WTF?! Young Thug Wears Dress on Album Cover

young thug jeffrey album cover

Has Young Thug lost his mind? Probably so…the rapper has unveiled the cover art for his new mixtape “Jeffrey,” and he looks more ridiculous than ever!

We’re not quite sure what look he was going for, but that blue dress and the umbrella(?) on his head is a hell nah!

Thugger says this album was inspired by some of his idols, so each song is named after famous people. But wait…why is Harambe the Cincinnati gorilla listed as track #7? LMAO!

A hot azz mess!





  2. This fruity pebble ass motherf*cker is a sellout coon like all the others pushing this cross dressing gay agenda

    • Dude is talented as hell. Im in my 40's and I have been a hip hop head from its inception. Yung Thug is dope. You dont have to buy into his lifestyle to appreciate his artistry.
      Prince wore jeans with his entire ass cheeks out. Tell a lie and say you dont like his music.

      • Yeah, but PRINCE was easy as hell on the eyes. I don't wanna see Young Thug azz cheeks. In fact, I like that he's HIDING in that pic.

          • I find the photo to be incredibly stylish and beautiful. But then I am not a homophobe full of hate. The dress is gorgeous.

            • There is nothing wrong with being gay but … when this whole 'gay movement / agenda' is intended to cause confusion, disunity, anger, separation within the already fractured black community then yes, it is a very big problem.

              Let's call a spade a spade and just call it what it is: a genocide on black people.

              White people make up most of a percentage in the West so if they were doing this it wouldn't really affect their numbers.

              Black people are fewer in number and so it is worrying that instead of trying to boost our numbers they are obsessed with promoting IR (mainly black men and white women).Then on on the other end of the scale we have images of gay black men promoting homosexual ideals.

              Can you not see the bigger picture?

              • YES, I C IT BUT I M WIDE AWAKE!



              • Scorpiess I do think I see the bigger picture, but it's not one that many want to look at with much introspection. The group think here is that black young men are "turning gay" in record numbers due to the glamorization of LGBT life by the media aka "the gay agenda."

                The "gay agenda" has nothing to do with converting otherwise straight boys and girls into homosexuality.
                It is about letting boys and girls know that it is not abnormal and sick to be gay. Do you realize that suicide rates among gay teenage boys is off the charts because they always felt as if they were defective? Because the church and their parents drummed into their heads that homosexuality is evil and wrong? The "gay agenda" is making those kids feel accepted, and then informing them of ways to be safe and healthy in their sexuality.
                It is about saving lives Scorpiess, not creating gay men who were born heterosexual/

                Now, if you want to delve into the issue of why such a high number of black men now identify as homosexual, as in the majority of men in Atlanta, it would be a good idea to look at the field of psychiatry for some of the answers.

                Those who follow the nurture vs nature theory on why men are homosexual are very clear: boy children crave and must have the approval and affection from a male with whom they identify during their formative years. Normally and traditionally, that love and nurturing comes from their father or a very close family member such as their grandfather.

                That no longer happens in the majority of black young boys' growth experience. Most boys grow up without the love of a father figure. All of the love and nurturing they receive is from a female, usually their mother or grandmother.

                So as adolescents, they begin to crave and seek out love and acceptance of a male figure. This is simple biology at work. Even of they have the best mother in the world, all boys want the love and approval of a man.

                In their nascent years, these young men will look to "attach" to another male. They are not knowingly seeking sex, rather they are seeking love and acceptance from a male figure. In many cases this quest for male love and acceptance can develop into a permanent state.

                The black community is prone to look for answers from the outside. Someone is doing things which harm them. Someone is victimizing them from without. It's much harder to look within, but the truth usually is in that purview.

                Do you think that there was a high homosexuality rate during the awful years of segregation? I sure don't remember hearing stories about all the gay men in the 50s and 60s. As a matter of fact, it seemed to be limited to the very educated artsy crowd such as Bayard Rustin and the Harlem Renaissance clique. Boys grew up with daddies until the presidency of LBJ. It was at the outset of the welfare state that women began to routinely have father-less families and it's continued to get worse.

                Maybe some of the energy which is expended dwelling on the "gay agenda" should be devoted to bringing black two parent households back to being the norm, not the exception.

