Nelly Cuts His Dad Off After He’s Spotted at Ashanti’s Concert

nelly dad ashanti

After Nelly found out his dad went to his ex-girlfriend Ashanti’s concert in St. Louis and posed for pics and videos with her, the “Hot In Herre” proceeded to drag his dad for being a deadbeat.

nelly ashanti dad fight

nelly dad ashanti fight 2


  1. They all to damn old for the fuckery! I’m not even 30 but I miss the time when people kept their business to themselves and not post it online like their followers are their psychologists. ?

  2. If i was his current girlfriend i would definitely feel some type of way about all this outrage over his ex. Very telling dude.

    • The woman he never publicly claimed and he’s now outraged at his paw ?
      This lil boy needs to grow up and shut up

      • Industry h0es know what they sign up for. js… I had a similar opportunity to enter the industry, but decided to take the self respect route. When you’re an entertainer you sign up to get “ran through”. It’s practically part of the job description.

    • I said the same thing. They broke up in 2015, he’s moved on to someone else and the sight of Ashanti still causes THAT kind of reaction? Very telling.

  3. I’m so happy and proud of Nelly for stopping this bad karmic cycle. That’s the name of the game of life. Learn the soul lessons and free yaself! #GrowthGoals #TellTheTruthAndShameTheDevil

  4. ———> New Flash: Nelly ……. Your Mama MIGHT HAVE BEEN A HO.E !!!! 100% Fact !!!

    P.s. Bootycalls ARE NOT REALATIONSHIPS !!!

  5. *****************OFF TOPIC*****************
    What’s the tea on Cardi B & Offset being married.

  6. Nelly still jealous over Ashanti thick.juicy ass

    It’s only dear old dad like suge doggie used to say

  7. Was pops paid monthly? Annually? Who else is on the payroll? Could it be every dime is needed to pay legal fees and this is an excuse to free up some money? Attorney retainer fees aint cheap!

    • No he’s not finished with taking what he wants from women and moving on.
      These Hollyweird people thinks the world revolves around them.
      I’ve never spent a penny on his music and never will, in fact I don’t buy no one music
      If I can’t get it for free, I don’t need it at all.. Nelly is a little boy still looking to fill that
      empty hole in his heart.. Think about it he has all the money he can spend, House, cars,
      woman, security and etc.. He’s still searching for something and anyone to fill that
      Empty hole in him… Find Jesus he’s the only one that can fill that empty hole

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