Mary J. Blige Airs Out Kendu Isaacs at Essence Festival

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Even though Kendu Isaacs has asked Mary J Blige to stop airing out their dirty laundry, Mary continued to talk smack about her estranged husband at Essence Music Festival.

Peep the video to see Mary address Kendu’s lying, cheating, and money hungry ways.


    • He was a GREAT husband to her for decades. Before she hooked up with him she had nothing but drama and drugs.

      Sometimes men dont stay until the very end, but it doesn’t mean they never loved you.

    • It’s whatever the law is in that state.. I’m not letting no one handle my money..
      She gave him too much power and it’s easy to steal from anyone.. When you don’t want to do your own balance sheet at the end of the month, I got this baby.. Oh hell no I can add and subtract my darn self.. Her prenuptial must not have been valid or they were married over 10 years.. I have two brothers that are lawyers and I freelance for them..

      • I agree with you Nasty Birch. From the beginning at every award show, every interview and concert, all Mary would talk about is how much of a savior he was, how he rescued her, didn’t know where she would be without him, blah, blah, blah, now the niggah wanna be paid for his services. I knew from jump, she would one day regret all that over excessive praise

  1. I get why she’s hurt and mad but I would just make an album and air it out that way and be done with it. I wouldn’t want to be entertainment fodder for the masses at all these different venues. Some artists though just perform better when their hearts are heavy. Maybe this is her therapy.

  2. People, both men and women are just not smart with their money and relationships. If I had money I would do like Oprah. Don’t marry and have a partners with an understanding. Don’t live with that person to avoid the common law marriage thing. If you want a child and don’t want the child custody and support drama, have your child thru surrogacy or sperm bank. Look at the soccer player who hired surrogates to have his children. No child support drama, no baby mama drama, no custody drama. The children will know the women in the family as their moms. It’s sad but this is what it has come to. Why did Mary marry this guy and left herself so unprotected.

    • Unprotected? This woman has no children to eat up her income. Life isn’t just about taking care of yourself. He was a good husband, protector, manager, comforter, and companion. He deserves to get paid. He has no career of his own.

      • So give the money to a greedy ex? You are wrong Ophelia. He deserves something but he wants her to pay for his life and the life of his entire family. Are you crazy? Mary will not make that kind of money for ever and will go penniless paying him. It’s not a fair distribution. She can still work but so can he. Read the basic premise of the comment, DO NOT GET MARRY when you have substantial wealth. You can still have a man, a family, travel, and other things, without dealing with BS custody issues and baby daddy drama. Give it to the designees you want, relatives, charity, education, shelters, not some greedy ex. That she has no kids is completely irrelevant. I would rather leave the money to my dog.

        • Really this what Mary get cause I don’t know no nigga that would take a female to court, ever!!! Mary had to see the bytch in him prior to this. her first sign should’ve been him working for her. Like who the hell marries they enoloyee?

          • “her first sign should’ve been him working for her. Like who the hell marries they enoloyee?”

            Ouch, but oh so true!!!! Weak sauce ass male. Usually, a man would have a problem being a SUBORDINATE, no less under his wife. Kneegro sound like a professional coat tail rider.

            I had a situation-ship like this… BIG MISTAKE!!! but at least I was no where near Mary’s tax bracket at the time. Lesson learned.

      • He needs to grow up and become a man and take care of his self. He is a “MAN”, what part of this are you missing? Men are not females!!!! They are MEN!!!! You know strong, providers and protectors. Girl I hope you ain’t got no sons to raise cause, Lord!!! If you don’t understand this, than you might need to talk to your dad and ask him what a mans purpose is to a female. I feel like we learn this at 4

      • Yes it did all of that and got paid for it.. Mary owes millions in taxes and don’t forget he was stealing from her to give to a person wh was on her label.. If that’s not stabbing someone in the heart, what it.. IRS and property taxes is due, now uncle is going to get that money..Her prenuptial must have been worthless.. I made sure to update my every 10 yrs.. when we divorced I took a small amount of money, because I felt like it.. He still have no ideal how much I have and he never will..

      • Ronaldo has 3 kids. Imagine having to pay millions for child support when you can avoid it and give the child a great life and family.

  3. She got with him when she was at her lowest. He probably looked like he was gonna save her and she went with it (shades of MCarry and Nicky C). Who know his motivation but when the person who isn’t doing the actual work wants the actual pay, I would have to put my hoof down! This is where contracts and attorneys and binding legal agreements and so on come into play. She’s a brand not just a wife. Marriage is a business imo!