    • Anon 28 aug. They are never going to promote two parent black families. That is the point of the agenda. Why is it that black men in the media – in the public eye – are being used to promote this agenda? Which white men / boys are routinely seen wearing skirts and dresses? We have Kanye, Jaden and now this 'thug' all promoting this cross dressing thing but hardly any white men – oh apart from Bruce Jenner. If it was all so harmless why target blacks?

      They don't want strong black families any more.

      • Thank you Scoreless! But you always come with f*cking sense doe!????? A lot of these commenters are a bunch of stoopid, wastes of time, and skin! Human waste and mulch!?????

  3. For the people who insist that YT is promoting the "gay agenda," does it even occur to you that he might like what he is wearing and who he is?

    Live and let live folks. Not everyone shares your belief system.

    • Damn that "live and let live" shit. If you feel that way, how come serial killers, serial rapists and other low down types are not allowed to express themselves as well? I know what you will say – "gays don't harm anyone." Yes they do – they harm little boy's butts, little girl's innocence, cause disease and wreck nations.

      • Agreed. There is still such a thing as right and wrong in this world. Even though society wants to tell us otherwise.

        • No. There may be right and wrong according to your bible, but that is not the guide for many people. I believe in right, wrong and justice for the wronged.

          I don't believe in castigating people for their personal life and choices, as long as those choices are within the law. People hate other people out of fear and ignorance. Always have and always will.

  4. Young Thug her had a mind to begin with, so how could he possibly loose it?….He doesn't have any talent, and he's doing exactly what he was placed on the front line to do, and that's to further destroy, the Nations, motherless, retarded, abused, drug addicted children! If your on lean, and no one ever loved you, educated you, hugged you, or fed you, then young thug is their influence! Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that fit this profile, so yeah, we're pretty much f*cked!…There's nothing worse than a homosexual deviant, with no mofos, no soul, and a base level of consciousness! We've already had that in the world, we call them Caucasians, now we have a bunch of Black ones!…Lawd, the Caucasian done took the wheel, and won't let go!… They want everybody to be gay, with a gaping, bloody asshole!???????

    • Typo! Young Thug never had a mind!….Normal Black men don't enjoy, or even entertain the the thought of being f*cked in his ass, that is a natural attribute for the sociopathic Caucasian, they're animals!

      • Damn! Tyoo! He has no morals!….You can be gay, and still have some type of mutha f*cking decorum!…I mean really, he looks a damn fool, that dress isn't even comfortable, a modern day woman wear a dress like that, C'mon he's normalizing psychosis!

        • Just shut the f*ck up you yammering illiterate mouthy bitch.

          You are exactly why black men can't stand you f*cking bitches.

          • @yak!..Lick the crack off my Black ass, suck several dicks, have several seats, and drop dead!….These are the attention seeking, trolls that I speak of!…LmBao!….The Caucasian is upset with facts, and is trying extremely hard to cover up their filth! I will continue to pull the shitty, bed bug infested, syphilitic, deranged, degenerate, into the sun light, and burn that ass!????????All I need is One Black man, and I have that How, don't get mad cause your gay, fat, alabaster ass, can't get one! Are you mad or nah?…✌✌✌

            • My deepest sympathies to the man who must tolerate you daily.

              Your verbiage indicates a miserable woman who likely makes it her life's mission to make all those around her suffer.
              I pity you both.

              • Yeah yeah, lil bitch! Look who's yammering on now! Your pathetic!…I was minding my own, and here you come, you attention seeking, butt hurt, little f*cktard! Now like I said before, kill yourself! Here are several ways?? ?? ?? ?? You miserable, self absorbed, monkey ass bitch! Talking bout somebody "verbage"! Miss me with the f*ck shit, you obviously just learned a new word!??????

              • Oh and the below comment is from BrooklynQueen! I wouldn't dare postt anonymously to you, you dog!???????? Now proceed with this hot death, that I've bestowed upon you! How's that verbiage for you CUNT!

              • I want you to know who its from! I gonna keep going and going, until you die…. Oh look, I'm taking up the whole post, that nobody has to read! Dummy!

