RHOA’s Porsha Williams Casting Models For New Lingerie Line

Porsha Williams Lingerie

“Omg!!! You all gave me the push I needed IG babies! Porsha Lingerie is on the way! Thanks for your time today @uyo I’m so excited! #makingmoves.”

“@porsha4real I’m getting soo excited!! I want to Thank everyone who came out for my model call this afternoon! There are lots of gorgeous ladies in Atlanta my goodness! What a successful casting call for my NEW LINGERIE line!! Stay tuned for line preview…*not in photo *DEBUTING LINE DEC 12TH God is good!! #ThanksForSupport #MogulInTheMaking #PorshaWilliams #TeamPorsha”

Porsha Williams Casting Couch


  1. Hopefully she can build a brand, start to tuck legitimate money away and settle some. Smart to do a casting call in Atlanta. Some beautiful, fit sisters there.

  2. Nothing wrong with trying. I wish Porsha the best of luck.

    It’ s funny how Jessica Simpson made millions being stupid( which the masses thought was cute). Yet every1 turn on Porsha when made an error or 2.

    • Jessica Simpson iz blonde and turnt Fake N Dumb N 2 a 200 Mil & count N Empire.

      Porsha iz Blk and Fake N Dumb and Turnt access 2 10 Mil, N 2 ZERO, and fell 4 D Okey-Doke from Hate N Sistas on dat Show.

      Give N her Props 4 stay N On Da Grind, but my Momma always told me 2 not let ANYBODY MESS WIT YOUR MONEY, when I was 12 years old!

  3. I hope this works out for her. Of she can make beautiful pieces that for Black Women , she might just have found her niche. A friend of mine has a very sucessful little operation sewing custom costumes for strippers. Sounds ridiculous until you realize that a lot of conventional lingerie isn’t usually built to handle breast and butt implants. She actually started as an assistant to a well known designer who was thinking of making a jeans line with a fuller seat because she knew many black and latina women especially who complained about the “gap problem”- the space that opens up when you bend over. My friend said her boss Sao its because many women of color have small waists but fuller rear ends. The boss scrapped the idea because she thought it might be seen as racist , and didn’t want the negative implications to affect her business.So maybe Ms porsha is onto something. So much better than sexually servicing ancient African billys, lol.

    • Oh miss me with the fake booty bull crap about black women. Most black strippers have real booty , it’s only the few that not naturally built curvy that buy that fake butts and brat cause of insecurity. As for these white strippers i can Clearly see that happening, however, black women mostly is stacked in the trunk mainly while white chicks is mainly breast women. But i know for a fact most black strippers is packing the real deal. So please, miss me with the bull !!

      • Miss you? Screw you is more like it. Plenty stripped have fake ass in titties. If you don’t know, pop into Magic city and see for ya self. But miss me with the rage monster routine. We all can have a different opinion, that’s what makes this country semi-great. Or at least tolerable.

  4. I know Kordell is kicking himself in the face. Lol. He had to be gay to let that slip away.

  5. She may have backslide but she better not speak against the living God or teach against his principles/holy spirit. God gonna put that death clock by her existence.

  6. She’s ugly to me. Always has been and always will be. She’s also very childish and doesn’t act like any 30 something year olds I personally know. She only caters to online thots, same with that LAHH demographic of folks. Mature and real folks wouldn’t think twice about buying her products. Porsha is just a clueless HOODRAT from GAYLANTA that I’m sure Kordell is GLAD he left! Kordell is doing fine. He’s got a successful business going with Peter so he’s straight!

    • Peter has a successful business? Do tell. She’s not ugly just a long face and an odd mouth. It may be the border line retardation that makes her less appealing. She is immature for 32, which is not young

    • @20:30, U mean to tell me that Peter done hoodwink Cordell into buying another club in Atlanta? Oh boy!

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