Welcome Baby

robert griffin fiancee baby

Robert Griffin III and his side piece have welcomed their baby into the world.

According to RGIII’s Instagram he and Grete Sadeiko’s baby girl was born on 7/2. They named the baby Gloria.

Peep his tribute to Grete and their new baby.


  1. This guy is just as stupid as Tiger Woods. Mr. Griffin the third will get his n***er wake up call very soon!

    • LOL I hate to rain on his parade but I suspect you are right. A white woman will f8ck a gorilla if he pays enough or has potential to pay. LOL

      • You aint neva lied!!! Hell they fuck dogs when they lonely – watch the movie: Sleeping Dogs Lie by bobcat goldthwait Truth covered in comedy.

        The white bitch is profane and anti-life on 2 legs. Sucking the life and money out of coons since these idiots been getting money.

        • yep. when they get tired of being contolled 24/7 and try to leave their black kids catch hell.

      • Seems like they would do it for sport. They already fucking dogs and recording it.

        • No they are just following their natural cave dwelling, cromagnon, neanderthal instincts to fuck other hairy beasts.

          That wet dog smell they emanate exists for a reason.

          • Their bodies are naturally completely hairy. All these lies about black women and their problem hair is the biggest lie ever told.

            while our VJJ has a nice curly bush, theirs is long and stringy down to their darn knees if they dont shave EVERY day

            the hair under their arms is the same way – long and stringy down to their hips if they dont shave LOL I’m not lieing

            the hair on their head has to be permed to give it some shape body and curl – same stuff we use to straighten our hair

            the hair on their legs, knuckles, toes, U know the rest

            7 to 12 inches not enough to fill up their gaping holes. that’s why they always making the white man feel inferior, keeping his self esteem low so they can enslave him and make him feel no other womans wants him

            and what does he do? lash out at black people to cover up his pain and feel like a man

            • You are funny. None of what you said is true. WW pubic hair is exactly like black womens. Exactly. Gaping holes? I been with white chicks who weren’t big enough to fuck proper.

    • She is not as ugly as Amy Shumer. She’s just a AWG. Shumer looks like Miss Piggy.

  2. Today is independence day (4th of July). If you’re black and you’re celebrating this day (Amerikkka’s birthday), you need to have your head examined.

    • that is what Frederick Douglas told us years ago. We don’t listen. 85% are naive, 10% keep us in darkness………

  3. How is she a side piece? He clearly stating they together, an I missing something?

    • He was married and dropped his wife for the side piece. He’s is engaged to the side piece. Even if they marry, she will forever be the side piece until she gets replaced by a new side piece.

  4. Oh wait I get it, just googled him and see she was the side piece while he was married. Lol ???Sucks for her, I guess these people never heard the term what goes around comes back around. ???we will sit back and watch, and laugh and say I told you so. Lol Guess everybody can’t be like Steph Curry!! Lol

  5. Dr Umar Johnson was right, too many successful black men date ugly white bitches. Meanwhile some of the most beautiful black women date or have children by average white men.

      • They marry rejects. Kim and Khloe are perfect examples. No white guy would ever wife those two.

        • yep, not even Joe on the construction job would marry a kardashian. they turned bruce into a woman LOL and Scott made it out with his manhood intact AS FAR AS WE KNOW RIGHT NOW LOL

        • Kim and Kourtney are not white. Check their raw looks before surgery. This is why Kourtney got with a white dude to be regarded as white with whiter children, but even her children look mixed.

          • Kim and Kourtney ARE indeed white. They benefit from the same white privilege as Big Foot Kardashian and the rest of the white hoes in that house! Mediterraneans and the like are in fact classified and ACCEPTED under the white label/construct which the good ole caveBoys worked so hard to establish in the 1800s.


            “…skin color of the Caucasian variety naturally ranged from white to dark brown tones.”

          • Tony is right. They ain’t white. They ain’t black either, but they ain’t white. White folks don’t consider them white either.

            Most Mediterraneans have a lot of Moorish blood. Sicilians are mostly 20% African DNA. Northern white Italians consider Sicilians ni88as.

