Is Jay Electronica An Angry Black Man?

Jay Electronica vs. Obama

Jay Electronica recently posted a series of angry tweets dissing President Obama for not speaking up for Black America. He then went on to call White America land thieves.

Here’s Jay Electronica’s tweets:



  1. its obviously TRUE though lmao the government is robbing and milking the shit outta the treasury behind Obama’s smmfh and this crackhead nigga Jaya electronica or whoever he is should have just came outta the closet after his little rant lmfaooooo diddy’s bootyhole written all over his face

  2. I respect his comments. He’s much better than that cross dressing Queen, Clown, Coon Charlene Barkley.

    • When Jacky ran this site, he used it as a platform to drag Black women who probably rejected him at clubs and events. Now, 99% of the stories are denouncing Black men. They’re all homosexuals, deadbeat dads, bad businessmen, murderers, rapists, pedophiles and flip floppers. If folks haven’t figured this site out by now, they are doomed.

    • I spoke too soon. I wasn’t aware of his affiliations with the Rothchilds. His words are true, but I have to question his agenda for saying them.

      • Not just affiliation but lived w a Rothschild daughter for YEARS! They only recently broke up. She dumped him. She got bored and he got played. Lol! He was with a satanic illuminati white girl and he wants to now sit in judgement of all.

        • She never dumped him, do your research. He left her in the middle of the night leaving all types of stuff behind. Also word is she was worried when he never came home thinking something happened to him. I guess the combination of money and a white woman doesn’t equal happiness to all

      • He was probably drunk, per usual, and he the worst follower the principles of Islam. He rants often. Along with alluding to an album release which never happens. He spits some pseudo intellectual stuff and after a few days deletes his tweets. I really want him to make good music instead of this crap. Makes me glad that I don’t have a social media account but my younger sibling keeps me in the Know with popular culture.

  3. Why every time a Black man speaks the damn truth he got to be angry? White people have unpopular opinions everyday and it is called freedom of speech. Like Paul Mooney said you got to be selective with words because they can paint the wrong picture of you. Anytime any Black man or woman says something controversial people call them ghetto or angry, but white people get to say what they want at anytime,anywhere. Fuck that!!

    • Real talk. Donald Trump tweets a lot of shit & attacks people all the time, he aint called ghetto or angry…come to think of it, no one takes him seriously so no one gives a shit bout him & that ridiculous toupee

    • TBT:

      You are right. Black men, IMO, have a right to be angry right now. Their brothers and sons are being used for target practice by law enforcement officers who were designated to “protect and serve.” When there are unarmed men being massacred by police officers, we should be mad, especially when the victims pose no threat to their aggressors. White people have always been “do as I say, not as I do” types. They want to claim they are the most intelligent, most educated, hardest working and superior to all, but anyone with half a brain sees through their lies. If you present yourself a certain way, people typically believe that. That’s what has gotten them over. Unfortunately for white people, Black people aren’t the lazy, ignorant, poorly read people they have falsely painted us out to be. That’s why I would question anyone’s “knowledge” who claims to be a voracious reader yet only reads publications authored by white writers. Diversify your knowledge.

      • Really wish you would start a site bella. 95% of the time you are so on point its makes people feel liked they have been shanked. Don’t go.

    • Your comment really made my day and lifted me up. You are telling the “sho-nuff” truth. I am so tired of these white devils saying what they want and we get labeled angry,aggressive or ghetto when we have an opinion. Time is up for that bullshit.

  4. HE MIGHT BE ANGRY BUT HES RIGHT! and he has reason to be! I’m in total agreement, I congratulate and agree with him 100%, all the fake shit and people! He can see through the rose colored glass he’s not stupid, let’em know Jay electronica i might agree on some of how he feels BUT I’ve only seen a brief description of what he’s said, so far from what I’ve read It’s real, he’s not sugar coating the problems were facing, he’s allowed to speak and voice his opinion, and I agree so far.

  5. I bet no elite Black would EVER say anything remotely touching on the truth. I give this man a Standing Ovation!! I just hope he doesn’t end up dead.

    • Cosign. People are too busy doing what white-run media has taught them and trying to tear down the messenger instead of the (Very, very true) message, which is especially funny when their favorite entertainers and/or athletes are just as, if not more, f*cked-up as/than they say Jay Elec is.

  6. Doesn’t this fool remember he was smashing a married white woman. she even left her rich white husband for jay. if anything jay’s a hypocrite.

