Young Thug Is One Very Confused Rapper

Young Thug Prison Experience

What What???

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, rapper Young Thug made the claim that while incarcerated as a youth, he “didn’t do shit there but gamble, smoke and f*ck.”

Here how YT put it down:

“I was in the streets at eight, nine years old,” Thug says. “I was going to school so my dad and mom would keep buying me clothes, but when I got out I did what I wanted to do – fighting, all kinds of shit.”

A few years later, after a dispute over Thug’s classroom antics turned physical, he got kicked out of middle school. “I broke my teacher’s arm,” he says matter-of-factly. “Took his ass out. Pussy-ass nigga.” He spent the next four years in a harsh juvenile-detention program. “Seven in the morning to six in the afternoon,” he says. “No windows or nothing, like a real jail. Lot of punishment. I didn’t do shit there but gamble, smoke and f*ck.”


  1. I’VE COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT BOY IS REALLY RETARDED! he’s not a threat to society, so he can walk around free, but that boy has some real issues deep down issues, he is as confused as a car in reverse that going forward now how confusing is that? Well this young man that confused and lost in space, seek professional help while you have money son, because you are one mixed up man.

  2. Lord have mercy. I’m only 29 but it’s stuff like this is just overbearing. It sounds like he is praising his antics from the past. I hate hearing about troubled youth. It shows that there isn’t strong parenting in the home. They sure do know how to pick these guys and make them famous. I’m just disgusted. I hope there is more to this story and that he’s tryna tell the youth not to follow in his footsteps.

    • Guys like this and Chief Keef are agents to destroy youth, as much as Lil Wayne, EmInem, MIley, Madonna, Ozzy Osbourne.. all of them.

      I hate hearing this nonsense too.
      I feel for youths (yutes) that are lost or had bad parenting. I feel for kids who have to live in homes and don’t ever know real family love.

      Especially this time of year. Its heartbreaking.

      • I liked how you said yutes Willie lol. Thats how the old school island men over here say it to.

      • chief keef was dropped his music is for high school kidfs.

        Eminem, was more entertaining.
        I’d take ozzy over these gay rappers anyday.

        at least ozzy was real about the agenda he served.

        • Can’t hate on Heavy Metal..
          Sex, drugs, rock and roll..
          Live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse…

          Yep. They’ve never lied about who they are..

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          • I’m all for free speech. I have no beef with the content this weekend. I skip past the cussing and the gross sexual talk.

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            • says the person who has a TOTAL history of 3 comments on HSK (under this IP address)… Conveniently all related to this topic and all left today.

              stolen user ID (from a long time commentor) of course

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  3. Pathetic as hell. True he may be a product of his environment but he chooses to be an ignorant coo n because he thinks it’s cool to be this way. Sadly, many will co sign this dumb shit.

  4. Confused? Delinquent? Self-destructive mindset? Dude was BORN to be an Industry slave! Good for him and his handlers!

  5. He and micheal sam will be introducing the next rapper who makes a song for the gay community like when jason collins and asap rocky brought out macklemore at the mtv awards.. this aint nothing but a rerun to me!!

  6. He was probably in alternative school and wanted to make it sound tougher than it was and those are definitely co-ed

  7. so that’s where he started crossdressing.

    sounds like he was raped and treated like a fag in there.

  8. These kids nowadays they dont make em like they used to. That is such a true statement theres something in the water, in the air and in the foods that we consume. All this nastiness thats promoted and in your face nowadays just makes me welp for my generation lord have mercy!

  9. He never said that he wasn’t a bisexual, just denied being gay. Juvenile detention are the worst as most are detained for non violent crimes get turned out by violent offenders and are surrounded by the wrong influence. Wish there were more job corp like programs to provide skillset training and education to children whose homes and community offer no stability or discipline since modern parents/grandparents aren’t hitting on cah cah.

    Don’t think he will have a gross impact the youth as concerned involved parents monitor their childrens media intake and any real father would sit down and talk to his son if he attempted to wear a leopard sundress because of some entertainer.

  10. This nigga is a faggot, anything he says is dripped in faggotry. Why are we giving this batti boi, fudge packer, licker of the stick any shine, he is an abomination and is pushing an agenda to turn all our boys into girls.

  11. A product of WHAT environment? The nigga said his mom AND dad bought him clothes. Wtf. Yea. He’s retarded

    • He supposedly was raised in project housing with 10 other siblings. They probably had nice clothes with subsidized rent/food/medical and no property tax not to mention boosters and not paying retail value.

      Some on assistance dress better than executives. A cousin attended a public ‘inner city’ school(coded language for poor and predominately non-white) claims kids in public housing had the freshest gear and newest Jumpmans. They also had the latest electronics and toys.

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