            • You obviously cannot read.

              They might be thought of as nigs in Europe, but they are talking about here in the USA…whites claim anything NOT black as white to improve their numbers.

              For the longest time mexicans and other latinos were labeled white on their birth certificates…

            • The difference is outside of USA propaganda the ones on the island Aren’t in denial of thier black history. Sicilians speak more arab dialect than italian plus you could reach Africa by hydrofoil in 40 minutes.

            • @4:44, splitting hairs that you are doing is exceptionally IRRELEVANT. They ARE white and I doubt anyone at Tiffany & Co. or BVLGARI are following them in the stores or shutting them out. And these cave whore sure aren’t being told to wait on the line while someone calculates how much Moor she may or may not have in her blood. The truth is that Kardashians are rejected by most white ONLY and I mean ONLY because of their egregiously rancor behavior and showy ways. Case in point, CHER is Armenian… CASE RESTED.

  6. I guess black girls calling him ugly and too dark all his life really did a number on him. I’m not mad at him. He’s handsome but black women only feel they lost him to white women because he’s rich. TeamInterracial!!!

    • Oh shut up fool, he bought into the white skank hype and will forever be a disgrace to his race.

      And I say good riddance, all traitors need to be exposed!

      • correct! if his ugly azz daddy could find his mother, he could have found him a nice black wife to. any excuse for dummys to pass wealth back to whites will do for fools.

    • hIS A UGLY MOFO. Knowing how black women operate. most of the cute ones wont fuck with him anyway…its only the money…..minus the money his hideous and he knows it

      • Everything isn’t always about looks. That’s a very shallow way to enter a relationship. this is why a lot of low minded idiots who think like that miss out on true love. Looks and money… Very shallow. One should consider the entire package and seek a real soul connection. Whether you choose to believe it or not, there are black people who do seek out true love without relegating everything to just looks or money. That is shallow and juvenile. The confused Kneegrow in the image above has made this mistake and chosen based on implanted white worship which he no doubt got through white TV programing and movies and the incessant push of beckies into his face (as we all know the white female promotion that is done on black males in the entertainment/sports industries). That is all by design. But the point is that if this guy’s head was on straight and he was truly looking for TRUE love with a soul connection he would no doubt attract a similar quality in someone of his own. That’s the hallmark of true self love, of which he obviously has none. There are just as many different types of black women as there are different types of black men. We are who we need to be for one another. Stop the excuses.

    • I don’t think he’s ugly at all. And I think that he chooses white women because he took so much shit from black women for being crispy and unattractive to them.

      Just like there are a lot of white men who find dark skin women attractive, the same goes for white women and dark skin men. Opposites really can attract, and the truth is I think he wants children who won’t go through the pain of being called smoke ugly.

  7. Left his wife. This is his second daughter. This man is lost and his career is running on empty. Once again, he ain’t growing into old age with a white woman. By then, his money would have run out and there goes the main attraction.

    • RIGHT!!! This is by design! It’s like a protocol now, almost like a mathematical formula.
      Black man (plus + ) Money (times *) self hatred (divided by) / white bitch leech (equals) = rusty ass poor has-been eating vienna sausages with arthritic fingers at the age of 65.

      • I have another answer for your equation though. This sum is = to a simpleton who is easy pickings for the taking. But really, the cleats chasers camp out outside their doors as they are signing the multimillion dollar contract and suddenly these fools think these grifters are in looorve with them. You have their mamas and siblings who have been helping dude along since high school and college only to see the fruits of their effort walk away with some white girl and her family. Look at Kobe after his family supported him. He turned his back on them when they warned him about his wife. Does RG3 have a will. If anything happens to him, everything goes to those kids and their mamas and zero for his family by law. Zip.

        • I know you are RIGHT! I used to be a hotel operator. Weeks before the black athletes would check in, ALL THE WHITE GROUPIES STARTED CALLING IN TO FIND OUT IF THEY HAD CHECKED IN. THEY CHASED THOSE MEN LIKE A WOLF CHASES A SHEEP.