    • Funny if this was a black woman who a white rich dude left his wife for I suspect yall would be high givin round this piece

      • nah man wasn’t talking about the that!!
        I’m talking about jay’s hypocritical azz

  7. AND he was dating Kate Rothchild someone from the most treacherous family known to humanity. Ya’ll really care what this coon thinks? He is the ONE to sell us all out when true liberation comes.

    • That was and still is a head-scratcher, especially since you’d think her family would’ve disowned her for even looking at a black person, even a controlled one, twice. That being said, I’m ‘cautiously optimistic’ (Word to Aaron McGruder) about Jay’s Twitter rant.

      • U know what Rah. Imma slide off the topic a lil bit for a second. I notice something about that family and another family. Have I ever wonder if that particular family could take out another BL family?

        • Have I wondered that? Now that you bring it up, no, I doubt they’d ever completely wipe another BL fam out for both power/financial & BL/Occult reasons, though I’m not as well-versed in these matters as others may be.

          • I thought it was a coincidence about the R’s and the K’s. One about power and the other one about politics. Think about it.

        • There’s a hierarchy.

          The more powerful of the 13 pick on the less powerful.

          I don’t think they can obliterate each other but the better famIlIes throw their weight around.

  8. I agree this nigga is a bunch of hot air being coached by The NOI he is just as much a figure head as Obama is. This nigga is a pawn and a tool for A group that call themselves the Allah Team. They are a Muslim group who are trying to hijack Father Allah birth right the flag you saw Jay Z with belongs to the Nation of Gods and Earths Suns and daughters of Father Allah neither Jay Z or Jay E are members. I know cause I met the nigga and until you mutha fukas get your own flag you should be disrespected in every f*cking state you go to . I hope you read this post you know who I am and you will never forget me stop hiding behind the universal flag for you and farakhans political agenda.

  9. A bunch of foolery by a man who was sleeping around with a Rothschild whom family is known for oppressing minorities and the poor. All he is some hot air balloon and people jump on the bandwagon because he told Obama where’s it at but AGAIN what have Jay ever done in the midst of all what’s taking place. Everybody got something to rant about but too cowardly to take a real stand and get out and fight and make things happen. They are too scared to get blacklisted and everything that comes with it. Save me the drama. These people be on some bs. You can’t wait on Obama because he ain’t about that struggle to understand and identify the pain many black brothers have endured in this racist country. We need effective leaders not niggas who will rant and point the finger. These celebs need to sit all the way down because they are not ready to sacrifice their voice and influential power to get things shaking. Too many punks.

  10. Yesterday im lying today im telling the truth ass ni**a this dude is a clown

  11. He was seriously involved with a Rothschild. They literally own this country. It doesn’t get more powerful than them. Their hands are in everything. They SEVERELY downgrade their reported wealth so people don’t know how truly powerful they are. One of the older Rothschild’s once said, “why be President, when you can just buy one?” Allegedly, they are very, very evil, treacherous, and not to be played with. Im curious about his dealings with them. No, telling what secrets he knows about this country. Nonetheless, he’s playing a dangerous game being involved with them.

  12. And… Open your eyes people. All this stuff going on is to incite a race war. Why do you think black’s keep getting killed by cops in bold fashion, but time and time again, no indictment? To fan the flames..

    • Bingo!

      And might I add the age-old tactic of making the masses fight over bullshit and crumbs while the so-called ‘Powers That Be’ make off with, well, everything never stopped being in effect and is working all too well as this society slowly descends into the abyss…

  13. this guy’s album was supposed to come out 5 years ago.

    don’t care who jay sleeps with that ugly ass white rothchild bitch hell she would have to pay me for phukking her ugly flat white ass too.



    well blacks have been catching hell for centuries where is allah.

    the black muslims in this country never raised hell or caused damage now sadamme, bin lkaden, al queda, and isis those are the real killwers and they made white America take notice.

    whites just see farakhan as running hios mouth.

    Elijah Muhammad was just as whorish as a Baptist preacher so who do you follow.

    whose doctrine do you follow Christ where he will lead the forces of god to come and destroy satan.

    or allah wqho will kill all the evil qwhite men.

    we do need black unity butr that’s not gonna happen.

    blacks don’t care about unity no more we all know if mike brown was killed by a black kid they would be no riots in stl. Louis.

    and what did they achieve burning down their businesses and st. Louis already look like a phukking ghetto.

    and all the while whites are gonna beat and kill more young black teens.

    white cops must sacrifice blackls to the brotherhood of death which includes the kkk which has members calling themselves dragon or wizard we know this already.

    which is why white cops are not arrested because its required by satanic oath that they kill a black child or young person every so often.

