Young Thug Shades Baby Mama Who Goes Insane On Instagram

young thug baby mama cover

Young Thug continues to have issues with his baby mama, who recently put him on blast on Instagram for not caring enough about their baby daughter to come visit.

She posted a pic of their daughter on IG with a caption talking about how Thugger doesn’t make an effort to see young Mego.

“I’m not about to be trying to find a n***a to see his child nor calling folks phone so she can talk shid he know where she stay an a number to speak with her.”

This is the same woman that posted a video of their daughter saying she was “muthaf**kin tired,” and tried to move drugs on IG.

young thug baby mama instagram 2 young thug baby mama instagram

Young Thug fired back at her on his Twitter account.

young thug baby mama tweet 3 young thug baby mama tweet 3 young thug baby mama tweet 3

She then proceeded to lose her mind in a series of posts on Instagram.

young thug baby mama instagram 4 young thug baby mama instagram 3


  1. Man this proves money will get you all types of p*ssy best to have kids by somebody who wants to actually marry you and wants a foundation but too many people think of the moment oh the sex is good and nit rhink about the future

  2. What a sorry excuse for a black "male" you never see other races of men treat their own in this manner…self-hatred! How much u wanna bet if that baby had white blood & he had erased the blackness he would throw on the cape willingly:/

    • U crazy other races go to court pay hush up fines !
      We talking mills !!
      Sisters just starting to get hip to the slut game !
      Other races being doing this shit for years !!!!

  3. Self-hating black males want their babies to look like the POLICE that kill them.

  4. …didn't understand a goddamn word of that entire hot mess but I just want to say Thug has amazing nails.

      • Baby ain't got no money either why you think he let the entire label fall over 8 million dollars cuz he ain't got it no more

  5. He don't sound right he not backtracking u go anywhere ur child is to see them especially when you have the time &in the area he fake &weak wit dem dirty azz nails talking he has 12-bedrooms well send for ur child sometimes so she can sleep in one of those rooms

  6. This fag aint rich he only has one album out in his career and he was in a group with other rappers which means he has to split the money still this fool is under contract livong in a mansion he didnt pay for and this fool rich this fag is spending money he makes off touring plus he sells drugs he already veen arrested for cocaine and weed pocession and giving death threats to a security guard

  7. How can you expect a man who suck dick to respect women? Nigga buy material things but don't make sure their kids are good. This is why I love niggas like mendeecees that take care and raise all of his kids. Faggot ass ugly goul and gobblin looking dick sucker. Even baby gay ass take care of his kids.

  8. In 2015, the only person I feel sorry for is the child. She knew what she getting into when she f*cked him and was hoping for big pay day. Dumb bitch. So you go to IG to make him sound like a bad father, but SHE knew that, she knew how he was. Dumb bitch.

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