Iggy Azalea Claps Back At Erykah Badu For Dissing Her At Soul Train Awards

iggy azalea erykah badu beef

The female “rapper” other female rappers love to hate, Iggy Azalea was put on blast by Erykah Badu at the 2015 Soul Train Awards this past Sunday.

While on stage at the awards, Badu pretended to get a phone call from the Aussie raptress and said, “Oh who is this, Iggy Azalea?  Ya, no no no, you can come, cause what you’re doing is definitely not rap.”

erykah badu soul train awards

As usual, everyone had a good laugh at Iggy’s expense.  Then the blonde femcee got news of the shade being thrown at her and responded on Twitter, but actually went pretty soft this time around.

iggy azalea erykah badu


  1. She dont want it with badu plus all her songs sound like nicki nleftovers not into hip hop but from what i hear they must have the same producers causr all these tracks sound alike

      • Rock tradition to dress weird and dress eccentric george clinton wore rainbow braids for 30 years in his own crack addicted spaced out world

        • I always said she had to be his love child/en, well her & Andre 3000, Pharell & Kelis, & George's grandkids are, Janelle Monae & Miguel…… the weirdest family ever!

  2. Where's that sellout co on T.I.? I'm sure he's going to defend his kangaroo to the fullest.

  3. Erykah Badu looks like a damn FOOL!? I dont get the HATE. Iggy made a catchy song. Hip Hop has expanded beyond its origins. She's not the best rapper but she's better than FUTURE!! Turn off auto-tune and he sounds likes straight TRASH!? He does more talking that rapping (if you can understand ANYTHING he's saying) but I still like his music. Damn black folks let it be we've had singers that cant sing (J-Lo and Whispering Janet Jackson) and rappers that cant rap forever. Who cares as long as you like the song? Damn – Jelly Much?

    • Tom just came in to the rescue of a bitch who won't pee on you if you were on fire. Only Blacks are so f*cking dump to just hand over their music. Jazz, blues, rock and roll and now rap got handled over to whites due to fools like you. I bet you think Adele is better than any BW singer, too.

      You dare diss Janet Jackson? You're a idiot who doesn't know your musical history she does much more than whisper. And J Lo isn't black you fool. Keep caping for white bitches see where it'll get you.

    • At one point you had nothing but blacks who could sing and play instruments jimi hendrix couldnt sing but his guitar playing made.up for it james brown wasnt the best singer but he could screech could lead a band and develop talent and knew how tonpur a song from scratch just like countless other very frw bandleaders left

    • Problem with Iggy is not her music (most of this mainstream rap is trash)….it's that she came here from Australia to a black hood in Houston to do black music, laid up sssuckin and phukkin a black man, moved to another black hood in Miami, ssuckin and phukkin more black men, had black men produce and write her music – now about to marry a black man…..but when it was time to address the issues black men (and women) are facing with the police, she had NOTHING to say. All she had to do was get on twitter, go to Ferguson, do SOMETHING – but she didn't.

      • Most white women users don't got shit to say about police brutality…Coco, Kim none of those hoes got shit to say about Mike Brown, Travyon, etc. BW holding shit down. E was proper to call that bitch out and BM better be having her back cause all she does is hold Bm down. Talking about E not that white trash no talent plastic bish.

  4. 1st Nikki Minaj against Miley Cyrus
    Now Erycah Badu so called against Iggy
    Tptb certainly want the people to think that they are against each other
    But they are only the puppets

  5. That white girl don't want no ms Badu in that azz hell badu was just telling the damn truth guess it hurt that lil white girl feel n get over it

    • Right, plus "thriller" looking Powder lookin azz bytch iggy supposed to be in the Rap category. She supposed to be "hard" right? smh. Something tells me her bipolar azz phucked with the wrong one. Did Erykah Badu imply that iggy came at her wrong? Typical wouldn't be the first time Powder put her hoof in her mouth.

  6. Nothing here , white ho don't want none … Anybody going to see Alvin and the chipmunks heard it was a knockout flick , Hsk think so too they keep bombarding my ass with they f*cking add f*cking up my phone and comments !

  7. Bkack people are such hypocrites when it come to this so call rap. Yall act like what rap is real these days shit most of nicki wack ass lyricks are borrowed and i wish some of these so called rappers would borrow some lyrics cause they shit is wack too. Smh

  8. Janet is a average singer not that good but not the worst she has sex appeal and can dance and a piwerful family name backing her

  9. Its all about who sells records whites coming in is nothing new you had peggy lee patsy cline back in the day copy black music madonna tried to rap miley made whites twerk before that whites thought it was nasty like they viewed all black music they rhought it was nasty and that only lowlife black people could like jazz or blues it always took whites to make whites accept black music

    • @Chris spill the tea about those whye woman stealing black music, here my ass thinking it was just the men doing it, what songs in particular did they steal, & from which artist?.

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