        • @20:33 Excellent assessment. Thank you for the contribution! yes it is true. Can should factor in the Simpleton Kneegro to the X power on the outside of the formula surrounding it with parenthesis. LOL

          We’ve seen so many foregone conclusions in the news of how becky does this over and over again. Any black male who gets with one is no doubt a simpleton from jump!

          • They get them by engaging in any and every nasty sex act that they would condemn a black woman for doing!!! Somehow they think it is OK for them to
            stay on their knees
            engage in group with their friends and every animalistic type behavior on the planet.

            If a black woman did the same thing she’d be a ho. That’s what I dont understand.

            • @16:34 – Well, there is definitely a reason for it… Also Black Love is looked at as an act of war and treason in this country. So a lot has been paid into media, advertising, movies and other propaganda to turn the heads of the weakest male links in our community. Black women are painted as whores while the white female is painted as some wholesome virgin. You see how this is also done with erroneous CDC tests thrown out in public and people run with it. All by design, yet Black women were basically the LAST to come to the oral sex table. I remember back in the days when weak minded black males would leave the community with becky and bring back all type of ideas for sorted kinky bedroom manner, which at the time black women were NOT checking for… But don’t worry it won’t last forever, the writing is on the wall.

  8. Please….nobody is jealous of those pasty knuckledraggers. And for you to come here referencing Tommy Sotomayor is a joke…that panty wearing coon has no relevance or credibility among thinking black folks….Go back under your bridge and take a nap, troll.

    • pasty knuckledraggers??? LOL LOL that’s exactly how I would describe them.

      A scientist has proven that they have the BIGGEST SLOPPIEST VJJ ON THE PLANET, BUT THE STUPID BLACK MAN is so busy thinking he is hurting a white man, he just chases them down.

      • @Berlean You are so correct. And the Anonymous trying to discredit you is no doubt a cro magnon man descendant (aka white bitch)

        White bitches have the weakest PC muscles because everything about them is weak except their excessively powerful predisposition toward evil. But they do it so subtle so that the unspiritual weak minded black male will go hook, line and sinker into his own demise.

        It’s like earth is a petri dish right now and the white bitch is yeast running rampant. The entire universe is watching to see how these bitches spread their insidious ways like gangrene. I’ve had the displeasure of growing up around these h0es and working in environments where they were predominant. And having witness more than I’d care to, quite frankly, I can’t wrap my mind around why a black male would even feel safe around any of them.

      • May 30, 2016: A new medical study entitled “Comparison of vaginal shapes in Afro-American, Caucasian and Hispanic women as seen with Vinyl Polysiloxane Casting,” set out to determine which race of women has the tightest vaginas. The results were not what many expected.
        According to preliminary findings, African-American women have the tightest, followed by Hispanic, and then Caucasian women.

        The study called for a full vinyl polysiloxane casts of the vagina to be obtained from the subjects – 23 African-American, 39 Caucasian and 15 Hispanic women. The casts were taken in lying, sitting and standing positions.

        Here is now the study was described:

        • Use common sense and you will know that the study is 100% accurate.

          The shape of the butt is the shape of the VJJ.

          Black women have round tight azz cheeks and round type VJJs

          White women have long flat azzes and looong slit like VJJS that need an elephan dyck to fill it up REAL TALK that’s why some white men are always bragging about their GIRTH

  9. @09:41 – Neanderthal bitches needed to use HUNDREDS of years of propaganda, institutionalized oppression and hiding their evil hands to get the Brain washed black males who worship them to do so. Authentic black women who love themselves are not in the least bit phased by a neanderthal female. It’s usually the edomite bitch who are hard pressed for US!!! Sistahs who try to emulate these humanoid swine haven’t woken up to the immense power there is in self love. These heathen bitches can’t hold a light to the Original woman. Ask Dolezal.

    • Right!

      White men tell me they are lousy in bed, yet they have them on the porn acting like sexual dynamos.

      White men say they cheat every chance they get.

      White men kill themselves if they dont have a job because the white bitch will take them out if they dont bring them money.

