Nicki Minaj: ‘I Came to This Country As an Illegal Immigrant’

nicki minaj illegal immigrant

Nicki Minaj took to her Instagram to reveal she can relate to the children who’ve been separated from their parents for entering the country illegally.

Her caption reads:

“I came to this country as an illegal immigrant @ 5 years old. I can’t imagine the horror of being in a strange place & having my parents stripped away from me at the age of 5. This is so scary to me. Please stop this. Can you try to imagine the terror & panic these kids feel right now? Not knowing if their parents are dead or alive, if they’ll ever see them again”


  1. Foxy Brown Supported Trump ….. And Now Here Dumb Azz Got Her Illegal Alien Father Deported !!!

  2. Quote from Dr. Claude Anderson, “Immigration is code word for anything other than black.”

  3. I have four statements to make:

    Statement number one: Illegal southern border immigration and putting kids in cages is more proof that Trump and the rest of the white aristocracy have declared war against all men, women and children with melanin. This is why I hate black men and women who marry and have kids with white people. You are literally sleeping with the enemy! #KanyeWest #TameraMowry #KamalaHarris #VanJones

    Statement number two: Black people must stop supporting and speaking on behalf of Mexicans. If Trump wants to separate Mexican families, let him. White people continue to separate our families. Every time a unarmed black man or woman is killed by the police, the black family is separated. Every time a black man or women is sent to prison for using the same drugs that they use, the family is separated. #BillClintonCrimeBill. The white Aristocracy have been separating our families ever since the year 1619. Tell these black celebrities to speak for black people and black people only. I’m sick and tired of black people, especially black celebrities ignoring their black skin and using their voice and platform to support non black people.

    Statement number three: Every word that Trump speaks, every action and decision that he makes is reminiscent of Hitler; and white people love him!

    Statement number four: Every day Canadians illegally cross our borders. They take many of the acting jobs, hockey jobs and broadcast news jobs. Trump and other politicians are not concerned with locking Canadian kids in cages. I wonder why?

    • Good points @NBA esp point 2,Mexicans have never supported us,now their working with the white supremacist to wipe us out via illegal drug trade, latin gangs killing innocent black ppl,housing,employment,politics..etc,if you live in cali how can you not see it!!! Im jst calling it how it is except or reject Dr Andersen, Dr John Henrik Clarke and others(all are on YT)have been saying this for decades maybe now we’ll wake up and see the light,ps stop supporting all those perverted azz entertainers and pro athletes too

      • I’m in Cali and I see it. My husband and I bought a home in San Diego, but I grew up in the Bay Area. The block I grew up on and where my mother still lives, was once nice, well manicured lawns, neighbors were close and looked out for one another. NOW, it’s mostly Mexicans living there and it looks like a slum, 3rd world country. They pop firecrackers year round, let their dogs roam unleashed to shit and piss on everyone’s lawns. One has dog shit piled up in his yard and it smells. Parking is already at a premium, but they constantly have traffic running in/out of their homes, sometimes blocking driveways and they constantly give parties inviting the entire state of Cali. The street now looks so small, narrow now; like a packed parking lot because there are so many cars parked everywhere and anywhere.
        I’ve asked my mom many times to come live with us, but she doesn’t want to leave her home.

    • Obama separated families. Now that it’s out there it’s on Trump. Well, Trump ended it.

  4. When was the last time a Latino celebrity supported us? Have you ever seen George Lopez, Sophia Vergara or Jennifer Lopez speak out for us? In case you forgot, Jennifer Lopez said the N word. I’m not making this up.

    P.S. Sophia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez and George Lopez got their first hollywood jobs on black produced tv shows.

  5. Ms. Captain Of The Cum Squad and other black stars should stop talking about #45 clamping down on illegal aliens. Those illegal aliens come to Amerikkka and take blue collar jobs that were once occupied by us. How come black celebrities are silent when a unarmed black person is lynched by the cops? How come black celebrities aren’t talking about Antwon Rose shot and killed by the cops in Pittsburgh?

      • I actually agree with nbho…

        We need to worry about our own and the continuous murders by the pigs as well as undercovers.

        No one is making these people come here. It is their choice something we didn’t have.

