Suspect Arrested In Connection With XXXTentacion’s Murder

xxxtentacion murder suspect arrested

22-year-old Dedrick D. Williams was arrested on Wednesday evening and booked for first-degree murder for allegedly killing rapper XXXTentacion.

Williams has previous arrests for cocaine possession, weapons possession, grand theft auto, domestic violence and aggravated assault with a firearm. In 2014, he allegedly held a gun to his girlfriend’s head, and according to TMZ, he has at least 11 felonies on his record.

Two other suspects are still at large and arrest warrants have been signed by a judge.


  1. For some odd reason he looks innocent to me. If he did kill X then he gets what he deserves but I wouldn’t be surprised if they just pinned this on this guy

      • Idk he just doesn’t look like he did it. But like I said if he did he deserves to get punished for taking away someone’s life

        • The fuck? This guy is an animal n u acting like he should be invited to family dinner or something.. Fuck that … This Nig should get the death penalty instead of fucking Tax payers paying for his ass to live inside prison… Dam that, electric chair…

  2. Electric chair! people like this who don’t value life, don’t deserve one either.

  3. He look possessed. Satan told him to kill that x boy because the x boy betrayed Satan. X was trying to change his life. But Sadly you can’t transition like x was trying to do when you that deep in with Satan. Once you make that choice you need to switch immediately and all the way or Satan is going to take you out within seconds. God already said he will spit you out if you play the middle. He was playing the middle and Satan sent this other little evil azz little boy to finish take him out.

    • And that’s not meant for y’all to understand. But the celebs who comment staulk these boards know exactly what I’m talking about.

  4. Hi everybody! Do u still have faith in the criminal justice system?

    11 felonies and he’s still doin his thang.

    That’s why ppl need to lock and load. Learn the gun laws where u at and load up. The police can’t save you!! And republicans r supposed to be the ones keeping criminals in jail!

  5. Illumin@ti Sacrifice !!! Mk Ultra Mind Control !!! 100% Fact !!! No Blood In The Car Or Bullet Holes In The Car !!! P.s. The Illumin@ti Is Using Crisis Actors Now That Are ” 1st Hand Eye Witnesses ” !!! – The Original Eyes Witness said their were men wearing a RED MASK, 2 days later we have “crisis actors” saying it wasn’t a red mask but now it is a “red bandana” !!! P.s.s. Soldier Kidd (rapper with red mask) had 2-3 mixtapes dissing xxxtentacion and now these mixtapes have been removed from youtube !!! P.s.s.s Soldier Kidd has a Album Called “XXX” !!! ***** The Illumin@ti Can’t Hide Their Sacrifices Anymore Because Of Cameraphones & Social Media !!! *****

  6. X last message he said something about being sacrificed so he knew he was going to die. Maybe this was an industry hit. This guy will probably get a good lawyer and get off.

  7. So, this dude followed X on Instagram….
    this seems like he was an obsessed stalker fan.

  8. That Disney chick Skai Jackson is going to get sued for accusing that other person of killing X.

  9. Illuminati? get y’all non reading non researching young asses outta here….shouldnt have never given you jigs the internet…smh

  10. I believe its odd that XXX would say something about being sacrificed and now he’s dead. That’s odd.

  11. It took them less then a week find a suspect but Pac in BIG murder they still have to investigate it .crazy

    • They aren’t investigating shit, because they know the answers…

      Shit damn near everyone involved has been murdered as all that shit was a ploy to begin with to get rid of the most influential rap artists in history while portraying rap/ hip hop as violent. When undercovers were the ones committing the murders.

    • First off, it ain’t just blacks…

      Secondly, those who do are lost sheep who don’t know who they really are…shit the majority of blacks don’t know who or whose they really are.

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