      White women are largely alcoholics. They dont scream under pressure. They just drink, ly around on the couch and make the husband take care of them and the children. I have saw this many times.


      • Black women would never stand for a man who works and breaks his back all day for the family!! That shit’s for suckas.

      • @Berlean, You aint neva lied! White males and white females are a match made for each other in hell. and that’s where they should stay… Together (aka hell) But no. Some dumb ass kneegro decided to invent the idea to use the white female as an ATM machine back in the 90s and caused a mass cross over which detrimental results to the black community. Never mind that these kneegros who sold out had to endure fists and fingers up their booty – they were all to happy to be chamber bucks for the slave mistress. Meanwhile the white bitch will sit silently as if innocent of any wrong doing – knowing full well she (as a collective) felt humiliated and powerless to losing their males to the Asian females. She now had her weak targets and no matter what hell she gets for having a lazy assed, low morale coon on her hands, she keeps her misery on the down low/hush hush for some false sense of satisfaction at getting back at black women. Or in some cases getting that community money. But there is a God and He don’t like ugly. The weak black males with them usually succumb to severe mental psychopathy in due time. That’s why I have no sympathy for the likes of nicole brown simpson. As someone on MTO has said, “Thank you Becky for your sacrifices!”

        • If black women are in now way threatened by Edomite “bitches,” why do they fill all the threads here talking trash about them? It sounds like some here are completely preoccupied with the subject.
          Anyone who is self assured and confident has no need to belittle others. I can tell you that one of the reasons black men prefer white women these days is that they have heard this talk all their lives from their mothers and sisters. They figure that the white woman must be very powerful to cause so much hate in the women of their own race.

          You can cuss me and tell me I am full of shit all you want, but I am telling you from experience that the more you vocally disparage white women the more you make black men think they must have something special.

          • Fill all what threads this is one of many, if it fazes you so much you can always dismiss yourself you will NOT be missed.

            Telling the truth about what you bitches do does not diminish us in any way, so you can stop with the reverse psychology shit.

            And the only men who would believe that are the weak ones we DON’T WANT so who cares…

            • Oh wait you ARE that WEAK nig…if you are that easily swayed you can keep playing in the gutter with the swine.

              How you can stand that stench is beyond me.

          • @5:00 That may be your logic, but it doesn’t make any of what you said accurate. Because you for certain have NO idea what black women tell their sons and daughters in their households! I highly doubt you have a clue, just made up paranoia and self glorified wishing that you WOULD have that attention. I swear, you white bitches get a grain of black seed in you, and your self righteous asses on up in some black comment board soap-boxing the hell out of black women as if you knew something. You troglodyte bitches are such interloping psychopaths! Stay in your lane dumb ass. What you are attempting to do (by coming on here trying to censure black women on a black blog website) is the same as me trying to convert those of your ilk on Stormfront websites! GTFOH… by the way, I’ve got excerpts from Stormfront full of PAGES of white females dragging the hell out of black women and our hair, so miss me you dumb cluck! #Obadiah18

            • I attempted to have a dialog which was polite and civil. Do you see anything of that sort on Stormfront?

              And all the replies to my post were profane and anything but civil. I loathe the sort of person who posts racist screeds on Stormfront or here.

              And my point was not to denigrate the BW. It was to say that BW are actually making the WW seem more attractive and exotic by seeming to be jealous of her.

              I did not say that YOU are jealous. I am not that presumptuous. But BM THINK you are jealous and that’s what really matters.

            • ^^No you did not, you came to glorify a group of people who have done nothing but try to eradicate the existence of melanin people since they crawled out of their caves.

  10. this is the type of guy (if i was a hoe) that i would only fck with if i was under the influence of drugs or alcohol…he’s just gross to me.

    • And that’s why he likes white women anon 20:00. He knows black women find him too dark and ugly.