  15. “Is Jay Electronica An Angry Black Man?”
    This title speaks volumes about whoever wrote it…
    He’s an angry black man for stating the truth, huh?

    “He then went on to call White America land thieves…”
    Ummm, are they not?!? This is obviously written one of them too.
    If I’m correct about what this fluff piece is insinuating, stating the truth and being unapologetic about said truth makes one an “angry black man”. By that logic you can call me one too!

    • Truth or not it’s coming from a lying cheating hypocrit that lived w a white Rothchildfor 4 yrs!!!! He’s actually diminishing the truth because it’s from him.

      • As my dad used to say “And what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?” In other words, let’s not deflect (divert) from the original message of truth.

        His sleeping with a Rothschild—salacious as that whole drama was– is not news to me or anybody else here. Does him having banged her make the truth any less relevant? I’ll wait…

        Girl, stop.

      • @Girl, Stop

        If you’d seen the (ugly) truth up close and personal like Jay probably has, maybe you’d be hollering like a hit dog too!

  16. Jay E was balls deep in kate’s p*ssy!
    now he’s talking about black people sticking together???

    then this nicca left his long term girlfriend Erykah Badu (not saying Erykah Badu is perfect or a saint)

    for Katie, who also left her rich husband for Jay E.

    Black People in Hollywood are puppets, if it wasn’t for the Black community supporting these so-called Black artists they wouldn’t be where they are, damn sure!!

    • This is the absolute truth. There are photos of him online looking like a lovesick coon following behind Ms. Rothchild who also left her husband for him I believe. You can’t go from kneedeep in white poon to pro black nationalist just because you did not get a ticket to the “fortune” you thought was a given. White chix been using black dick to get back at daddy forever. She came to her senses or her family got her to come to her senses and She gave you a “nicca” wake up call. Now you lost, turned out and channeling Al Sharpton. Go lick your wounds in a corner without the assistance of social media, you are just embarrassing yourself.

      • All the Black Civil Rights leaders were balls deep in White Women’s hot pockets, no doubt is the truth!!!

        Martin Luther King was smashing a White Woman, and J Edger Hoover threaten to expose him!!!

        Black People are being lied too, don’t be dumb, but be smart!!

        • Agreed, what better way to get back at “Massa” than to smash his “put on a pedestal” white woman. I believe the reference is “talking black” but sleeping white. The forbidden fruit is always tempting, but at the end of the day, most come back home. Most or maybe even some. I hope he stashed some of that paper for a rainy day. He is going to need it.

        • And J. Edgar was slobbin’ on Clyde Tolson’s knob while he was calling MLK a degenerate and trying to get him to commit suicide. What a projecting psycho. Black men have never needed to chase after white women..white women are chasing after black men b/c we know white men generally prefer screwing Fido and little boys over their women anyway.

      • jayz cosigned j cole and j electronica
        no matter what jay e says, j cole doing it much better
        without sporadic tweets that get deleted

      • Does any of that negate ONE word Jay said? One. IS ANYTHING he said, untrue? ANY OF IT? Didn’t think so. And most black people play the fool or brainwashed sheeple at some point. Malcolm messed with white women too. Doesn’t negate anything he said either. Truth is truth. And deflecting attention off the MESSAGE which cannot be refuted to the messenger is some ol’ tired a$$ tactics. REFUTE the truth of what he said. Can’t do it.

        • Now YOU, my friend, are right and precise! Thank you and I agree, truth is truth! I’m starting to think some people want to be lied to.

  17. tell us bout the rothchild while you talking bout wheres his nuts. someone should ether this jay too

    • As a longtime member of this thread can you please use another user name it is to close to mine and I don’t need the confusion. Thank you.

  18. I only saw the truth. Sound like the man woke up from a spell and is just telling the truth.

  19. kate ‘s ugly ass would have to pay me to phukk her.

    jay could have got a better looking whitegirl but hey kate’s rich.

  20. His tweet would have substance but this fool was laying in the same bed with a Rothschild and claimed to love her. Her family are part of those “Supreme Thugs” he speak of in his tweet…ijs

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