  5. He looks like he's going to go see shug Avery perform from the color purple. This is one ugly ass nigga and he looks so f*cking stupid it's embrassing. That's hollywierd tho pushing that gay agenda as far as they can they finally got into hip hop

  6. Nigga look like he on the way to a Suge Avery ball. Nigga look like a black ass Raiden from mortal Kombat this nigga look like a ghetto ass Kung Fu Panda the Gay version. This nigga look like a Black ass Mary Poppins on his to the fair to pick Dandelions. This nigga look the Swifter Picker Upper Im?ASF!!!!!????

  7. This is that carnival show that YT loves to pay to see. Freak shows. This might be the only way Mr. Young feels he can make money in the system of white supremacy.

  8. I saw a video earlier of Dr Boyce Watkins going off on this shit, and everything he said was 100%. This bullshit is once again brought an pushed by the gay mafia. The dangerous thing about this bullshit being pushed is that there are already no fathers in many black households, and with many single mothers who are either at work or don't give a shit; leaves room for pervasive images from the media to penetrate young minds. It was kind of a shock earlier to see on twitter and other places that black men propping this shit up, and even worse were the black women condoning this shit. As women especially, if we don't take a stand against this shit and stop approving of it, then this shit will continue, and it will be one more nail in the coffin of what was the black community.

  9. Who is this dude's mother? Does she have any thoughts on this? Or anything for money ehh

    • His mom name I believe is Ms Gladys. She was in 1 of younga thugga's videos when he 1st
      came out (musically, lol ), so I assume she knows
      She looks like a pretty decent woman
      In the video, Baby allegedly hands Ms Gladys a whole wad of money
      Im assuming that Baby helps Ms Gladys out with her bills
      *shrug shoulders*

  10. Looks like thuger on ice the coming out edition with that old ass Laura in falls dress hell if he gonna dress like a bitch have e can at least wore a better dress

    • @CrazyChris!…He does look like he's wearing Nellie Olsen's dress, from Little House On The Prairie!..What you know about that show, crazy???????????

    • Yes. I couldn't put the name and the show together. All his ass needs is an umbrella with ruffles for the trim.

  11. This is sad, now if he's trying to get attention, he did.. I have no ideal of who this young man is, but he won't be many CD's at all.. This is really sad in this day and age.. What are they trying to do, lead the younger generation to believe it's all good.. If my son put this shit on, I would beat the fatal shit out of home… This is disgusting ……..

  12. This is the same MF who called some woman's baby sexy on IG…what the f*ck do you all expect?

  13. ? Nightmare Before Christmas : Ice Princess Edition ? This Mfka Reminds Me Of Shirley Temple Or Anne ( Its A Hard Knock Life For Us ) !

  14. For a black man to make it in the music industry he has to give up his booty, his 'manhood'. Some are just a little bit more honest about it.

  15. That is quite a debatable issue with no real conclusive answers.
    However, consider this, I am of the opinion that, they may exist some opportunist, who are in tune to the current trends, and ride them for their own benefit, in Thugger's case, to endear interest in his music.

  16. Loved all yall comments today but today's winner is…………..THE SWIFFER PICKER UPPER………. Fuunnnnny as hell……. Congrats.

    • It sure was! He's a Fucking perceptive little genius!…That nigga does look like a Swifffer duster!??????

  17. I think it's just baby's marketing strategy.. Ever since that lilwayne kiss…baby's been trying to replicate.. The same level of attention with all this gay stuff.down side is kids seeing it as cool.young thug sucks musically I gotta used to be think he was better than wayne when he started in 2013.

  18. If Raiden was gay AF…At first, I seriously thought it was a female model.

    There's nothing necessarily wrong with the femmey stuff if it has creative merit and looks good, like an actual style or theme, and if that's what someone actually wants to do. African and Asian royalty and regular men wore makeup and flowing robes back in the day. Today, southern dudes love those Starburst colored suits, and rich African men like flashy clothes. African people don't like boring clothes.

    However, he's doing this **only** because white people are telling him to do it. They're literally cutting him checks and supporting his career because he's doing this. It's just like how they try to put black male comedians in a dress, or like how they try to make black men criminals, gay, priests, incarcerated, or etc. in films. It's an agenda.

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