      • Not true. SELF HATE is ugly. He obviously hates his own reflection. If his personality, integrity and intellect are on point then these traits should only be an asset to his money. Looks improve with the amount of self love you have internally. Not narcissism – but healthy self acceptance and genuine love for self. How this guy handles his life and the becky he had prior speaks volumes and in itself is hella unattractive. Even if his cheating was on his first neanderthal, it just shows what a sistah would have had to go through. This dude’s character is flawed and THAT makes him unattractive. #GetYaMindRight

  11. This site has turned into Butthurt Back Women Central.

    If you know you are superior to other women, why talk so much trash about them? It’s not very classy, and it makes you look like you are bothered by the fact that BM with money don’t want you.

    Maybe you should stress your own positive traits rather than bitching about the men you can’t have.

    • @04:50 What’s it to you, bih? You a neanderthal or a fully caped capt’n out to save the day? Don’t fuck with me. I KNOW white bitches and have spent a considerable amount of time observing their behavior since childhood. These slags talk more shit about black woman than a mother fucker. You must forget the prelude scene in Sir Mix Alot’s “Big Butt” video. This is the essense of white females. They talk shit, they envy and have always done so to the Black woman even without cause. On a spirit level. The white bitch knows she was created LAST (Johnny come latelies) and were not even created organically. She is the lowest on the totem pole of life but due to the current spiritual situation and the last being first for a time – we have to deal with this cavebitch reign until the alloted time. The Original woman has a right to speak the truth. Cavebitches have been filling the ear of many-a-weak black males ears with poisonous pillow talk about black women. White bitches are PRESSED for the black woman like you wouldn’t believe but would have the sleeping mind think black women hate on them. Black woman are just upfront, honest and direct when we express things, but we do not actively go on a witch hunt and create a cottage industry on exploiting a race of marginalized males, while staying on a propagandized campaign to make sure brain-washed-willie stays in line. So, miss me with that bullshit. We will continue to talk and expose you vile bitches and your willing chamber bucks. Kudos and Long Life to the REAL Black men who love themselves and support their communities with eyes wide open!!!! Long live the REAL Kings/Gods!!!

      Emphatically Fuck You.

      • Gotdamn, you ethered the fuck out of anonymous 4:50. I have no sympathy for the beatdown that you just gave em.

        Your absolutely right about their lowkey shade towards us. They are constantly looking us up and down and wondering what type of moisturizer do we use on our faces.

        • They are extremely insidious and poisonous
          (Ironically, isn’t that what Kryptonite also is?? Radiation!! So they really got the name right, “black man’s kryptonite”).

          I do not know how any black man could stand being next to one, let alone laying with one.

      • i’m only threatened by other black women….even if theyre not as cute…….its just something about black women…all these weak azz black men (probably secreated gaylord) can glorify recessiveness. these young white little whores be trying to get my attention honey, i be laughing my ass of because i know my man loves black women only. i be feeling so sorry for their young asses walking around half naked trying to outshine me. im dam near 45 with a farrari body dime peace. these little bitch be watching to much dam tv thinking that all black men want them. i have a neighbor whose black and loves to go to the gym ….even if she wasnt all that i kept my eye on her….that how i feel about white women….so black weak men can have them lol

      • I can honestly tell you that in my entire life I have never heard a white woman express any hostility or envy of any other race of women. Not even once.

        I mean, why would they? Who cares who was created first? White people don’t think that way. If they weren’t created until 1900, what difference does it make?
        If there is such a thing as white privilege, and I believe there is, why would a white person want to be anything else? The only black woman white women think is enviable looks wise is Hallie Berry. That’s it.
        You really think that Christie Brinkley wishes she was Viola Davis? Jennifer Lawrence wishes she was Octavia Spence? Or even Melissa McCarthy wishes she was Leslie Jones?

        And calling white folk cave people and Neanderthals doesn’t phase them either. Why? Because for stating out as a bunch of animal skin wearing brutes living in caves, they have done pretty well.

        White people know how to succeed and win. That’s the difference. When England starred screwing with the taxation and their money, they had a revolution and threw the fuckers out. Are they virtuous perfect people? Hell no. But they win and they end up on top.

        So trust and believe ain’t no white women wishing they were black.