        • Where was the outcry frm the clergy,politicians,media…etc during the Atlantic Slave Trade and how they separated,beat,raped,killed,castrated us(including the babies)and till this day they still try to sweep it unda the rug,me personally i can’t help nobody else out at the moment,jst me and peoples

      • White people didn’t care when they fed black babies to alligators during the Antebellum slave era. White people didn’t care when they molested little girls and boys during the antebellum slave era. White people didn’t care when they lynched four little black girls inside a church in Birmingham Alabama during the Jim Crow era. White people been separating our families ever since the year 1619. Tell CA Senator Kamala Harris, Ava Duvernay, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama to speak on that!

        • Speak the truth and boycott these black SOB. Stop watching that OWN trash and support youtube

      • NOPE! They do this crap every year coming around the same times to the states. They know exactly what they are doing. The majority of them are not escaping anything, but it’s their turn now to come to the US. I saw on one of our local news tv station’s, a boy stated he was supposed to call his mother as soon as he gets here. The boy & his momma who is already here is from Honduras, living in Virginia (more than likely illegal herself). Once they get here & get processed, they normally call their family members, driving down from LA (& other parts of Cali) to San Diego County to pick them up (I’m in San Diego). This time, they have been called out on their scams, & their gravy train ride is coming to an end. They need to go through with doing DNA tests to make sure the kids are theirs & if not, they need to be prosecuted. No more sympathy.

  6. ummm, what do you think happened to the slaves that were brought here many moons ago? they were kidnapped, ripped from their families and children, caged, tortured….smuggled into country as illegal immigrants..
    this is just history repeating itself.

    • Not the same at all…

      These people are choosing to come here …we had NO Choice.

      • Slaves didn’t have a choice in America then. You are actually free, so you do have a choice. If you don’t like it here then do something about it or go somewhere else. Every person who came to this country is not a native except for the indigenous people who were slaughtered by the millions and only have a remnant left. Do you think that Black folks got rid of slavery, gained civil rights. all by themselves after 400 + years? Get the fuk out of here! It took folks from different races who had sympathy for injustice and more power to lay the groundwork and some brave black souls for black people to have the freedom you have today. And now you see others that are taken advantage of–children open to abuse and who knows what other evil–and you want to do nothing to help them? Do you not see the parallel? How hard you are!! You are not better than the animal white masters that separated and watched as Blacks and other races were abused for hundreds of years. I’m sure some were just looking out for their own necks back then and turned a blind eye to wrong, same as you are doing now. You can fight for yourself and still have sympathy for others…What happens to them today will happen to you tomorrow if you don’t.

          • I don’t have to refute anything when someone sources from Big Brother Youtube.. You do know that the content on that Google monstrosity is deeply controlled, right? I know I speak the truth and deep down, so do you.

            You say no one is reading what I wrote…but you just did. And you responded. Score for me.

            I hope you have a nice day. And I hope that you’ll soften your heart a little.

            • No one is reading it Bitch…the same person who posted the link posted the first comment, Moron.

              Just like a Trick Baby to talk out of there ass but not want to see the truth.

              That is why Dumb Nig…like you will always be 10 stepos behind.

              • What am I saying you aren’t black.

                No real black person would be so Stupid as to use talking out of their asshole logic to make no point.

                Continue having a shitty day, to go with your shitty logic.

              • You obviously are reading my comments. And responding to boot. Score for me again. And that response wasn’t meant for you alone but you did answer. All that anger. You really let the white man devil win your soul, didn’t you? Even after all these years after you are still not free and exist on a subhuman plane like the just like the oppressors before you. That is why I and anyone who has a heart and goodness will always be fifty steps ahead of you. I forgive your negativity cause I know where it comes from and I know how misdirected it is. And don’t worry. I had a great day today and I will continue to have a great life, just as I wish for you, despite your angry comments.

            • Still NOT reading it…just STFU already.

              You are a poor excuse of a human being for NOT wanting to see the truth so nothing you say is relevant…

              • FYI you are a Plum Dumb Fool.

                YT is more than a tool for google…but I would not expect an idiot to know that.

              • Have a great day, regardless. We don’t have to agree on everything. But I know you need to soften your heart a little and get rid of the your anger and toxicity or it will kill you in the end in more ways than you know. Just some advice you can take or leave.

            • Fuck Off…I will be fine believe that and trust you will die before me…Stupid people never prosper.