    • Hit the nail on the head. Whoever is the spouse that makes more, when you marry, expect to part with some money thanks to the vows you took. Mary is in for it, she married him. My problem is what he wants, to be paid over a million dollars a year plus cover his family’s expenses, none who are kin to marry. It’s that kind of greed I would use against him to make sure he gets the minimal allowed by law.

        • Of what? Those people have money and are as miserable as miserable can be. It makes no sense. Who wants that life. She’s being taken to the cleaners. WHat’s there to be proud of or jealous of.

        • Jealous of what? A lame azz nigga that was never raised or taught how to be a man and take care of his own self and family? But one that depends on a woman that he no longer wants, and wants her to take care of him and his family. Lol What man is going to be jealous of him? I’m just curious? lol another lame, low life user maybe but definetly not a real man, that can hold his own household down without the help of a woman. Most men just give the wife what they want, not take what she got. Lol what kind of new nigga shyt is this? Nothing about this is attractive. If he gets new girls it will be only to take Mary’s money from him. No woman wants no lame azz nigga like this.

      • In any business transaction you always ask for MORE THAN YOU EXPECT TO GET!

        WHATEVER he gets will be adjusted as her income falls at a later date. GIVING MONEY to greedy lawyers who claim they can get you off IS WHAT DUMB NEGROES DO. Keep the wealth in the community. If she loved his children right, they should be her’s forever.

        • Delusional ass shit! I’d rather pay a “greedy” lawyer – WHO AT LEAST IS LEGITIMATELY WORKING, than a bum ass greedy miscreant who cheats and defiles the marriage anyday!

  4. This hurts me for her. Lol she better than me, he would not gotten 1 penny of my money, IDGF what the courts said. I would’ve tossed that shyt in the Ocean and went to live on skid row before I ever broke bread with him. But she silly for even marrying that man, who tf takes care of a grown man. I Baught my ex a plane ticket for $300 to go back to college and get his degree and he did. But that made my stomach turn, will never give a nigga shyt for the rest of my life. And so wasn’t even sleeping with him or nothing, when he got back from college he wanted to get married. But that 300 I spent on him did not sit right with me at all. So I could never let him get thousands and hed have to be murked over millions. What kind of man she married, ain’t the next girl lucky… ????

    • If this is going to be the long haul for her, seeing how he will get all that money and never work again, I would buy a beautiful comfortable home and cars, have enough to retire on, give all the money away to family and friends, and declare bankruptcy. He gets nothing. If he had been more reasonable, then fine. But is is being more than greedy. I would dump the money and keep enough to retire comfortably and back to court to reassess under bankruptcy.

      • Exactly. He wouldn’t get my money. I’m guessing all these females that think you rather feed the white man is the type of girls that sponser niggaz. Cause ain’t no woman in her right mind about give this nigga 1 cent. If Mary pay up she much dumber than I thought. Ain’t no way ain’t no way. Mary married Satan himself. And he ain’t got no shame taking her money. See that’s how you know Mary apart of that secret society stuff cause God would’ve never let this man get away with this mess

    • You said that just like a DUMB N word who’d rather feed the white man lawyer than your own.

      • I don’t know Ophelia. Cheating and taking yo money is like Shooting someone and then stabbing them, and then spitting on them and then kicking them. That’s just way too much for most ppl to handle. I’d rather give the money to the Kkk before I give it to his azz, to be honest.



          • This can’t be the real berlean…. This desperate conscience and lack conscience talk is exacty what ATTRACTS losers. It is an illusion to think there is not enough black men – You attract what you are and what God has for you is for you and NO person can take what God has for you. I’m going to tell you something. Spirit signatures are more complex than even a fingerprint. If you have a TRUE SOUL MATE / TWIN SOUL who is your match, you won’t have to worry about any of the things you’ve listed. That fear monger bullshit is what attracts relationships of bad karmic nature, full of the fears you listed. Approach your life and love with more spiritual integrity and leave the propaganda and illusionary brainwashing to the KraKKer.

        • These days it is hard for even women to mate with only one boring azz man night after night, year after year, the same old thing, over and over and over until you want to scream!!! LOL

          maybe that’s just me LOL

    • Who is Timmy Sotomay and your the reason he makes 1mil, not me. I don’t even know who he is. The only thing I’m bitter about is that $300. Jealous of who Mary, okay! Lol I don’t think any woman on planet earth has a reason to be jealous of her right now, more so happy they ain’t her. Hypocritical, explain how? Low Self Esteem, if That’s what you got out of that paragraph, so be it!

      I’m thinking you replied by accident and that comment was meant for Mary. ? Anyway, have a nice day. I don’t argue on computers with strangers. Just state my comments about theses celebs, that’s all!