        • First off they ALL do NOT “do well” and more of them than you obviously know do hate on BW on the reg…

          Calling them what they ARE should not be a problem if they are doing “so well”.

          And if they did not wish they were black why do they try so hard through surgery to disfigure themselves to get what the majority if us have naturally?

          Nig please…you are one of the mind-fucked ones to sit as a mouthpiece fighting so hard to defend your cave bitch lust…go sit down and STFU cuz no one here is interested in the opinion of a punk ass bitch who has bought in to the hype.

          Oh and the word is faze NOT phase…dumb ass nig…

          • Thank you for the correction. I appreciate that,

            So white people aren’t doing well. If that is the case, how are black people doing?

            Try living a week without any innovations or inventions produced by white people and see how your quality of life changes.

            • Where did I say they weren’t re-read what I wrote.

              And tell them to do the same and see how theirs would change.

              • Cont’d you are a sad excuse for a black man, to uplift a group of people who would rather see you dead for being with one of theirs…

                Being a bootlicker still keeps you on the bottom looking up.

        • yes yes and yes! Why would one need to model out one was receiving self worth at home? I grew up in the suburbs white folks treat thier kids like mistakes most of the time unless they’re intoxicated…ijs

    • #facts. Who fucking cares if he wifes or have kids with a white/yellow/purple/orange woman. Does she make him happy? Isn’t that what matters at the end of the day?

      • We AALLLL should care…we are allowing these fuckers to keep the mind-fuck alive that white is right and procreate ourselves into extinction…outside of everything they are doing to wipe us off the face of the earth.

        • sorry original ppl cannot be extinct……its the other way around….u may see more brown or mixed ppl .white skin ppl are the ones that are worried

          • I know they are the ones in fear, fool.

            My point is they are trying to wipe us out to extinction, particularly by mixing with the feeble-minded ones to secure their own bloodlines.

            • no fool again blacks are the original meaning dominate ones…two blacks can make a light skin child but two recessives cant create a dark skin child ….that means alot….the end. Aint no body worried

              • Not being worried and acting like this shit is not a problem is why you are the FOOL…

                To be and stay dominate means you need to still be on top your game DUMBASS!

              • bla bla bla im not giving a fck about no typos..youre misspelling cause u take the shit to dam serious… point to u is this… all the mind fucking manipulation, destruction genocide etc that have been done to the black race and still we rise…the original ppl cannot be extinct ….every race gone have to flex and its over…..i may not be the best speller but common sense i have

              • bla bla bla im not giving a fck about no typos..youre misspelling cause u take the shit to dam serious… point to u is this… all the mind fucking manipulation, destruction genocide etc that have been done to the black race and still we rise…the original ppl cannot be extinct ….every race gone have their time to flex and than its over….at one time we ran the dam world ….i may not be the best speller but common sense means everything

              • Dominate. The term was used to describe Melanined people. Never was the term used to literally mean to dominate. So what the heck are you talking about being on top of our game? To be on top our game, we would have to go back 400 years post slavery ….. you really lost me. I think im speaking to a child

              • If you are that fucking stupid to NOT understand why are you commenting.

                You cannot even write properly so who is the child here? Dominant and dominate are two different words learn how to use them properly dipshit.

                Basic comprehension goes over the TOP of your head because we are NOT on the same level & you really should have NOT chimed in to begin with.

            • not enough feeble minded white folks to extinct the black race….dont believe the hype….world wide we are the majority …u make absolutely no sense…..except to say they need us to to survive…organs and all

              • I know this DUMBASS!!!!

                YOU are the one who makes NO FUCKING SENSE YOU IDIOT!!!! Arguing against nothing because you cannot understand a simple statement…smfh.

                Do you know what reading comprehension is?

                Learn how to do that before responding…

              • always a dumb mother fucker trying to tell someone how to fucking spell as if im not aware im mispelling words and shit…are we in school here? the mother fucker know im fucking right so what they do? attact what the fuck im trying to get accross to thinking people …fuck off feeble mind azz wipe……aint noboby trying to writ no college essay..

