Joe Jackson’s on His Deathbed

joe jackson death bed

Joe Jackson is reportedly on his deathbed after being hospitalized with terminal cancer.

Sources report the Jackson family, including his wife Katherine, their children and grandchildren, rushed to be by his side during “the end stages.”

Reports claim Joe’s health has been failing for months, and things took a turn for the worse this week. Doctors have already told the family that his cancer cannot be treated.


  1. Can somebody confirm or deny the rumor that Joe Jackson set Michael Jackson up to be molested by Bob Hope? I hope that rumor isn’t true.

    • It wasn’t him directly who did the molesting, but he may have set it up…read Brice Taylor’s Book…Thanks for the Memories or listen to it on youtube.

  2. He’s lived a good old ripe age.. God Bless his soul.
    We all need to understand, that we are all saved by Grace and Grace alone…
    The worse person on earth could ask for forgiveness from Jesus and be saved, it’s not up to us.
    That’s a good thing, because being Black we would all go to hell, if this world were to judge us..
    Just a fact

      • Stop drinking the kool aid. If you talking about the lies Latoya told in her book…LIES SHE HAS ADMITTED TO TELLING…stop.

        His children LOVE HIM. That’s why they fought to see him and be with him in his last days.

  3. Bob hope molesting Michael Jackson in the seventies has been a long standing rumor. I want to know if anybody can confirm or deny this rumor. It’s alleged that Joe Jackson set up Michael to be molested by Bob Hope. It’s also alleged that Rebbie and Latoya were molested by several hollywood pedofiles. That’s how the Jacksons became famous in hollywood allegedly.

    • I doubt that’s true. Hollywood predators need no setup to do evil. Americans get famous by hard work and TALENT

      • That is what they want you to do is doubt it…read Brice Taylor’s book Thanks for the Memories…her story has been confirmed by a former head of the FBI in Los Angeles.

    • No, NBA. Good old fashioned TALENT and hard work is what got them famous. You KNOW that. Talent they still possess. Stop the bullshit today. Maybe Bob helped the copycat Osmond family. But you can best believe when WE succeed, WE earn it.

  4. Cathy o Brian said she witnessed all the jackson 5 being raped by men on the set of the bob hope show…she said after the rape they went on stage and performed…He’ll be getting pissed on by Satan and demons in just a couple mo days…

    • If Cathy didn’t report it that bitch should shut up. Who in their right mind witnesses CHILDREN get raped and keep it to themselves?

      Joe Jackson may have been a lot of things but one thing he did do was RAISE his own children by working an honest job in a factory and still found time to help them hone a craft that took them all over the world. He married their mom and kept a roof over their head, clothes on their backs and food on the table.

      YES, HE SPANKED HIS CHILDREN. That is the way people raised children during that time and if the truth be told, these kids today could benefit from the same.

      • Ummm to mama…1st of all Brice was under mkultra at the time she was under heavy mind control and wasnt able to piece all of her memories together until later. She also said sylvester stallone subjected her and her daughters to dolphin porn. They msde them have sex with dolphins and film it. Who is she supposed to report this to?? The LAPD??, yeah fing right. She wrote it in the book so we kno now. 2nd. Joe Jackson didnt spank his kids, he beat the hell out them on a regular basis. Rebbie said he raped her often and there are rumors that he got one of hus daughters pregnant. Between the beatings, the rape, the letting other people rape his kids, hes evil as shit.Which is an understatement.

  5. Hi Janet I see you offing your father can’t wait to see your new projects sarcasm.

  6. Um, that link needs a disclosure…its a rabbit hole you miiight not want to go down. Remember, you cant un squeeze tooth paste or un ring a bell.

    After reading her story on here in 2012 my brain still feels like it should be scrubbed down with bleach. It’s a truly disturbing story.

    Also when the … Phenomenon started ???

  7. The media is rubbing their hands together to have a field day covering this soon to be story.

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