    • @23:42 Tell it! Don’t worry about ASAP, tommy sotomayor is a lowlife too and birds of a feather… You know the rest.

      You speak the truth. I was shacked up with a lame ass when I was naive. He gave all of his power away (jacked up car, penny-anny job, etc) and came to live under my roof. He caught the flu one day and was sprawled on the couch like a child not able to even help himself. That was so traumatizing for me. This dude was an unmotivated, under achiever in life with no direction or ambition. I was just trying to help a brother (in my naive mind at the time). Not realizing that my lack of self love attracted this guy in my life. My love neediness at the time equated to his money neediness. He finally decided (after much insisting on my part for him to pull his weight) to get up, get out and do something. I too had to fund his departure. It was my wake up call. It makes me feel nauseous to this day to think about how that all looked, felt and what went down. For all intents and purposes this is a child not a man. Nucca might ass well be getting his pampers changed and bottle fed.

  5. Any supporter of tommy sotomoisture aka Crispy is an enemy of black people. By the way, the Crispy video game is available on google & android apps!!!

  6. Woman of all colors are all hyprocrites in this situation. Every real man know What’s his is all hers and what’s hers is hers. Men are supposed to be providers and protectors and this comes natural to all real men. I have male employees and they don’t even like picking up they pay check from me. You know why, because I’m a female, they supposed to feel that way.

    • Not sure where you live but Equal Rights for Women killed all that male chivalry in my America.

  7. As a man he should be “Embarrassed”. I’m not sure why you keep coming up with the word jealous. Every man that knows what it takes to be a man, is most likely laughing at him and everyone woman is glad she ain’t Mary or his new girl, or his kids or his Mama. This is embarrassing, if he were in my family I would act like I did not know him. Never seen a man so desperate not to grow up and become a man.

    • “Never seen a man so desperate not to grow up and become a man.”

      That’s cause usually the cavebitch is sponsoring of them.

  8. I like how Nick Cannon went out and made his own bread, did not go after Mariahs money and everyone expected him to pull this. He surprised everyone and proved to be a man. Much respect to him!

    • He got a fair settlement with Mariah and kept it private. He’s his own man with ability to make money. I don’t know about this guy here.

      • exactly. no talent nick cannon had a acting and hosting career before he met mariah, that’s why she picked him for a baby daddy. she never intended to stay with him forever.

        kendu took care of mary and she blossomed for years under his protection. you rarely get a lifetime of love from anyone.

        • Well, I’m not sure how fair it is to contribute everything to Kendu. Mary had talent and a thriving career before him. It’s a shame that she needed to rely on his presence to conjur up her own inner strength. She could have done that on her own and would not have had this problem.

          • People of either sex, tell you let me make it easier for you or let me take the street away from you.. Money is something that changes most people, I personally don’t and never did need a man or anyone to handle my money or pay my bills.. I was a Corporate Executive and married but no one wasn’t getting me off my plan.. It’s easy to say okay thank yiu for taking a load off, but it’s easy to steal from right under your nose, if you don’t watch your $$$$. I thank my parents RIP for teaching me the value of everything and handling your own finances.. Mary worked too darn hard for him to be stealing, he was already living in the lap of luxury and that wasn’t enough.. Others begin to think it’s their monies…

  9. True equality is when both parties come into the relationship as Self Empowered (self employed, successful, educated, etc) and are invested in a true love SOUL connection, not just mere animal magnetism/attraction.

    Many people end up with karmic partners who were their children in past lives and they are reliving the taking care of them, instead of learning the lessons of lives past and being more mature and educated about their decisions.

    Tommy sotomayor is not immune to relationship problems – especially not just with black women – ask that Russian bitch he used to bone.

  10. I dunno. There is a whole generation of thots, housewives, basketball wives, instagram hoes, that are just tryna look good and get a easy come-up off a dude with $$$. If a man does it, its a violation but when a woman does it she winning. Kendu supported Mary illeiterate ass, help her read those damn burger king chicken samich commercial contracts. Mary aint broke, she owe IRS, but hell so do my ass….Kendu aint do her dirty, yea he got his dick wet, but itz hollywood, everybody getting they dick wet. He loved Mary & she should come-off some of that dough. Not half, but pay a nigg. He aint never went upside her head, which nowaydays not many these females can say that.

    • Loved her my ass…

      A man should be a man and work for his. Most of these tricks deserve what they get because they trick too. They would pay any one for sex, that is why a man typically makes money to trick it off…so there is a difference.

      And no she did NOT need him for anything other than companionship, he used her, but she allowed it so now that it is over he should walk the fuck away and take care of his damn self! He saw an easy mark and is taking advantage, but just like he is trying to get her, he will get got back, so it is what it is.

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