Yusaf Mack Hooks Up With Trans Prostitute Who Gives All The Details

yusaf mack sidney star

Philly boxer, Yusaf Mack, made headlines when images from his involvement in a gay porno video start circulating, and he originally claimed he was drugged.

Eventually, Mack came clean and said that he is bi-sexual, and then finally confirmed he was gay.  Later, we learned that the Philly product was into trannies, and now a transsexual sex worker, Sidney Starr, is spilling all the tea about her relationship with him.

Images have circulated of the two getting “friendly” at the club, and Sidney was on 107.5 Chicago to talk about hooking up with Yusaf.

“I met him in the club, let’s just be real, he took me back to the room we had sex…and chile he put it on me! He is sprung and hung…He wants to fly me to LA. He gave me my coins…we all good now. “

Starr then goes onto say that Mack isn’t gay, or bi-sexual after all.  She has undergone sex re-assignment surgery, so when the boxer came to Sidney he was looking for some female sex.

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“He is not gay because I am a transgender female. I’m a woman so of course not! He was with some punana.”


  1. Having surgery to turn a peen into a vj does not constitute female. If you were born with a y chromosome you are a male until you die. All the surgery and hormones in the world will never change that.

  2. The world do not want our melanin to survive, that's why the media is pushing for this gay agenda, interracial relationships to water down our unique DNA.. Black men need to wake up n take back our communities.. We need you!!

  3. Black men need to wake up, you are created to worship God and to Procreate… To be fruitful.. No matter wht this he/she say.. It will never b a woman n carry a child n da womb…so yes he is gay

  4. Sidney can't get pregnant he doesn't gave a real vagina so any man who willingly cuts his dick off is sick and that's self mutilation self hate I mean why cut your nuts off and pay for hormone injections

  5. I lmao when guys who can't face their homosexuality say stuff like : "I am not gay I am a heterosexual guy banging another heterosexual dude who thinks he's a woman for he has fake tits implants"

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