Wendy Williams Filing for Divorce?

wendy williams divorce

Wendy Williams is allegedly fed up with her husband and manager Kevin Hunter, and she’s even thinking about filing for divorce!

According to B. Scott, show execs have wanted Kevin fired as Executive Producer of the “The Wendy Williams Show” since it started.

Surprisingly…Wendy now agrees with them, and it all stems from her marital problems.

“Wendy is in FULL support of his exit amid their major marital problems. Things have gotten so bad that she is seriously considering filing for divorce.”

Insiders claim Kevin’s presence on set is making the entire crew — including Wendy — “miserable.”

“Kevin makes all the decisions and has become more and more controlling as the show has become a success. He insists that all show questions be run by him.”

Kevin has tried to take control of Wendy’s whole life on and off set. He changed her cell phone number so staffers can’t get in touch with her, he hired her a new drive who reports to him, he has to approve all show ideas and guest bookings, and all show scripts must go through Kevin before Wendy even reads them.

“Wendy is smart. No one can understand why she does not tell him to f*ck off. He is making everyone’s lives miserable and is causing problems on an otherwise great show.”

Kevin and Wendy have been married since 1997 and we’re not surprised about their marital issues. HSK was one of the first to blow the lid on Kevin’s trans obsession.

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  1. i know she has been looking terrible lately but maybe its the crack she admits to using

  2. Another abusive Brooklyn Nigga, strikes again!…..She's tired of getting that ass whooped, for no reason!….All she does is love him, and state facts, and he beats the shit out of her, f*cks other whores, and spends her money…Not to mention, the money that he makes is from her as well!…He took advantage of the ugly, rich girl, with low self esteem, and no self worth, outside of her money, and so-called success!…He teaches his son how to be disrespectful as well, and she's finally had enough!..What makes this so bad is, it wasn't the beatings that's made her wake up, it is the fact that he's also destroying her career!…She was willing to take the ass whippings, and the whores, but don't f*ck with her show, or the perks that comes with having a show, that's aired on major networks, now that's going too far!…That's what she gets for f*cking with a Brownsville Brooklyn Savage, everybody knows them niggas ain't stable!..Wendy been whoring on these NY streets, so she knows what's up!…That Nigga is dangerous too, all he gotta do is pay one of the homes, to handle her!…He's got embarrassing dirt on her as well, he's also having her followed!…And you wonder why her son was smoking k2!….I hate this bitch, I feel no sympathy for this corrupt loser!??????

    • Oh and P.S. notice how all of the industry whores, that harshly judges people, sticks vtheir noses, where they don't belong, and front like their phony, miserable lives, are so much better than everybody else's, notice how the universe is showing them different!…You get back what you dish out, and their coins((money), can't save them! That money doesn't make you happy, intelligent, sane, or can buy you love, TRUE LOVE only comes, once you truly LOVE your mutha f*cking self, and that's an exact science that most beings will never learn, because their tytyoo busy being phony, and trying to save face!…???Now that I've gotten that off of my chest, I feel much smoother, wooosaaaaah! ✌✌✌✌

        • That's funny, she has the opposite effect on me. Her yakkity ass fills up half the threads.

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    • LOL I will burn my f*cking wallet before I EVER let a nigga lay hands on me, and spend my shit? HELL NAW. His ass would have caught that Al Greene treatment f*cking with me. I ain't nobodies fool!

  3. I heard he was beating on her. She should have been left him, especially if she has kids and such. Regardless of what Wendy's said or done, I don't ever condone the beating of a woman, especially unprovoked. If and when she decides to leave him, I wish her all the best.

    • @Truman I don't condone any type of abuse either….However, this nigga was laying hands on this trick, way before they were married!…He was always a brute, she's not Julia Roberts in Sleeping with the enemy, or J Lo in the movie Enough!….She's more like Tina Turner in her biopic, What's love got to do with it! The Bitch knew what she was in for, but women like her are hopeless romantics, that get Dickmatized very easily!…??????

      • I agree with the last sentence. That is why I also believe she is not going anywhere.

        She been with him this long and she is going to continue to, to save face and not be the one who gets a divorce in her family, since her parents are still together as well as her sister and her husband.

      • lmao sommores 'dickmatized" (peepin' that queens of comedy XD)

        Yeah true. She's very much accountable here as well. I strongly believe-If a man hits you once, it's his fault. If he hits you twice, it's your fault. She has MORE than enough power and resources to get the f*ck up out that relationship if she was dislike his treatment towards her. I will never be anyone's hopeless romantic.

  4. I miss her radio show…….. with her and her side kick Charlemagne da God…….. Some funny episodes took place on that show…… And da rumors of the gay rapper…… Did she ever tell who that was or was she ran out of N.Y. before she could tell?

  5. wendy williams is a transgender just like micheal "michelle" obama or should i say micheal robinson didn't wendy husband had a transgedner killed a few years ago. he has a trans fetish just ll cool j, eddie murphy, etc

    • @CrazyassChris!????? How do you think, he beat her hunormous, gargantuan ass?…He beat her like, she was one of his buddies, or any other dude in a dress!….She even lied about a beating publicly on her show, she said that she fell out of bed, and bruised up her legs, and arms!….She had on big bandages, specifically designed for Sasquatchian bitches, so she had to say something, because her wounds were noticeable!???????

  6. This cannot be true.I like Ms. Williams & I think if all this was really going on MS. Williams would get out.Her husband is no BLAIR UNDERWOOD! She could do so much better. ALso if all this stuff was going on someone on this show would have made it public. And the "RAGS" would have field day with this crap! No women should be beaten.EVER & with her money she' would out of there.
    I really like MS. Williams & look forward to her new season.

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