              • I’m sure I don’t know who will die first but your negative words and curses have no effect on me and my life cause you live in the shadows and I live in the light of my Father in Heaven. You are totally bound from wishing ill, evil, or death on anyone ever again in the name of Jesus the Messiah. I will still wish you well. And hope that one day your heart will soften and you get rid of your anger.

            • OMFG…You sure don’t know how to keep your word and leave.

              When you go over a couple of sentences to make no point, I am NOT reading it so Shut Up Clown…smfh.

              • Everything you say is garbage and I don’t want anything from you…you are worthless.

    • Also we were forced to build this MF and still are not appreciated.

      I could give a shit about people running away from their own lands to come and take advantage of what we created yet are still treated like the enemy on the daily.

      • Agreed,yall need to wake up black ppl until we get reparations implemented I’m against anything/one that’s doing something or here ILLEGALLY,Black Americans are the tru Americans #GilScottHeron

      • 15:02 It’s hard to appreciate people who are constantly telling you how much they hate you. I’m serious. Whenever I get to feeling like I have to work harder to make things better for the underserved and underappreciated, they call me a mother fucking krackkker, and I figure oh WTF.

        • No one here cares about a karakkas plight.

          You really could have kept that to yourself.

  7. I don’t give two shits about those people illegally crossing our borders. They’re choosing to come here illegally, therefore they choose to break America’s laws. We didn’t choose to come here, our ancestors were kidnapped and brought here illegally and forced to build this country. Remember the quote from Malcolm X, “We didn’t land on Plymouth rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us.

    • don’t put yourself in the position to get ripped away from your family in the first place. the law is the law, no matter how crooked it is.

  8. I think we forget whose land this was initially. Their land from Mexico all the way north to near Canada belong to Mexico. Native Americans and Mexicans were the tillers of America until european trash colonizers came and stole the land.

    • All this land was NOT mexicos just a few states, which they signed over…and there are more than mexicants coming here.

  9. Lot of divide and conquer bs here. Are some Latinos prejudiced against us yes and vice versa. A lot of them are out there protesting with us also which some of you conveniently overlook or you’re not there to see for yourself.Whether you realize it we need each other. And some of you white people did this to us so f Mexicans is misguided. Their enemy is our enemy. Some might have needed a wake up call. But for a Black person to not be taken back by this stealing children is sad since our people have gone through this. White people are prejudiced against us so you gotta do it to Mexicans.Y’all are like abused children who then abuse their children. Congratulations you’re playing yourself.

  10. Where is CA Senator Kamala Harris? Is she in Pittsburgh protesting against the police shooting and killing a unarmed 17 year old black boy? No! Kamala Harris is in the southern region of Texas fighting for the so called rights of Mexicans illegally entering our country. Don’t trust the mulattoes! Do not support Kamala Harris; she does not support us!

  11. I also just saw a pbs frontline on american “poor kids’ recent stats show 15 million AMERICAN CHILDREN in the United States – 21% of all children – live in families with incomes below the federal poverty threshold,if we are not willing/able to take care of our own,how can we possibly care for others?whoever you are or what your doing if its illegal,no support here #lookitup #reparationsfirst then we can talk about other issues

  12. Quote from Dr. Umar Johnson, “If you’re black and you’re fighting for immigration rights, you are fighting for people to come here and literally take your jobs, take your home, take your child’s scholarship and push you further down the economic ladder.”

    This week CA Senator Kamala Harris was in South Texas fighting for Mexicans who entered our country illegally. Think about that and ask yourself if you are going to support her if she runs for President in the year 2020. #Don’tTrustTheMullattoes

    • Black immigrants don’t impact black Americans in this way. Black immigrants are typically legal, ambitious, and highly-skilled. They open up new lanes for black people in industry. They’re also allies, unless maybe they’re Spanish black.

      Black immigrants sometimes go where American blacks cannot, then they let black Americans in through the back door, and put them on to game to spite ????

  13. Only cute-hot Asian women should be allowed to come illegally. It reduces the percentage of super overweight women walking around. Plus they make delicious chickenz and rices, and they like to make you happy ??

    And we need more Nigerians so we have more black doctors and lawyers. Plus I know it makes ?? big mad to see a bunch of ??‍⚕️ with ? .

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