              • The DUMB Mother Fucker is YOU cow…and spelling is the LEAST of your worries you non English comprehending sack of shit!

              • This is a blog for people majority ” female ” Anonymous’s.. who like gossip and drama ( @ Aman anus). Dominant and Dominate have the same meaning…just like you have a dominant cell mate that Dominates you when the correction officers in the county lock up yells “lights out”. Aint no way in hell we gone be procreated out or off this planet as black people. White folks can genetically modify what ever they want to..Every thing goes back to black like day turns to night. Medication is to be kept in a cool dark place because the sun affects it. I don’t know what level you think you on but you are not on a “Forbes” fortune 500 blog. I fux up da queens English as much as I feels like it A-man-anus. Back to the reason we all making comments is because a nother dumb nigga married and made babies from a team approved 7-11 ho they donated to keep this nigga motivated.

              • You are as stupid as this fool…what I said is to learn how to use the words properly ASSHOLE!

                The way it is being used is NOT the right way FUCKWAD…so keep your ignorant backward rant to yourself, stupid BITCH!

              • LMAO…wait you came back and created some BS handle to write that?

                The only thing real here is that you are a fucking LOSER!…LOL!!!!

    • BM with money dont want BW???

      Or is it that BM with money are irresponsible fools who deny and dont want to support their own black children that bothers us about these relationships???

      • thats their lost…hy would any real black man want to get involve with a white women? that just tells me he wants that white mans dna up in him…make absolutley no sense…..

          • but too many black men are brain wash and far gone…this is by design…black men+black women can be scary to the powers,….swirling is what is promoted……most black men are in prison to keep procration down….thats why there are so many single moms…puts that anothr subject

          • @16:53 watered down version of his godly self, huh??? With the same substance described in hell… Sulfur, now injected as the destabilizing catalyst in every nucleus of every one of his progeny’s cells??? Sounds like the idiot “god” watered himself down into a devil! Damn you simp ass c00ns will run circles in the ground spinning your own delusions.

    • Why talk so much trash about them?

      Could it be because black mothers, as a group, support the freedom of choices our BMs make.

      While on the other hand, whan a white man bring a black woman home, every white bish from the mother on down disowns HIM until they break the relationship up. Most wont even grandparent a black woman’s child!

  12. i’m only threatened by other black women….even if theyre not as cute…….its just something about black us women…all these weak azz black men (who probably secreted gaylord) can glorify recessiveness. these young little white whores that are in their twenties be trying to to get my mans attention honey, i be laughing my ass of because i know my man only loves black women only because he loves his mother. i be feeling so sorry for their young asses always walking around half naked trying to outshine me even going as far as being disrespecful by knocking on our door. Lucky i pay rent to their landkord. im dam near 45 with a farrari body dime peace real ass and breast. im what these bitches spend top dollars to lok like. some white women really think that all black men are really weak and want their asses. appearantlly this particular disrespecful ho watch way too much tv. she wasnt getting it. on the other hand i have a neighbor whose black and loves to go to the gym ….even if she wasnt all in the face, that i kept my eye on her….that’s how i feel about white women they are no competition ….so black weak men can have them lol….everybody knows whats the deal

    • And that is exactly why black men are not choosing black women. You are as nasty and cruel to some of them as a KKK member would be.

      Crispy? why would a black man want to be with a woman who calls him crispy?

      • LMAO…any excuse to keep the divide going huh?

        You did read the other posts who check the negative comments, oh no wait you just had to come to the one that hit home for you and gives you an excuse to stand up for your fucked off mindset…lol.

        You think this is bad why don’t you check a post on here Game’s Crew Kicks Black Girl Out of Party: “No Dark Meat Allowed!”

        And come back and say how black men are just as foul…wait where is your bitch ass on the other RECENT posts of BLACK MEN saying they don’t mess with dark skin?

        You are as pathetic as a year is long to be so transparent & obtuse…lol.

  13. Damn any one peep how big that bitches hands are?

    It looks like she could grip his entire head with one hand!

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