? AUDIO: Kirk Frost Jump-Off Baby Mama Jasmine Grilled for Unprotected Sex with Married Man

According to Jasmine, Kirk Frost wanted her to keep the baby and Rasheeda knew about it!

Jasmine is piping hot after catching hell from viewers over her affair with Kirk Frost, and with fresh rumors now
swirling about she and Rod possibly being scam artists looking for a come-up, the duo decided to make their way to
V103 here in Atlanta to tackle the controversy by airing out the details of the affair that was packed with unprotected
sex, strip clubs, and lies.

Catch an earful below..


  1. I wonder do any of these wife’s ever consider the fact that their husbands no longer want them?

    I will never understand why a woman would sleep with a married man, but I would try to understand why my husband is disrespecting me to the 100th degree. Could it be that he wants you to leave?

    If this were my husband, I would murk him! He would never stick his penis in me or anyone else.

    • Both parties are guilty as hell.. Oh hell no the first time that bastard cheated on me, all his shit would be out the damn door.. I’m not catching no damn sexual diseases.. Then come back with the police, to get the rest of your shit.. I don’t need no man disrespting me, his wife is stupid and a damn ass woman.. She’s been putting up with this for decades, so I know she won’t be leaving now.. Kirk is a dirty man and he don’t care..

  2. I kinda sorta think that this baby mama and her pimp is a little slow. Like why do they think this is something we should understand? Like they trying to tell they side but they ain’t got no side. And he clearly don’t like her, because if he did he wouldn’t be able to stomach holding that baby. He just trying to play the role as Daddy so Kirk gotta pay him back or he can have a spot on TV.

  3. That baby clearly has more of a connection with him, not her. In that video he is the one that knows how to calm the baby, he cares about that baby.

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