Carmelo Anthony’s New Baby Mama Exposed by Girlfriend

Carmelo Mia Angel Burks

Summer is coming and it’s the season for jump-offs….

A one-time friend of Carmelo’s alleged baby mother Mia Burks, is speaking out about the gossip surrounding Carmelo Anthony and Mia.

Word is that, Carmelo got Mia knocked-up during his marriage to Lala Anthony and according to some, Mia intended to get pregnant by the NBA player.

Lala knows about the woman and Carmelo was honest about it all. Until the DNA test comes back, no-one can confirm 100% that Carmelo is the father. However, Mia is telling everyone the baby belongs to Carmelo.

Mama Mia!


  1. I think Mia told him to leak the story. What woman wants to go un noticed? She know if she leak it Carmelo will be pissed. But if her so called ex homie leak it, Carmelo can’t get mad. This boy said nothing negative about this girl. I think she wanted this story out, no woman wants to be a secret.

  2. Of course she intentionally got pregnant and the sky is blue. The game don’t change, only the players. Hold that “L” Carmelo because you sir are a loser!

  3. I’m not condoning infidelity, but Carmelo certainly ain’t the first to cheat on his wife. What I don’t understand is why one would hit it raw with a side piece. It seems like pregnancy and STDs don’t scare people anymore. Cheating is bad enough, but knocking up your jump off is like the messiest thing a man can do. Everyone is automatically bound together for life: you, your wife, your jump off, your legitimate kids and your illegitimate kids. One nut pop can’t possibly be worth all that drama.

  4. so true.. I never understand these modern House Negroes any way… Actually 4ucking Skrippers and huxes raw, you have to be the dummest nigga on earth to 4uck it up over some stupid broad… Niggaz back in the day used to 4uck bitches left and right but they didnt catch a feelings, they just pass it to the next nigga, we don’t love them hoes!!!! but niggas today making love to hoes n shiit, like the fuck is wrong with this generation of feminine niggaz!!!! Same bitches being fucked by the same dudes and they fucking them raw, like daaaam the game is so fucked!!!! When was the last time you seen a rich white man fuck a stripper raw? that shiit is very rare, cause those niggaz know they aint trynna have no baby by some skanky cum bucket whose only good for getting on her knees and taking the D.. DAAAM I KNOW BITCHES LOVE MARRIED MEN, BUT IF YOU GONNA DO THE DEED, AT LEAST PUT ON A JIMMY, THIS WAY YOU DON’T HAVE ANY ISSUE N SHIIIT LATER ON!!!!

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