XXXTentacion Has a Baby on the Way?

xxxtentacion baby pregnant girlfriend

XXXTentacion’s mom posted a photo of a sonogram on her Instagram account. Judging by the caption, it appears that the deceased rapper has a baby on the way.

xxxtentacion girlfriend pregnant baby

One thing’s certain, the baby mama is NOT XXX’s ex-girlfriend who accused him of abuse because she left a comment saying, “Congratulations,” underneath the sonogram photo.


  1. She didn’t accuse him of shit, that madness was caught on video.

    Her dumb ass defended and stayed with him.

  2. Literally never heard of this woman beating clown before now every five seconds new stories are coming out…smdh.

        • Yeah you sound old. He had the number 1 album so his “garbage” music was still popular.

          • LOL, Believing being #1 means something today is something some Young Dumb AssClown would say.

            So you keep believing the hype charts mean anything.,,because they don’t.

            And yes I am sure his “music” is still garbage.

  3. This is not information that the public needs to hear from a woman who was not in his life. She seems thirsty for attention like his sister that’s on YouTube posting things.

    • WTF are you talking about?

      Being a public figure means all his business is up for grabs.

      He had plenty of charges on him for all types of shit…including Domestic Violence and YES it needs to be told and was by the women in his life and also recorded on video for the world to see.

    • You ain’t lyin, this site has changed a lot in the last few years, SMH. At one point you could actually come on here and have constructive dialogue with poster’s. This is now like Media Takeout 2.0. I’m waiting for ‘DAYWALKER’ to start posting on here with his black woman hating comments.

      • No one is making you come here or read the comments.

        There is no having a constructive convo about domestic violence…either you are on the side of right or wrong.

        • YAAAAAAWN……..well, obviously nobody’s making me do anything. I was responding to ‘Anon 4:16’ post as I have every right to do so. You may not like my comment, but I have every right to make it. BTW: Mature ADULTS can discuss anything constructively, ANYTHING.

  4. Nothing but a demon…like Michael Myers, the mfer keep getting back up..thats the problem with the next generation..these are their idols….Jesus take the wheel RIGHT NOW FATHER!

  5. That ultrasound looks like a terrible nightmare.
    Stop publishing bullshit
    It looks like another unwanted /to-be neglected bastard on its way to disturb earth.

  6. Xxx
    X stands for 10 ten times 3 equals 30
    X stands for unknown

    Xxx tentation was serving the satanic agenda. He talked about violence, drugs, sex, had satanic images tattooed on him and he wonder why he died young

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