Iguodala’s BM Investing Child Support Money In Drug Dealers

andre iguodala clayanna

Andre Iguodala’s baby mama has been trying to shake him down in court for a ton more child support, but his lawyer might have caught her using the money to help drug dealers launder funds.

The Golden State Warrior is currently paying Clayanna Warthen $15,000 a month in child support, but she took him to court claiming that wasn’t nearly enough to pay for their child’s education and is asking for $58,000 a month.

Andre has insinuated that Clayanna just wants to use the money for herself and get a personal chef and courtside seats to NBA games (probably to meet another potential sugar daddy).

clayanna warthen

His lawyers took Warthen to task, and asked her about receipts and she didn’t have any to show what she’s spending money on:

“Andre’s lawyer grilled Warthen about receipts — she says she throws away most of them, and usually pays for things with cash. She also said all the support money is spent on the little girl … even though some of the expenses include Sephora makeup and Victoria’s Secret.”

He then asked her about investing in a company called LOC, which is suspected to be involved with drug dealers:

“She was also questioned about the $150k she admits investing in a marketing company called LOC. Iguodala’s lawyers said that company has been investigated for drug trafficking, but Warthen said she was unaware of that.”


  1. Oh shit! Her ass is about to lose the $15k and her child over a drug sting! Dumb ass she shoulda had a legit job to back her claim up! Her dumb ass!

  2. Comment: She should go get a job, the leech. Child support is for the child, meaning the woman shouldn't get a red cent. I would have my lawyers ask the judge for the leech to submit receipts for the next six months and all the money should be accounted for. She should be getting 2k a month and nothing more.

    • 2K a month can not take of a child. And child support is so that baby is able to live meaning that money can be used on anything that will benefit the child. ie rent, groceries, clothing, schooling and activities maybe even a car to get the child back and forth safely. And 15k a month covers all that.

  3. Greed. It's never a good look. Should have kept her mouth shut and be satisfied with $180K/year. Now she is at risk of custody loss or at the very least, a reduction in payments. Makes you wonder if the drug lords are really the ones behind this demand for more money. They don't play.

  4. The courts need to appoint a guardian from the courts over the money so the little girl gets what she needs. The mother investing that money is illegal and that alone should raise some red flags.

  5. I believe the courts looks at how his other kids are living. $15K a month is intended to come close to that lifestyle. It would not necessarily get her a mansion, but nice enough place depending on where she lives. If school costs are up there, he should pay the school directly and bypass her. Then what is her rationale for more money when the child is already getting covered. If it was me, I would get a rabid lawyer to fight this. Luckily, there is only 12 more years of this mess. He should pay for her college directly too.

  6. That's what he gets for thinking light skin is better. Should've married a chocolate African Queen like I did.

    • Them bitches crazy too !
      Not calling ur lady a bitch but shiiiit like u ain't never !?!
      All women have the same problems in every race some good some fuuuukd up u just got lucky keep her happy ! Or u can be next Lmaoooo good luck.

      • O-man not all woman just some woman but this dumbass bitch know damn well U can't jump that damn high in child support. It all depends who was the first mother to file first they will get the most follow by the rest of the moms. But her dumbass jumped into frying pan before the grease.

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