Yung Berg’s Studio Lover Speaks Out

Yung Berg Studio Lover Speaks Out

HSK Exclusive – Yesterday, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood personality, Yung Berg, was exposed as a down-low rapper by Ray J’s Manager, Cash Jones, who alleged on social media that, he walked in the studio and caught Berg in a gay sex act.

Well, the teenage boy alleged to be with Berg has spoken out and is denying anything in appropriate was going on.

Here is what Keyshia Cole’s god nephew had to say about Yung Berg:

“Whatever you heard is not tru (sic) at all bullshit nothing ever happened my bro @hitmaka is not gay understand ppl just wanna hate for no reason f*ck what you heard #YungBerg #Family”


  1. I mean if he said nothing why not believe him.?! But I won’t put all my trust in a blog that’s for sure no of us was there niggas so quick to believe anything

  2. My thing is he didn’t say that he wasn’t gay. Wtf? Why vouch for a dude before you vouch for yourself about something like that.

  3. With a dick in his mouth & a$$; i’m surprised he had time to get on twitter.

    U r gay; Berg is gay. U r all DL diseased infested freaks. Now STFU

    • #TRUTH..his real preferences are clear. he once said how he hates dark skinned girls, calling them “dark butts” yet he is all hugged up with his dark skinned bae bwoy…SMFH..any man that is notoriously known for beating woman, has a strong distaste for woman and a general disrespect for women, secretly wanna be a woman. Ask all these transvestites and drag queens, they really want to be women, hence the attitude toward biological woman…but I digress..

    • Freddie. Really. Freddie would of love this shit. He would called up berg and asked he to do a remake of “I want to ride my BI cycle. “

  4. The response from this guy lets me know it is true. Also if they say it is a lie, then why are they not sueing the guy who put it out there for slander?

  5. BURGE STFU MANE, LOL! You been outed mane you didn’t lock the door and got caught! Man up punk you did what you did sweet ass face it, own it, you a sweet boy ya nasty mane

  6. OMG! That’s a child! This is disgusting on Yung Berg’s part. I feel bad for this kid. I hope his parents intervene. Hollywood is the devils playground.

  7. Yeah right! Berg shows all the fag signs. Gossip, head twitch, hand movements. He like doo doo in his mouth and on his penis! Nasty tail punk! Then he trails his doo doo tail to women. I hope they all take the AIDS test.

  8. What is a god nephew? I never heard of that before. His little friend was better off not commenting on the situation because now it’s looking worse.

    • Yep. We would have never known. Now this fool got his name forever intertwined in a gay scandal.

      A god nephew is someone you know’s kid.
      Keysha knows his mama or dad basically. . A nothing title. Maybe a cousin’s kid or something. . I don’t count my cousin’s kids as relatives. . They’re too far removed from my famIlys DNA..

      • OH! Thanks Willie, I only count my cousins children who are normal. The weird ones aren’t my blood, lol.

        • BOL!
          I haven’t seen most of my cousins in 20 years.. Some of my cousIns have grandkids now and I never even met theIr kids!

          Time flies. We’re getting old.

  9. throwing out items from hazel e’s purse was a bitch ass move….there’s nothing man about him what so ever!

    men today are childish….. blame their mothers aunts sisters grandmothers for this bitchy behavior

    men should be around their children at all times

  10. I have seen Yung Berg naked and he ain’t working with much anyway so let the gays have him. Trust me, it ain’t no big loss.

  11. Nobody knew youngins name….now they do…sometimes silence is the best response to bs…how do you co-sign the activity of another dude’s dick?

    when your beanie says BOW DOWN BOO in a pic such as this, you’re screaming lemme out the closet uh..DUH… =)

  13. God nephew….sounds to me like he is one of her sisters god child, thus in turn becoming her god son.

  14. i dont know if he gay or straight but this revelation sure came after Berg claim that Tiera Marie suck his d**k!!!
    Did anybody notice Ray J’s face? Ray J clearly leaked or started this rumor to get back at yung Berg without Princess Love being suspicious. IMHO Ray J loves TT and likes Princess Love . The question is if you have who you want and love Ray J then why you mad bro?

  15. Berg is gay!!!! Did you see how excited he got in the pt.2 reunion, when Omarion said that he was going 2 show his member, berg was all smiley saying turn up. He loves penises

  16. Nope, I aint buying what they selling. Just last night Youg Berg was getting excited to see Omarion’s circumcised penis, talking about “Turn-up”. No Berg is GAY!!!!

    • Me neither Sunni. I saw that last night too. And Masika dumbass falling for the okie doke.

      • ooooohhhhhh…OMG I peeped that too. I was like this dude is so gay and he comfirmed it himself and dont even know it! He was bouncing in his seat like a dog in heat. Masika is a fool what is she getting outta this facade?

        • Money and desperation. Berg comes from money. But I can’t understand why he can’t pay his child support. From what Sincere mouth that Berg father is a financial planner and I forgot what his mom does, but both of his parents are well off. He ain’t hurting that’s for sure.

  17. Has everyone overlooked the obvious????
    This dude possibly had sex with a child which makes him a pedophile!!!!!! Shouldn’t this be investigated? I have heard a lot of these no-di¢k having men turn to lil boys because they can’t satisfy women. I truly hope this is all a rumor…..someone needs to get that child examined.

  18. Berg always trying to compensate by saying he’s a Lady’s man. That’s what makes you suspect. Hey, ain’t nothing wrong with that…but just wear your colors…stop trying to act like ur a lady’s man. He probably goes both ways…god for his punk azz…and BTW, don’t usually discredit women who have gotten hit by a man…but Masika. That bytch was co-signing all of Berg’s dumbness, like it couldn’t happen to her…you lie down with dogs you gonna wake up with fleas.

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